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Customer Service 2017


Global Knowledge UK

Aberdeen, Bath, Bristol, Leeds, London, Wokingham, United Kingdom

Course format: Classroom

How the whole support team contributes to customer service and how customers respond to good and bad service
Building on existing skills, tips and techniques that can make every interaction on the telephone a success ?this applies both customers and internal colleagues
Personal skills for listening effectively and to enhance an understanding of what customers really want and expect
Use of voice control to create rapport and empathy
Best practice in following up, whether by telephone, email or other format
How to improve the consistency and content of internal communication in supporting good support
Techniques and tips to cope more effectively with high workloads, conflicting priorities and customer expectations
To plan effectively in a reactive and short-term focused environment
Maximise personal productively through improved prioritising, scheduling and delegating
How to improve the consistency and content of internal communication in supporting good support
How to better understand customer expectations to increase the level of service
Using support processes as your friends not foes
Better handle complainers, calm upset customers and regain confidence and goodwill

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Global Knowledge UK
Mulberry Business Park,
Fishponds Road,
RG41 2GY
United Kingdom

Free Course List: Aberdeen, Bath, Bristol, Leeds, London, Wokingham

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