Course Title:

Clinical Hypnotherapist


Hypnotherapy Academy of America

Santa Fe, New Mexico, United States

Course format: Classroom

During this phase of the hypnotherapy training, you will learn how to address the original, unconscious motivators of negative feelings, attitudes and behavior and then transform then. You will study and perform dream analysis, analytical hypnotherapy, advanced regression therapy techniques, gestalt techniques, emotional clearing and attitude restructuring. Age-regression therapy is an integral part of this course.

*Completing The Past Regression Therapy Method tm

*Multiple Advanced Regression Techniques

*Uncovering & Transforming Techniques

*Going Beyond Behavior Modification

*How To Be In The Present By Clearing The Past

*Understanding & Transforming Road Blocks To Healing Relationship Issues

*Understanding the Unconscious Results Model

*Emotional Clearing Methods and Understanding Cellular Memory

*Eliminating Fears and Phobias

*Transforming Bad Habits Into Positive Behavior

*Ending Insomnia Methods

*Understanding Ego States and Processing Work

*Preparation for Certification Exam

*Scope of Practice and Referral Criteria

*Live Demonstrations of Hypnotherapy Sessions

*Hands-on Practice with Clinical Supervision


Elements of this syllabus are subject to change.

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Phone No.: 877-983-1515

School Address/Venue(s):

509 Camino de los Marquez, Suite 1
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87505 USA

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Clinical Hypnotherapist
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