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News Writing


CUNY Borough of Manhattan Community College

New York City, New York, United States

Course format: Classroom

This course covers the basic principles and practices of news reporting and writing. Students are taught to write single-incident news stories, conduct balanced interviews and edit their own copy, employing standard copy editing symbols and format. Emphasis is also given to the theoretical side of journalism with an overview of its history, present legal controls, ethical issues and rapidly expanding technology. ...

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New York, NY 10007

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News Reporting and Writing training course in Chicago

This concentration focuses on reporting and writing about public affairs across platforms, from deadline news to in-depth analysis.. Students take advanced courses in community news, interpretive reporting and investigative journalism, and in specialized “beats,?such as courts, business, urban affairs, and the environment. In addition, a Sports Reporting emphasis is available for News Reportin...
News Writing training course in Chicago

This course will take students through the basics of news writing and reporting. The course will demand in-class writing assignments that will help students prioritize information and write with accuracy under deadline. Students will discuss and be tested on current affairs and evaluate a variety of news sources. Students will cover local events and generate story ideas.
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Introductory course in basic news writing and reporting. Course concentrates on fundamental writing techniques for mass media. Course also emphasizes the legal and ethical responsibilities of the news media with critical analysis of current news reporting practices.

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