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Manchester Metropolitan University

Manchester, England, United Kingdom

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To qualify as an associate member of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) you must pass the examinations and have three years relevant practical experience.

There are 15 examinations in all, five at certificate level and ten at professional level. You may be exempt from certain examinations dependent on your qualifications. The Certificate in Business Accounting consists of five units: the fundamentals of management accounting; financial accounting; business mathematics; business economics; and the fundamentals of ethics, governance and business law. When you pass the Certificate you can progress to the professional level.

The professional level has three learning pillars: enterprise, performance and financial. Each pillar is divided into three progressive levels: operational, management and strategic. You must attempt the six exams at operational and management levels before attempting the three strategic level exams. After completing these exams, you must fulfil the requirements of the Test of Professional Competence in Management Accounting which includes a case study exam and work-based practical experience.

CIMA award a Diploma in Management Accounting to students who complete the operational level exams and an Advanced Diploma in Management Accounting to students who complete the management level exams.

Elements of this syllabus are subject to change.

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All Saints Building, All Saints,
Manchester, M15 6BH

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