Course Title:

Relaxation Massage 2017


Federation Training

Bairnsdale, Chadstone, Forestec, Lakes Entrance, Leongatha, Melbourne, Morwell, Sale, Yallourn, VIC, Australia

Course format: Classroom

This course is designed to help you develop the skills and knowledge required to use basic relaxation massage techniques. This course teaches you a complete thorough physical massage system with each body part treated with a series of sequences, which enables you to lengthen and relax your client&,#146,s muscles. Most will typically include gentle kneading of the muscles, long, smooth, rhythmic flowing strokes, pressure that is comfortable but never painful, warm towels, essential oils and gentle relaxing music. Different to a remedial massage which focuses specifically on relief through deeper tissue manipulation, relaxation massage is a form of massage therapy designed for stress relief, rest and relaxation. This course will provide you with the optimal blend of theory and practical experience to give you a successful and immediate launch to your new career.

You will learn:
Relaxation massage theory
Confirm treatment plan
Prepare client
Apply relaxation massage techniques
Provide aftercare advice

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Phone No.: 1300 133 717

School Address/Venue(s):

PO Box 3279 GMC Morwell 3841

Free Course List: Bairnsdale, Chadstone, Forestec, Lakes Entrance, Leongatha, Melbourne, Morwell, Sale, Yallourn

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