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Coaching Skills 2017


Global Knowledge Singapore

Singapore, Singapore

Course format: Classroom

Coaching has emerged as an essential skill in today&,#146,s business world. Applying a coaching mindset and skills will help you to become more effective and creative as a leader and contributor in your organization. And it will enable the people you coach to do the same.

In this highly participative one-day course, you will learn and practice a four-step coaching process. From starting coaching conversations, ensuring skillful dialogue and exploration of coaching topics, to overcoming resistance, you will learn the process, skills, and techniques to effectively coach to a desired outcome. You will actively engage with a real-work scenario throughout the course, practice each of the steps in the coaching process, and plan to apply your approach back on the job.

Course Objectives

## Understand your coaching capabilities through a coaching assessment

## What coaching is and is not

## Apply and practice the four-step Coaching Process (Initiate, Clarify, Explore, Act) in a real work situation

## Create an environment of mutual respect and trust

## Use questioning techniques to better identify the coaching topic

## Gain commitment from employees on the coaching topic

## Actively listen to solicit information and increase employee comfort

## Engage in non-judgmental questions with employees to open up new possibilities

## Check and challenge your/your employees&,#146, assumptions to overcome barriers and blind spots

## Promote brainstorming to discover alternatives, new frames of reference, and ways forward

## Reframe problems to overcome old frames of reference and limiting beliefs

## Select alternatives for the way forward

## Overcome resistance to new ideas and stretch personal capabilities


Elements of this syllabus are subject to change.

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190 Middle Road #20-01/02/03/04,
Fortune Centre,
Singapore 188979

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