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Brocade Certified SAN Manager (BCSM) - Online

School/Trainer: Brocade Education Services
Broomfield, Durham, Irvine, King of Prussia, Plymouth, San Jose, United States

It is recommended that you first achieve Brocade Certified Fabric Professional status before attempting the Brocade Certified SAN Manager Certification.

Brocade Certified SAN Manager 8 Gbit/sec Exam Topics
The Brocade Certified SAN Manager exam tests against these objectives:

Demonstrate knowledge of managing SAN device security
Demonstrate knowledge of managing switch access security
Demonstrate knowledge of managing SAN data security
Management Tools
Given a scenario, demonstrate how to implement SAN management concepts and tools
Given a scenario, describe the tools and how to use them to document a SAN
Given a scenario, describe methods and tools for troubleshooting and data gathering
Given a scenario, identify the information that should be supplied to escalate problems
SAN Management and Monitoring
Demonstrate knowledge of tools and components involved with monitoring SAN performance
Given a scenario, demonstrate how to monitor and manage fabrics
SAN Configuration and Maintenance
Demonstrate how to perform routine maintenance and configuration
Given a scenario, demonstrate how to maintain SAN extension solutions

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