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For candidates desiring to sit for the CPA Examination in Texas, the Texas State Board of Public Accountancy requires that the candidate has earned a baccalaureate or masters degree from an accredited institution of higher education recognized by the Board. Such degree or degrees must result in completion of 150 semester hours of college level coursework. The 150 hours must also include at least 30 hours of upper division accounting courses beyond principles, 24 hours of business related courses, 3 hours of board approved ethics, 2 hours of accounting or tax research, and 2 hours of accounting or business communication.

Most undergraduate degrees in Texas are 120 semester hours and therefore will not fulfill all requirements to sit for the examination in Texas. The degree requirements of a Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting in the Bill Greehey School of Business will fulfill 120 semester hours, 24 hours of upper division accounting, 24 hours of business related courses, and the Board approved ethics, research and communications requirements.

The degree requirements do, however, provide one of the basic requirements for admission to the Professional Accountancy Track in the Master of Business Administration program. The degree requirements of that program, in conjunction with the requirements for the Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting are sufficient for accounting majors who desire to be educationally qualified to sit for the CPA Examination in the State of Texas. Students desiring to be so qualified are encouraged to review the requirements of the Master of Business Administration Professional Accountancy Track in the St. Mary’s University Graduate Catalog for additional information.

Students enrolled in the BBA-Accounting degree may also double major in their undergraduate program or complete additional ...

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