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Essex School of Beauty

Hullbridge, Essex, United Kingdom

Course format: Classroom

•Anatomy &, Physiology relating to this treatment

•Completing client consultation

•Contra-Indications to this treatments

•Health, hygiene &, safety legislation

•Professional ethics &, client records

•Therapist image

•Preparation of materials &, the client

•Skin disorders

•Skin cleansing

•Skin inspection, diagnosis and identification of the skin type

?5 Minute French Massage routine covering the shoulders, neck &, face

•How to improve circulation

•Accurately identifying the correct Face Mask that would be required for your clients specific skin type

•Making of facial masks

•Additional treatments available to your clients and their home care advice

•How to select a professional skincare brand for your salon and the client

•Promoting and marketing your business

Facials are wonderfully relaxing, and extremely beneficial in maintaining the health and appearance of the skin.

Understanding and maintaining healthy skin is an essential skill for any beauty therapist and this course gives a fantastic introduction and insight into how to perform the standard facial treatments which are performed in beauty salons and spas around the world.

On this comprehensive course you will learn how to cleanse, perform skin analysis, understand and treat different skin types, exfoliation, extractions, facial massage techniques, apply setting and non-setting masks, eye and lip care and much more...

Once you have completed your Primary Facial training you may wish to attend our Advanced Facial course which will follow on in far more in-depth detail allowing you to offer an amazing treatment.

Elements of this syllabus are subject to change.

Please visit the school's official website or social networks for the latest training price and schedule.

Phone No.: 07980 113392

School Address/Venue(s):

Hullbridge, Essex

Free Course List: Hullbridge

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