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Sustainable Design and Operation of HVAC Systems in Buildings Workshop 2017


EPIC Educational Program Innovations Center

Dorval, Edmonton, Calgary, Halifax, Mississauga, Ottawa, Regina, Richmond, Saint Johns, Winnipeg, Canada

Course format: On-site

The building industry is approaching general acceptance of sustainable design principles. Sustainable design means that engineers must interact with architects, owners, and facility managers in a team effort to provide high-quality, productive environment for people while considering the impact of their design on the environment. The LEEDTM (Leadership in Energy &, Environmental Design) rating system is an excellent way to quantify the sustainability of buildings.

This course focuses on sustainable design and operation of HVAC systems used in Buildings. It covers: the basics by which HVAC systems operate, descriptions of many system and equipment options that can be selected, guidelines for selection of systems which might be appropriate in given applications, exercises and case studies to reinforce the material.

The course also includes an introduction and a workshop demonstrating the use of one of the best and widely used computer software in designing HVAC systems for commercial buildings in the industry. A demo version of the software will be provided. Participants will have a chance to gain a true hands-on experience with the software. All participants are encouraged to bring their laptops! Familiarity with this software is an essential asset and will definitely enhance your employability in the HVAC industry.

Topics are introduced to individuals who have little background on the subject while providing valuable information resource to personnel having more experience with HVAC systems in buildings.

To provide the basics of the operation of HVAC systems in buildings.
To present descriptions of various system and equipment options.
To offer guidelines for system and equipment selection.
To introduce one of the best computer software for HVAC system design for commercial buildings in the ...

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Free Course List: Dorval, Edmonton, Calgary, Halifax, Mississauga, Ottawa, Regina, Richmond, Saint Johns, Winnipeg

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