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CAD / CAM / CAE - Online

School/Trainer: Yatna Engineering Solutions Pvt. Ltd
hyderabad, india

Online Techincal Courses for mechanical students such as Catia,UG, Solidworks, proe,autocad,sp3d.

PCB CAM with CAM350 - Online

School/Trainer: CEDA
Delhi, India

CAM350 is a multi-use tool for printed circuit board design and
fabrication. It can be used to verify CAM materials that have
been created by other PCB design tools such as PADSâ„? Layout or Cadence. It can be used to prepare those same
materials for various processes such as step and repeat,
panelization or adjusting feature sizes to compensate for
fabrication variables. It can even be used to design a PCB
board from the ground up or reverse engineer a PCB design
from existing photo plots.
All PCB design tools have DRC (design rule check) utilities to
verify connectivity and spacing rules. But these utilities only
check the rules against the Design Database. CAM350 has the
ability to check the design database against the actual
materials that will be used to manufacture the PCB. This adds
an extra layer of protection from errors that can be introduced
either inadvertently by incorrect settings in the utility used to
generate the fabrication materials, or the potential inability of
the design software to detect certain errors.
Also explained are the output capabilities of CAM350 to create
check plots, Gerber and NC files, and a “smart�ODB++**
database that is compatible with Valor-Genesis software. The
necessary steps will typically be explained with text and
graphics, but most operations will also be demo... [Read More]

Computer Assisted Manufacturing (CAM) - Online

School/Trainer: University of Massachusetts Lowell
Lowell, United States

The Certificate Program in Computer Assisted Manufacturing is designed for those who have basic drawing experience and who want to expand their knowledge in the latest industry-standard CAD software applications that are in use today. The courses in this certificate program may also be applied towards UMass Lowell’s Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology.

Note: Students who do not have drawing experience must take 23.101 Engineering Graphics (not currently offered online at UMass Lowell) or equivalent from an accredited institution of higher education.

Modis Scanner Lab Scope Training Testing CAM CRANK Sync - Online

School/Trainer: Mechanics Education Association
Maplewood, United States

This course covers hooking up your lab scope in order to correctly view the relationship between the Crankshaft and Camshaft Position sensors. This lab scope pattern is extremely important when evaluating whether a timing belt has jumped WITHOUT removing ANY engine covers or components. Unfortunately this pattern can be tricky to obtain for many scope users, and this webinar is designed to show step by step how to hook up your scope to view cam and crank sensor correlation. This course will feature one of the most popular lab scopes in the market today, the Snap On Modis.

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