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NLP Cafe-The Art of Self Coaching 2017


Holistic Directions

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Course format: Classroom

Maybe you really do enjoy speaking. Or in fact you love speaking �and yet you hate how you feel before you speak?

Whether you speak professionally, in your job or in the comfort of your home…you are a speaking for an intention to communicate a message. The more connected you are with your mind, heart and body in harmony the more authentic you are and the more people will listen.

Every time you open your mouth to speak, whether it’s to share a story, inspire others, debate an issue or give direction you want people to listen. You want to be heard and seen and you want to influence other people to your point of view in some way, isn’t that right?

So what’s the difference that makes the difference?

The answer is in connecting your mind, heart and body so you are fully alert, grounded and present. When you are fully present you will feel in a state of flow and harmony. The people in your audience will feel you are being authentic and not faking your performance or ‘acting as if�

I know you’re going to appreciate learning that Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) gives you the practical tools needed to improve your speaking skills �in any situation.

Join us in November for the sixth in a NEW NLP Cafe series called ‘Authentically Speaking�!

At ‘Authentically Speaking�you will learn how to get out of your ‘head�and speak more from your heart while maintaining your composure.

We will begin each session with an exercise to integrate and re-align your mind, heart and body so you can be more in a state of ‘flow�when speaking and presenting �in life and in business too!

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Holistic Directions Inc
74 Radium Cove,Winnipeg,Canada
R2G 3K2

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