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Visual Basic .NET Programming - Online

School/Trainer: Intertech, Inc.
Eagan, United States

This five-day instructor-led course provides students with the knowledge and skills needed to develop applications in Microsoft Visual Basic .NET for the Microsoft .NET platform. The course focuses on user interfaces, program structure, language syntax, and implementation details. This is the first course in the Visual Basic .NET curriculum and will serve as the entry point for other .NET courses.

After completing this course, students will be able to:
Create a simple Visual Basic .NET-based application based on the Windows Application template.
Use forms and controls to create a user interface.
Create and use variables and arrays.
Create and use Sub and Function procedures, including predefined functions.
Implement decision structures and loops by using conditional expressions.
Validate user input for fields, controls, and forms.
Apply object-oriented programming techniques to create classes, add methods, and add properties.
Resolve syntax, run-time, and logic errors by using the debugger and structured exception handling.
Enhance the user interface by adding menus, status bars, and toolbars.
Create a simple Visual Basic .NET-based Web Forms application that uses an XML Web Service.
Access and manipulate data in a Microsoft Access or Microsoft SQL Serverâ„?database by using Microsoft ADO.NET.... [Read More]

Secure Coding for .NET - Online

School/Trainer: Intertech, Inc.
Eagan, United States

Training developers on secure coding practices offers one of highest returns on investment of any security investment by eliminating vulnerabilities at the source. Aspect’s .NET Secure Coding Training raises developer awareness of application security issues and provides examples of ‘what to do�and ‘what not to do&,#146,. All examples and exercises are available in both C# and ASP.NET. Please specify which version best suits your organization. The class is led by an experienced developer and is delivered in a very interactive manner.

This class includes hands-on exercises where the students get to perform security analysis and testing on a live .NET web application. This specially designed environment includes deliberate flaws the students have to find, diagnose, and fix. The class also uses .NET coding exercises to provide students with realistic hands-on secure coding experience. Students gain hands-on experience using freely available web application security test tools to find and diagnose flaws and learn to avoid them in their own code.

Learning Objectives

Understand and be able to employ the security features involved with using HTTP (e.g., headers, cookies, SSL)
Understand and be able to apply application security design principles.
Be able to identify and explain common web application security threats (e.g., C... [Read More]

LINQ for .NET 4.0 - Online

School/Trainer: Intertech, Inc.
Eagan, United States

The C# and VB programming languages support a number of language features specifically used to enable Language Integrated Query (LINQ). Intertech’s Complete LINQ begins by detailing each of these language constructs (including extension methods and lambda expressions). Once the foundation has been laid, attendees will learn to build query expressions using LINQ query operators and the underlying LINQ object model. The remainder of the class will examine how to apply these query expressions to object containers, relational databases, XML documents and in parallel using PLINQ.

If you are interested in learning additional .NET 3.0 / 3.5 technologies, you may wish to view Intertech’s Complete WPF, Complete WCF and Complete WF classes.

Learning Objectives

Learn C# and VB constructs which enable LINQ
Learn to create LINQ query expressions
Program with LINQ to Objects
Program with LINQ to Entities
Program with PLINQ / TPL
Program with LINQ to XML


This class is intended for experienced .NET 2.0 software developers. No knowledge of LINQ is assumed.

ASP.NET 4.0 - Online

School/Trainer: Intertech, Inc.
Eagan, United States

This is a five-day course with in-depth chapters being organized to solidify the students&,#146, learning experience. The labs are long for great &,quot,hands-on&,quot, learning.

This course presents all the essential tools, libraries, components and best practices that today’s Web developers must utilize while building leading-edge ASP.NET Web applications. It begins by explaining the different Web application architectures and project types supported by Visual Studio 2010. Next, it introduces the different types of Web controls that are at the developers�disposal. It also demonstrates the power of creating custom Web controls. User controls and master pages demonstrate the power of code reuse while the site navigation controls can be used to simplify navigation for the Web users. A thorough explanation of data binding is covered using the latest Web data controls. Students also learn about the ASP.NET provider model introduced with .NET 2.0 and newer. Web Parts are also extensively covered for use on ASP.NET and SharePoint Web sites. Today’s Web security risks are explained and AJAX and jQuery are covered to offer a Web 2.0 user experience. Often overlooked in other courses, the different methods of ASP.NET Web deployment are also explained. The course wraps up with an introduction to Silverlight programming, which is Microsoft’s answer to Ad... [Read More]

ASP.NET 4.0 AJAX and jQuery using Visual Studio 2010 - Online

School/Trainer: Intertech, Inc.
Eagan, United States

AJAX has brought a rich inactive content to web pages and web applications. The newest version of Visual Studio, Visual Studio 2010 brings many tools for creating AJAX web applications. This course covers some of the basics for using AJAX, dealing with server aide and client AJAX controls. Creating content rich AJAX applications will show how to use the Updatepanel controls, page methods and other items. The AJAX Control Toolkit section will explain the controls, extenders, and script manager. The next part of the course explores the jQuery Library, which Microsoft has fully embraced as its client-side JavaScript library. You&,#146,ll learn about the library and how to put it to use, including how to write effective selectors to create matched sets of elements. Then you&,#146,ll learn how to bring a page alive with jQuery, using features like changing page content, animating elements on the page, and using the jQuery UI Library for even more effects. One of the original motivations for jQuery was to support AJAX, and the library includes rich support for asynchronous calls to the server. You&,#146,ll also learn how to make use of various other jQuery extensions and see how to build your own plugin.

ASP.NET Web API Essentials Using C# - Online

School/Trainer: Intertech, Inc.
Eagan, United States

This course provides a practical hands-on introduction to developing and consuming ASP.NET Web API services using C# and Visual Studio 2015. This Web development framework from Microsoft makes it easy to create HTTP services that can reach a broad range of clients. It is an excellent platform for creating RESTful Web applications. The course is current to .NET Framework 4.5.2/4.6 and ASP.NET Web API 2.

Course Outline

Introduction to ASP.NT Web API
Representation, State and Transfer
REST and Web API
HTTP Services Using Web API
Using Fiddler
Web API vs. WCF

Web API and HTTP
HTTP Response Codes
Implementing POST
Implementing PUT
Implementing DELETE

Media Formatters and Content
Internet Media Types
Media Formatters
MediaFmtDemo Code
JSON and XML Formatters
Content Negotiation
Accept and Content-Type Headers
Using the Query String
Custom Request Headers
BSON Serialization

JavaScript Clients
Document Object Model
Sending AJAX Requests
Implementing a Client

Binding, Validation and Routing
Reading Raw HTTP Requests
Route Data, Query String and
Request Body
Binding... [Read More]

ASP.NET Core Development - Online

School/Trainer: Intertech, Inc.
Eagan, United States

Previously referred to as ASP.NET 5 (and MVC 6), ASP.NET Core is a completely new web stack developed from the ground up. This 4-day course introduces attendees to the new .NET Core platform and teaches attendees the skills necessary to design and build well-architected web and service-oriented applications that follow the MVC design pattern.


Experience with the C# programming language and object-oriented programming concepts
Some knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript concepts

ASP.NET MVC 5 Development - Online

School/Trainer: Intertech, Inc.
Eagan, United States

ASP.NET MVC 5 is Microsoft&,#146,s last MVC release based on both the .NET Framework or .NET Core 1.0 for building scalable, standards-based web applications using well-established design patterns and the power of ASP.NET and the .NET Framework. Version 5 of ASP.NET MVC adds many new features such as template-based views based on on the Bootstrap framework, attribute routing, support for Entity Framework 6, and more.

This 5-day course spends Day 1 covering advanced C# and .NET framework topics most commonly used with ASP.NET MVC 5 including delegates, lambdas, anonymous objects, dynamic objects, LINQ, and much more. The remaining four days introduce and educate students on all the necessary ASP.NET MVC 5 skills needed to design and build well-architected web applications.

Note that Days 5 wraps up with a chapter and lab that introduces .NET Core, ASP.NET Core 1.0, MVC Core 1.0, and much more.

During the course, attendees build a fully functional data-driven ASP.NET MVC web application through a series of hands-on lab exercises.

Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) with MVVM for .NET 4.5 - Online

School/Trainer: Intertech, Inc.
Eagan, United States

Intertech’s Complete Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) with MVVM course will examine this key API beginning with the topics of XAML, code files and WPF development tools. In the WPF tools, the separation of concerns technique provided by Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) design pattern will be explored. Attendees will learn about the WPF control content model, styles and control templates, data binding, graphical rendering services and the construction of navigationally-based applications. During the application development the use of unit tests to support Test Driven Development will be examined. As well, attendees will gain hands on experience using both Visual Studio and Blend for Visual Studio to build WPF applications.

Learning Objectives

Understand the WPF programming model with and without XAML
Understand the purpose of the MVVM design pattern
Build new XAML applications with the MVVM design pattern
Make use of Unit Tests to validate the application development efforts
Learn to build custom user controls
Work with WPF data binding
Work with animation and graphical rendering
Learn to use Blend for Visual Studio to build WPF user interfaces

Developing ASP.NET MVC Web Applications - Online

School/Trainer: Intertech, Inc.
Eagan, United States

In this course, students will learn to develop advanced ASP.NET MVC and Web Forms applications using .NET Framework 4.5 tools and technologies. The focus will be on coding activities that enhance the performance and scalability of the Web site application. ASP.NET MVC will be introduced and compared with Web Forms so that students know when each should/could be used. This course will also prepare the student for exam 70-486.

This course is intended for professional web developers who use Microsoft Visual Studio in an individual-based or team-based, small-sized to large development environment. Candidates for this course are interested in developing advanced web applications and want to manage the rendered HTML comprehensively. They want to create websites that separate the user interface, data access, and application logic.

.NET Design Patterns and Principles - Online

School/Trainer: Intertech, Inc.
Eagan, United States

This 3-day course that teaches students best practices for developing enterprise applications and a selection of popular design principles and patterns that can be applied to achieve a maintainable, flexible, and testable architecture.

Upon completion of this course all attendees will:
Understand the origin and purpose of design patterns
Recognize when certain patterns and principles can provide a benefit in your application
Learn about many popular patterns and how to apply them
Understand the differences among the Model-View-X patterns (MVC, MVP, and MVVM)
Understand how to apply the SOLID design principles in your day-to-day development practice.


Prior experience developing applications in .NET is required.

ArcGIS Runtime SDK for .NET: Tips and Tricks - Online

School/Trainer: Esri Training
Broomfield, Charlotte, Danvers, Honolulu, New York City, Sacramento, Saint Paul, San Antonio, Vienna, United States

Learn tips and best practices for optimal map construction, map navigation, displaying graphics, and target architectures. Understand shared projects and more for the ArcGIS Runtime SDK for .NET

Build Great Mapping Apps with the ArcGIS Runtime SDK for .NET - Online

School/Trainer: Esri Training
Broomfield, Charlotte, Danvers, Honolulu, New York City, Sacramento, Saint Paul, San Antonio, Vienna, United States

Using ArcGIS Runtime SDK for .NET, you can create apps for Windows Desktop, Windows Store, and Windows Phone. Learn the basic workflow to build an app that includes data from a variety of sources and implement offline mapping to support both connected and disconnected environments.


Create a mapping app for the Microsoft Windows platform.

Display map layers that reference data hosted by ArcGIS for Server, open data formats, or local feature tables.

Implement offline workflows for disconnected environments.

Use web maps in your apps.

Dot Net - Online

School/Trainer: Janbask Training
Arlington, United States

Intensive ASP Dot Net MVC Online Training course deliver uniquely designed learning experience to the students with an in-depth knowledge of MVC using different tasks and the training helps to gain solid foundation on building applications.

Secure Coding for .Net - Online

School/Trainer: InfoSec Institute
Elmwood Park, United States

Our 3-day intense course provides attendees with a look at how poor security practices leave applications open to attack, and then walks you through the necessary tools, techniques and Best Practices in order to ensure you know how to write code in a secure manner.

Only InfoSec Institute&,#146,s Secure Coding in .NET: ASP.NET/C#/VB.NET Edition Course offers you the following benefits:
Three (3) days of InfoSec Institute training with a .NET expert, bringing from the field experience and insight. Our experts have extensive experience developing .NET applications in both C# and VB.NET. Our instructors have performed hundreds of security code reviews for enterprise .NETapplications.
Improvement in skills required to build and maintain secure applications
Lunch and snacks provided on each day of class
Provide compliance for the OWASP Top 10 training component in the PCI DSS Standard

Who Should Attend:
.NET Application Developers
C# Programmers
ASP.NET Developers
Managers, Architects and Technologists involved in deploying .NET applications


Prior to enrolling in InfoSec Institute’s Secure Coding in .NET, students should have roughly 12-24 months of experience working with .NET Applications. Attendees should have an understanding of web applications, web programming concept... [Read More]

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