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Cannella School of Hair Design

Chicago, Elgin, Villa Park, Illinois, United States

Course format: Classroom

General Theory and Basic Training - 150 hours of classroom instruction in general theory in the following subject areas: Tools and Their Use, Shampoo, Understanding Chemicals and Use, Types of Hair, Sanitation, Hygiene, Skin Diseases and Conditions, Anatomy and Physiology, Electricity and Ethics.
2.Practical Chemical Application and Hair Treatment - 500 hours of instruction in a combination of classroom instruction and hands on experience in the following subject areas: Permanent Waving, Hair Coloring and Bleaching, Hair Relaxing and Hair and Scalp Conditioning.
Hair Styling/Hair Dressing - 475 hours of specific instruction in hair styling in a combination of classroom instruction and hands on experience in the following subject areas: Cutting, Thinning, Shaping, Trimming, Application of Electrical or Mechanical Equipment, Marcelling, Curling and Hair Treatments.
3.Shop Management and Interpersonal Relations - 200 hours of instruction in the following subject areas: Labor Law, Worker&,#146,s Compensation, Client Relations, Bookkeeping, Marketing and Merchandising, Emergancy First Aid, Right-To-Know Laws, Pertinent State and Local Laws and Rules, Business Math, Safety with Electrical Devices, and Business Ethics.
4.Esthetics - 85 hours of instruction shall be provided.
5.Nail Technology - 55 hours of practical instruction.
6.Remaining Required Hours - the remaining 35 hours required shall consist of coordinated classroom and practical in elective and senior review areas

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Phone No.: (630) 833-6118

School Address/Venue(s):

617 W. North Ave Villa Park, IL 60181

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