Course Title:

Automotive Management 2017
(Bachelor Degree)


Ferris State University

Big Rapids, Michigan, United States

Course format: Classroom

The Automotive Management (AMGT) program, formerly Automotive &, Heavy Equipment Management (AHM), is a baccalaureate degree program that focuses on providing the transportation industry with state-of-the-art technical and business managers for service, parts, sales, leasing, warranty, and customer relations positions. Opportunities exist with car, truck, equipment, and component manufacturers, suppliers, dealers, fleets, insurance companies, the aftermarket, and local and federal government agencies.

The AMGT program prepares graduates for careers in the service sector. Regardless of where a product is designed or manufactured, graduates are prepared to provide knowledgeable, skilled, world-class customer service. One in seven jobs in the United States is related to transportation, primarily in the service sector, and these jobs cannot be outsourced. The AMGT program emphasizes developing verbal and written communication as well as organizational and time management skills. On-the-job management internships further prepare the graduate to enter this lucrative field with experience.

The AMGT program has two baccalaureate options:

The 2+2 option is available for students with an Auto Service, Heavy Equipment, or Auto Body related associate degree who desire to obtain a B.S. degree. (In other words - this option is for students who want to marry their 2-year associate degree with a third and fourth year and obtain a B.S. degree.)

The 0+4 option is available for high school graduates who know they want a technical and business management degree. This option has a technical focus the first two years, and students have an opportunity to take 12 credits in a focus area, such as a second language, technical writing, technical training, international business, e-commerce marketing, or obtain a minor in another discipline. Thi ...

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