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HIPPA for Insurance Professionals 2017


Online Institute of America

Lakeway, Texas, United States

Course format: Online

This course provides information about the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Specifically, you will learn: what the purpose, scope and benefits of HIPAA are, what is the significance of the Administrative Simplification section of HIPAA, how non �compliance is penalized, what changes HIPAA regulations require, what standards HIPAA enforces, how privacy and security are differentiated, what impact HIPAA can have on you and your organization, and how you can make your organization HIPAA �compliant.

•Understand what HIPAA is
•Learn the purpose of HIPAA
•Understand the key features of HIPAA
•Understand which entities are affected by HIPAA
•Appreciate the types of standards HIPAA specifies and understand the areas affected by the standards�proposed rules
•Understand the purpose of electronic standardization of transactions, code sets, and unique identifiers
•Recognize the difference between privacy and security
•Appreciate the impact of new privacy rules related to HIPAA
•Understand the costs and savings associated with HIPAA
•Learn the implementation dates of, and penalties for noncompliance to, HIPAA regulations
•Understand how HIPAA will impact you and your organization
•Understand the general process to implement HIPAA compliance in your organization.


•Lesson 1: Introduction to HIPAA
•Lesson 2: HIPAA Standards
•Lesson 3: Privacy and Security
•Lesson 4: HIPAA Case Studies
•Lesson 5: Impact of HIPAA
•Lesson 6: Implementation of HIPAA.

Elements of this syllabus are subject to change.

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Online Institute of America
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Lakeway, TX 78734

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HIPPA for Insurance Professionals
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