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HIPAA Compliance


Professional Development Center of The University of Texas at Austin

Austin, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Texas, United States

Course format: On-site

Protect your company and protect yourself. Federal and state compliance are necessary costs that need to be spent on training employees to avoid punitive damages. Non- compliance increases companies costs that can allocated for other uses. The Professional Development Center (PDC) at The University of Texas at Austin can provide compliance training for companies. We understand that every corporate is unique and has its own challenges and successes. We can tailor your compliance training to fit your needs and fulfill federal and state laws.

Benefits of compliance training
Increase and streamline employee compliance training
Track and provide compliance reporting
Mitigate risk
Avoid large fines and penalties
Monitor employee training

Elements of this syllabus are subject to change. Training programs and their availability may vary by location.

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Phone No.: 800-687-7345

School Address/Venue(s):

Thompson Conference Center
2405 Robert Dedman Drive
Austin, TX 78713

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