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Forensic Auditing Workshop (Certificate)

Course Format: Public Course / Instructor-Led / Open Enrollment
School/Trainer: Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Singapore
Training Center(s)/Venue(s): Singapore, Singapore

This workshop aims to provide participants with current updates, the relevant approach and tools in forensic auditing. Financial professionals are now placed in the forefront to acquire skills that enable them to gather evidence, reconstruct financial trails, and prove how losses occurred and likely suspects.

Forensic Auditing for Computing Security

Course Format: Public Course / Instructor-Led / Open Enrollment
School/Trainer: New Jersey Institute of Technology
Training Center(s)/Venue(s): Newark, United States

A computer forensics audit is the proper identification and collection of computer evidence. Computers are involved in security violations through crime or violations of policy, or being targeted by an attack. This course deals with the preservation, identification, extraction, documentation, reporting, acquisition, analysis and interpretation of computer data. Topics covered include evidence handling, chain of custody, collection, preservation, identification and recovery of computer data. In this hands-on course, you will conduct several labs where you will be taught to analyze, review and extract information from computer hard drives, and determine what and how the information could have been compromised. Computer Forensics Audit professionals become experts in e-discovery and preserving sensitive evidential matter.

Foundations of Auditing Information Systems

Course Format: On-Site / In-House / Private Tutoring
School/Trainer: The SANS Institute
Training Center(s)/Venue(s): Baltimore, San Antonio, Monterey, New Orleans, Orlando, Phoenix, Reston, Washington, DC, United States

This course is designed for security and assurance professionals, system administrators, and business and operational auditors who want to develop the technical and operational knowledge of information system auditing. This course is a careful balance of the audit process, governance, and compliance regulations, as well a hands-on introduction to the latest technology tools. The auditing skills taught in AUD 407: Foundations of Auditing Information Systems are in great demand, as companies and agencies are required to comply with a growing number of regulations.

Students will learn the role of an auditor, the types of audits performed, and various information security and audit frameworks, as well as the tools and techniques of auditing technical controls, foundations of auditing operating systems, and foundations of auditing applications. Even seasoned professionals will learn the value of performing information system audits as well as the business value of information system auditing.

Investigating IT Fraud

Course Format: On-Site / In-House / Private Tutoring
School/Trainer: Richard Cascarino and Associates
Training Center(s)/Venue(s): Steamboat Springs, United States

This two-day course is designed to equip experienced auditors with the tools and techniques to investigate security incidents and produce forensically acceptable evidence.

Seminar Content

Learning the Fundamentals
Goals and Methodologies
Incident Response
Being Prepared
Policies and Procedures
Response Toolkits
Response Personnel
Computer Forensics
Understanding Protocols
Trap and Trace
Network Surveillance
Investigating Operating Environments
Windows NT/2000
Other Technology
Application servers
Hacker Tools
Establishing Identity
Tracing E-mail
Removable Media
Memory sticks

IT Fraud and Countermeasures

Course Format: On-Site / In-House / Private Tutoring
School/Trainer: Richard Cascarino and Associates
Training Center(s)/Venue(s): Steamboat Springs, United States

Information Systems fraud is presently a major growth area within our corporations.

This three-day seminar is designed to assist auditors and management in the design and implementation of an IS architecture which minimizes the possibilities of fraud and maximizes the probability of detecting fraud.

By the end of this seminar the attendee will be able to :

Distinguish between the varying types of computer fraud, their nature and effect
Identify likely fraud indicators
Audit for computer fraud
Establish a Corporate Risk Profile
Structure an anti-fraud security environment
Distinguish between fraud and forensic auditing
Identify the requirements to ensure that audit evidence is acceptable as legal evidence
Identify the requirement and effect of reporting sensitive issues
Seminar Content

The seminar will cover the following areas:

The nature of computer fraud
The Corporate risk profile
Computer fraud techniques
Why computer fraud and who commits it?
Fraud auditing
Fraud awareness
EDI an... [Read More]

Forensic Auditing

Course Format: On-Site / In-House / Private Tutoring
School/Trainer: Richard Cascarino and Associates
Training Center(s)/Venue(s): Steamboat Springs, United States

Fraud, Wastage and Abuse of all kinds are a major growth industry in this country. Each can have a drastic impact on the bottom-line profitability of an organisation.

This two-day seminar is intended to sharpen the skills of internal auditors in assisting in the prevention, detection, deterrence and reporting of fraud, waste, abuse and other irregularities.

By the end of this seminar the attendee will gain :

An understanding of the definitions and concepts underlying fraud, irregularities, waste and abuse
Knowledge of the various statements on fraud of the IIA
An understanding of the profiles and motivators of fraudsters
The ability to differentiate between fraud, waste and abuse
The ability to recognise likely fraud indicators
Ways to establish effective fraud / abuse prevention within your company
An understanding of how to quantify corporate vulnerabilities
Seminar Contents

Seminar Contents will include:

Definition of fraud, waste and abuse
Professional standards and guidelines
Reduction of waste Read More]

Detecting, Controlling and Avoiding Fraud

Course Format: On-Site / In-House / Private Tutoring
School/Trainer: AMA - American Management Association
Training Center(s)/Venue(s): Arlington, Atlanta, Boston, Denver, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Las Vegas, New York, San Francisco, United States

Protect your company from massive losses and penalties resulting from accidental oversights or full-scale fraud!

Can you distinguish early signs of fraud? Are you prepared to back up your suspicions of fraudulent activity with attack-proof record keeping and documentation? Do you have controls in place to assure full compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley? Now you can build a solid foundation in fraud prevention, detection and deterrence with this fastpaced, comprehensive forensic auditing course.

Who Should Attend
CFOs, vice presidents of finance, senior and mid-level financial managers, treasurers and controllers, accountants and auditors.

How You Will Benefit

Master every step of an internal fraud investigation—from uncovering the first questionable activities or receiving an initial allegation, to testifying as a witness
Gain expertise in forensic interviewing and evidence documentation and protection
Learn how to staff and manage a dependable forensic audit team
Establish ongoing anti-fraud programs
Address legal concerns and ... [Read More]

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