Course Title:

(Certificate) (Diploma) (Master Degree)


De Montfort University

Leicester, United Kingdom

Course format: Classroom

With an unrivalled graduate employment rate, this course offers an exciting combination of theoretical and practical study and training. Taught by highly experienced, qualified journalists, the course emphasises National Council for the Training of Journalists�syllabus and exams, in a programme designed especially for postgraduates.

Our work-based journalism course is fully accredited by the industry&,#146,s training body, the National Council for the Training of Journalists. It offers a high quality professional course with emphasis on attention to your strengths and weaknesses �an approach which gives our graduates a tremendous advantage in the hugely competitive journalism jobs market. As you’ve probably heard, the hardest part of the job is getting into the industry in the first place. Industry training places are few and far between. The most reliable way is to do an NCTJ course �which leads to a qualification recognised throughout this country as well as abroad.

Successful students will gain two complementary &,#146,qualifications&,#146,. Those who pass all the NCTJ exams gain the NCTJ certificate and satisfactory completion of all aspects of the course leads to the Postgraduate Diploma/MA, which may be awarded with distinction for exceptional candidates.

Elements of this syllabus are subject to change.

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Phone No.: +44 (0)116 255 1551

School Address/Venue(s):

The Gateway

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