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fund management


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London, United Kingdom

Course format: On-site

This course introduces the key principles and processes involved in the fund management industry - focusing on the dynamics of long only fund management. It explores how fund managers make money and how banks can assist in this endeavour. It reviews the main clients of the fund management industry and the ever evolving myriad of products and solutions offered and the needs that they serve. The course includes a simulation where participants are given the opportunity to run a competitive fund over four quarters, and have their performance measured in absolute and relative terms.

Depending on particular client needs, this course typically explores:

Who a fund managers clients are?
What products a fund manager offers and how these are described including segregated, pooled, balanced, specialist, retail and in-house funds?
What clients ask from a fund manager?
How fund managers make money.
How clients choose a fund manager?
The various ways in which performance can be measured including league tables, relative performance, tracking errors and information ratios.


Elements of this syllabus are subject to change.

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Gillingham House
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United Kingdom

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