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IS Consultancy Practice 2017


Global Knowledge UK

Aberdeen, Bath, Bristol, Leeds, London, Wokingham, United Kingdom

Course format: Classroom

This course has been developed from twenty years�experience in developing and delivering consultancy solutions to our clients. It is equally suitable for people operating in conventional consultancy roles and as ‘internal�consultants within an organisation. Our approach is to underpin theoretical concepts with a large-scale and realistic case study assignment through which participants work in consultancy teams and thus gain valuable experience of applying the techniques instead of just learning about them.

The course prepares participants to attain the Certificate in IS Consultancy Practice offered by the Information Systems Examinations Board (ISEB). This is achieved through a two-part examination process:

-The first part consists of a two-hour, closed book, written examination, preceded by 15 minutes exam paper reading time.The examination paper contains a scenario from which candidates will be required to produce various solutions and to justify the choices made. There is one principal question, normally carrying 50% of the marks, and two subsidiary questions, carrying the remaining 50%. Candidates must achieve 50% on the principal question and not less than 50% of the total marks to pass the overall examination.

-Successful candidates are then required to attend an oral examination, which will last up to forty-five minutes. This is conducted by two interviewers appointed by ISEB. Candidates are questioned on any of the topics on the syllabus including those already covered in the written exam. They may also be questioned on their background qualifying experience.

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Global Knowledge UK
Mulberry Business Park,
Fishponds Road,
RG41 2GY
United Kingdom

Free Course List: Aberdeen, Bath, Bristol, Leeds, London, Wokingham

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