Course Title:

Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) Workshop


School of Engineering, The University of Newcastle, Australia

Newcastle, NSW, Australia

Course format: Classroom

Develops basic spatial skill through the use of a solid modelling system. Skills at interpreting and visualizing 3D objects in 2D format are developed. Creation and assembly of solid model representation of machine components. Creating 2D engineering drawings from solid models. Development of advanced technical sketching skills to aid communication in engineering design. Exposure to basic workshop practice techniques and application of the basic skills to undertake a project.

To comply with Occupational Health and Safety regulations, students are required to have basic person protection equipment (PPE) from week 1 which will cost a minimum of $60. Specific requirements are contained in the course outline available through the GENG1000 Blackboard site which students can access after they have enrolled.


Develop spatial skills
Develop technical sketching skills
Interpretation of 3D objects from 2D format
Develop basic workshop practice skills
Skills of using solids model


1. Understanding spatial concepts in relation to engineering design,
2. Building solid models and assemblies of machine components,
3. Create engineering drawings in 2D format in accordance with the Australian Drawing Standard, AS1100,
4. Freehand technical sketching in 2D and axonometric formats,
5. Develop and use workshop practice skills

Elements of this syllabus are subject to change.

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Phone No.: +61 2 4921 6197

School Address/Venue(s):

ES Building - ES408
University of Newcastle
University Drive
Callaghan NSW 2308

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Computer Aided Engineering (CAE)
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