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Holistic Self-Coaching Workshop 2017


Holistic Directions

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Course format: Classroom

When you attend this workshop you will learn practical tools to get congruent, where what you are thinking and wanting matches the actions you take.

You will learn a unique meditation technique to connect your intuitive inner guide, your logical mind and your physical body together, to work in harmony. You will increase your ability to manifest what you want in life by increasing your self-awareness and developing a supportive partnership with your infinitely resourceful unconscious self. Discover creative solutions to breakthrough anything holding you back so you can generate new resources to support you in creating your new life.

Get connected with your physiology so you can feel more at ease, grounded and centered under pressure. Tap into your resilient self and create a solid plan for your future.

When you attend Holistic Self-Coaching�you will learn ways to quickly change your bodymind ‘state�to manage your internal feelings, dissolve limiting beliefs, create a partnership with the voices in your head, overcome fears and limitations, communicate more effectively and congruently, and set value driven intentions and outcomes for your life and your business.

The Holistic Self-Coachingâ„?program gives you a working manual you can keep for easy reference, a personal journal and other resources to support you along the way. You also receive one BONUS 30 minute 1:1 coaching session with Jacquie Nagy, NLP Coach and Trainer.

Elements of this syllabus are subject to change.

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Phone No.: 1.204.480.8667

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Holistic Directions Inc
74 Radium Cove,Winnipeg,Canada
R2G 3K2

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