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Certified HIPAA Privacy Expert (CHPE)


Supremus Group LLC

Waukee, Iowa, United States

Course format: Online

Chapter 1 - HIPAA Basics •Understand the purpose for HIPAA legislation
•Review the HIPAA Administrative Simplification title
•Review non-compliance penalties (civil and criminal)
•Review key organizations associated with administering HIPAA Administrative Simplification provisions
•Review HIPAA-related terminology and definitions

Chapter 2 - Transactions &, Code Sets Overview
•Understand motivation and drivers behind requiring HIPAA standard transactions and code sets

Chapter 3 - Transactions - ANSI X12 and NCPDP
•Examine the ANSI ASC X12 &, NCPDP transactions

Chapter 4 - Code Sets &, National Identifiers
•Understand the code sets approved for use with HIPAA-covered transactions
•Understand national identifiers that have been adopted or may be adopted to identify entities or individuals in HIPAA-covered transactions

Chapter 5 - HIPAA and Health Data - Security &, Privacy Requirements
•Describe how HIPAA relates to health information exchange
•Identify the steps for compliance with the HIPAA Privacy Rule
•Identify the steps for compliance with the HIPAA Security Rule
•Review compliance framework

Chapter 6 - HIPAA Privacy Rule
•Understand the core requirements, key terms, and concepts of the Privacy Rule

Chapter 7 - Privacy Rule - Organizational &, Individual Relationships, Rights &, Responsibilities
•Understand Organizational Relationships
•Explain Individual Privacy Rights
Chapter 8 - Privacy Rule - Notice of Privacy Practices •Understand HIPAA Notice of Privacy Practices (Notice) and Authorization requirements and how to draft and distribute paper and electronic Notices of Privacy Practices and appropriately use an Authorization

Chapter 9 - Privacy Rule - Uses and disclosures of PH ...

Elements of this syllabus are subject to change.

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Certified HIPAA Privacy Expert (CHPE)
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