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Fund Management for Non-fund Managers


Quorum Training

Leicester, Leicestershire, United Kingdom

Course format: On-site

The so-called ‘Buy Side?of the financial market place has traditionally adopted a lower profile than the Investment Banking community. Nevertheless, it is this group of money Managers that actually possess most of the firepower in terms of moving the Markets.
This course is designed to help delegates understand the driving forces behind the day-to-day decision making processes inside today’s Fund Management community.
No prior knowledge is necessary.

What will the course cover?

Introduction to the Market Place

Who are the main Fund Managers in London? Why are they called the ‘Buy Side?
Who’s managing what and for whom
Different Investment objectives of the Assets under management
What sort of returns do you want to measure exactly?
Benchmarking by Assets or Liabilities?
What are the desirable properties of the ‘right?Benchmark Index?
Case Study ?How do you choose your Pension Fund Manager?
Modern Portfolio Theory & Efficient Markets
Efficient Markets ?Are they? Do we live in a ‘Normal?world?
Behavioral Finance & it’s impact on current thinking
Efficient Frontiers, Betas and the search for Alpha
What is the correct Equity Risk Premium now? Can history be a guide
Case Study ?Beta at work in practice ...

Elements of this syllabus are subject to change.

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Best House
Grange Business Park
Enderby Road

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Fund Management for Non-fund Managers
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