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Certified HIPAA Professional (CHP) PROGRAM
The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) is about insurance portability, fraud, and administrative simplification. In this HIPAA training boot camp we examine basics of the Administrative Simplification portion of the HIPAA legislation. We examine HIPAA Transactions and Code Sets, Identifiers, Privacy and Security. It is this provision of the HIPAA regulation that is the watershed legislation for health-care information systems.

This HIPAA provision is resulting in substantial changes in business development processes, policies and procedures for all covered entities ?providers (hospitals, laboratories, and pharmacies), clearinghouses and payers.

This Certified HIPAA Professional certification training helps you better understand HIPAA’s Administrative Simplification Act as well as how to create a framework for initiating and working towards a blueprint for HIPAA compliance. From this boot camp you will learn the following about HIPAA:

?Understand why HIPAA requirements will cause significant changes in policies, procedures and processes within the organization in the handling of patient records.
?Examine how implementing HIPAA will affect the way healthcare entities organize and staff to achieve and monitor compliance with patient privacy / confidentiality needs.
?Step through qualifications and positioning strategies for a Chief Privacy Officer and requirements for a Chief Security Officer.
?Learn why HIPAA compliance is better focused as a business issue than as an IT issue, although IT will play a major role in implementing compliant systems.
?Review specific requirements and implementation features within each security category. ...

Elements of this syllabus are subject to change.

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Phone No.: 91.413.2254326

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No: 6, Manakula Vinayagar Street,
Kailash Nagar, E.C.R., Lawspet,
Puducherry ?605 008. India.

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