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Menu Planning 2017


Greenville Technical College

Greenville, Simpsonville, Taylors, South Carolina, United States

Course format: Classroom

This course is a study of the principles of menu planning and design with application of basic nutrition, organization plans, and record-keeping techniques. ...

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Phone No.: (864) 250-8000

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506 South Pleasantburg Drive,
Greenville, SC 29607

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2017 Menu Planning for Healthcare training course in Big Rapids

This course will prepare students to identify the changes in nutritional needs throughout the life cycle. Students will learn how to apply the Dietary Guidelines for Americans to plan, write and evaluate menus for variety, appearance and appropriate dietary modifications.
2017 Menu Planning and Nutrition training course in Big Rapids

This course examines the fundamentals of menu planning along with factors that impact menu development and design. Topics covered include industry trends, target markets, operational influences, nutrition concepts, menu types, costing, pricing, design, and salesanalysis. Emphasis is placed on developing the skills necessary to effectively create a professional menu. Typically offered Fall, Spri...
Menu Planning training course in Kingston

This course is designed to provide the student with the foundations on which to develop and create menus that incorporate elements from a wide variety of food service operations. The Canada Food Guide, Heartsmart and other specialty protocols will be incorporated into some of the menu designs. The student will create various menus using different formats that are appropriate to a variety of i...
Menu Planning training course in Denver

Introduces the student to planning menus and integrating them into foodservice operations. Equips the student with a working knowledge of the function mechanics and results achieved by the menu. Provides an overview of the existing and growing foodservice industry as seen through the menu.

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