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Loyola Marymount University

Los Angeles, California, United States

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Open to all Majors and Minors, 18 units

A large number of LMU graduates have gone on to successful careers or graduate work in Journalism. These students, who have often majored or minored in English, Communication Studies or other majors have taken advantage of a number of exciting LMU courses. (Note: Some of the courses you take for the Certificate may also be counted toward your Major or Minor in English, Communication Studies or your Core.) These courses make up the LMU “Journalism Certificate�and are particularly recommended for students who intend pursuing a Masters or Ph.D. in Journalism, or who plan to work as a Freelance journalist, PR or Advertising professional, in corporate communications, for a newspaper or magazine or on various new media platforms. A Journalism Certificate at LMU offers maximum flexibility as no specific courses are required. The “certificate�appears as a line on the student’s final transcript, and may be referenced in a student’s resumé. (You will not receive a frameable certificate from the Registrar.)

It is important to note that a working journalist often develops a specialization in a particular area, such as sports, entertainment, or politics. Elective courses in these areas would, of course, be useful. The Journalism Curriculum includes Political Science courses specifically since local, state and national politics have an impact on most news, and politics is considered an important working knowledge base for any journalist. Ethics coursework from the Philosophy Department is also included as ethics are a concern at the forefront of a career in Journalism. Interdisciplinary Applied Programs contributes a selection of PR and media coursework. A total of 18 units is required to earn the certificate. Generally Students may elect one course from PHIL, or one course from POLS, or one course from ID ...

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