Course Title:

Master Hypnotist


Hypnotherapy Academy of America

Santa Fe, New Mexico, United States

Course format: Classroom

In this hypnosis module, you become skilled in the proper formulation of therapeutic suggestions and guided imagery. We explore story telling, metaphors and aspects of the Ericksonian style of hypnotherapy along with Neuro-Linguistic Programming techniques. During this part of the hypnotherapy training we introduce you to methods for building and marketing your hypnotherapy practice.

You will learn many skills for working effectively with clients, and will be given a blueprint for developing a successful hypnotherapy practice.

During this module, you will participate in the Hypnotherapy Academy’s improving self-esteem program which will help to ensure your success.

*Advanced Suggestion Therapy Techniques

*Creating Your Own Hypnosis CD’s

*Guided Imagery & Interactive Imagery Methods

*Creating Positive Change By Reversing Limiting Self-Thoughts

*Grounding Methods

*Body/Mind Parts Therapy Methods

*Metaphor Therapy

*Trauma Reversal

*Methods To Transforming All Problems Into Positive Resources

*More Hypnosis Inductions Skills Developments

*Building A Professional Hypnotherapy Practice

*Clearing What’s In The Way Professional Success

*Marketing Strategies

*Live Demonstrations of Hypnotherapy Sessions

*Hands-on Practice with Clinical Supervision

Elements of this syllabus are subject to change.

Please visit the school's official website or social networks for the latest training price and schedule.

Phone No.: 877-983-1515

School Address/Venue(s):

509 Camino de los Marquez, Suite 1
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87505 USA

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