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Commercial Air Conditioning


Houston Community College

Houston, Texas, United States

Course format: Classroom

Apply and describe the sequence of operation for commercial air conditioning systems and their accessories, identify components relative to commercial air conditioning, and explain energy efficient and renewable energy technologies ...

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Phone No.: 713.718.2000

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3100 Main St.
Houston TX 77002

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Residential and Light Commercial Air Conditioning training course in Phoenix

The Certificate of Completion (CCL) in Residential and Light Commercial Air Conditioning program is designed to provide training in the areas of heating, ventilation, refrigeration and air conditioning (HVAC&R) systems, electricity, electronic controls and general repair. Students will have the opportunity to learn skills necessary to assess and solve problems quickly in emergency situations.
Commercial Air Conditioning training course in Mitchell

Operation of large, commercial air conditioning systems. Included are controls, pressure devices and safety regulations.

This curriculum provides training in three-phase power, motors, refrigerant flow controls typically used in commercial applications, National Electrical Code requirements related to the HVAC/R industry, heating systems (gas, electric, and heat pumps), and the design and installation of residential duct systems. Successful completion of the program includes industry recognized licensing/certif...

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Commercial Air Conditioning
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