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Business Law - Online

School/Trainer: Anne Arundel Community College
Annapolis, Arnold, Baltimore, Edgewater, Gambrills, Hanover, Laurel, Severn, United States

Study basic principles of law and their impact on common business transactions. Explore sources of law, the judicial system, a wrongdoer&,#146,s liability for harm to society (crimes) and to the injured party (torts), the formation and performance of contracts, the ownership and transfer of personal and real property, principals and their agents and factors to be considered in choosing the form of a business (partnerships and corporations) to be organized.

Business Law - Online

School/Trainer: Los Angeles Film School
Los Angeles, United States

The Business Law course offers an overview of general business practices, including entity formation, insurance, taxes, accounting, the laws protecting intellectual property in relation to protecting one’s own work and legally incorporating the works of others, and the law and practices of contracts and negotiations. All concepts are explored through legal case studies and applied business projects.

Business Law for Managers - Online

School/Trainer: North Park University
Chicago, United States

Businesspersons have a duty to act ethically in the conduct of their business affairs, and businesses have a responsibility not to harm society. It is incumbent upon all who pursue careers in business and nonprofit management to be familiar with fundamental legal concepts, how the law operates, and why. This course is an introduction to the foundational concepts in business law. It examines the fundamental legal principles under our federal and state legal system, including constitutional rights, the different sources of laws and regulations, the litigation process, and the legal principles relating to the formation of contracts. Emphasis is placed on contract concepts, since they are fundamental to the way business is transacted. By the completion of this course, students will have a grasp of the legal framework within which they will live and work.

Corporate and Business Law - Online

School/Trainer: Center for Advanced Legal Studies
Houston, United States

Students study various forms of business organizations and laws affecting business organizations. Subjects covered include sole proprietorships, partnerships, corporations and the law of agency. Students learn to prepare documents necessary to the incorporation of a business. Additional study focuses on contract law, Uniform Commercial Code and remedies. Practical assignments are given to assist in understanding various concepts of law within a business environment.

International Business Law - Online

School/Trainer: Houston Community College
Houston, United States

A course in law as it applies to international business transactions in the global political-legal environment. Study of inter-relationships among laws of different countries and the legal effects on individuals and business organizations. Topics include agency agreements, international contracts and administrations, regulations of exports and imports, technology transfers, regional transactions, intellectual property, product liability, and legal organization.

Business Law - Online

School/Trainer: Ottawa University
Brookfield, Chandler, Jeffersonville, Kansas City, Louisville, Milwaukee, Ottawa, Phoenix, United States

Introduces American legal system as it relates to business. Includes contracts, commercial paper, sales,
agency, and property.

Introduction to Business Law - Transactions - Online

School/Trainer: UTA - Division for Enterprise Development
Austin, Arlington, Houston, United States

This course is an introduction to the various sub-fields within the transactional area of practice. Topics such as mergers and acquisitions, securities laws, various contracts and transactions as well as entity formation, maintenance and dissolution are presented in this course.

Business Law - Online

School/Trainer: Indiana Tech
Evansville, Fort Wayne, Huntington, Indianapolis, Jeffersonville, Louisville, Plainfield, Warsaw, United States

This course examines business law from the perspective of the professional (non-legal) manager. The course examines fundamental legal concepts and terminology, providing a basic foundation in civil procedure, and furnishing a substantive analysis of business torts, product liability, negligence, contract law, commercial law and the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC), debtor/creditor law, bankruptcy law, administrative law, alternative dispute resolution, and the litigation process.

Ethics and Business Law for Accountants - Online

School/Trainer: Indiana Wesleyan University
Canton, Columbus, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Dayton, Fort Wayne, Indianapolis, Lexington, Louisville, United States

Students in this course will recommend the ethical and professional action in potentially unethical situations, assess the impact of potentially unethical behavior of clients on the services being performed, demonstrate the importance of identifying and adhering to requirements, rules, and standards, and evaluate the economic substance of client transactions through the application of business law. Students will evaluate the legal structure of an entity to determine the implications of applicable laws and regulations on how a business is organized, governed, and operated. A biblical worldview will be integrated into all aspects of accounting reporting and decision-making.

Business Law and Ethics - Online

School/Trainer: Patten University
Oakland, United States

This course involves the study of legal principles and concepts of business law, focusing in US
corporate law. Topics of relevance that will be explored include the following core legal concepts:
government regulation, consumer protection, business formation, contracts, crimes and torts,
employment, and employment relationships. The application of these legal concepts to practical business issues will be emphasized, demonstrating the relevance of business law to a variety of
business situations.

Business Law - Online

School/Trainer: Loyalist College
Belleville, Canada

Prepares students for a business environment increasingly impacted by laws. It will teach students to have an appreciation for how laws must be understood and used by management in the conduct of business and provide them with an ability to analyze a business situation from a general legal perspective. Emphasis will be placed on intellectual property, employment law, contracts and contract negotiation, business organizations and the law relating to Internet usage.

Business Law - Online

School/Trainer: Lambton College
Sarnia, Canada

This course prepares students for a business environment increasingly impacted by laws. It will teach students to have an appreciation for how laws must be understoond and used by management in the conduct of business and provdie them with an ability to analyze a business situation from a general legal perspective. Emphasis will be placed on intellectual property, employment law, contracts and contract negotiation, business organizations and the law relating to Internet usage.

Business Law - Online

School/Trainer: UW Professional & Continuing Education
Bellevue, Seattle, United States

This is a substantive course in business law covering contracts, corporations and partnerships, real estate, the banking system and negotiable instruments, the employment relationship and other topics. Course emphasizes legal reasoning through case discussion and development of practical skills through written work.

Topics include:
Contract drafting
Choice of form of business ownership
Real Estate transactions
Banking System
Negotiable Instruments
Secured Transactions
Employment Relationship and Agency


School/Trainer: Franklin University
Beavercreek, Columbus, Delaware, Dublin, Westerville, United States

A study of the everyday legal problems encountered in business with emphasis on the areas of legal procedure, contracts, agency, employment law, business organizations and torts, with cases relating to these and other areas.

Business Law for Entrepreneurs - Online

School/Trainer: MindEdge, Inc.
Waltham, United States

This course covers the basics of business law for an entrepreneur. It reviews legal structures for a new venture, intellectual property, employment law, contracts, government regulation, and personal and real property.

After completing this course, you should be able to discuss the following topics:

Legal Environment
Sole Proprietorships
Limited Partnerships and Limited Liability Partnerships
S Corporations and Limited Liability Companies
Intellectual Property Rights
Trademarks and Trade Secrets
Employment Law
Forming a Contract
Contracts and Fraud
Sales Contracts
Taxation and the Employer&,#146,s Responsibilities
Government Regulation
Personal Property
Real Property
Transfer of Real Property Ownership

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