Course Title:

All Terrain Utility Vehicle 2017


Ground Force Training

Buffalo, New York, United States

Course format: On-site

Classroom Topics of Discussion

Approx. 4 hours.
Basics for Operating and Riding Responsibly
Rules and Controls
Starting/Stopping Procedures
Riding Strategies
Turning Safely
Traversing Hills
Emergency Maneuvers
Riding Over Obstacle

Practical, Hands-on Activities
Pre-Start Inspection
Controls Review
Post Operation Procedures
Maneuvering Around Obstacles

Documentation Provided

Student Book, Test, Operator Training Summary, Certificate of Completion

Elements of this syllabus are subject to change.

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Phone No.: 888.712.2090

School Address/Venue(s):

266 Elmwood Avenue #300
Buffalo, NY 14222

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All Terrain Utility Vehicle
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