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Adobe ColdFusion 8 - Basic - Online

School/Trainer: Intertech, Inc.
Eagan, United States

Lesson 1: Adding Dynamic Elements to a Page
Determine Appropriate Dynamic Elements
Add a Dynamic Text Display
Work with Images
Create a Banner

Lesson 2: Building Dynamic Site Navigation
Design a Page Layout
Create a Dynamic Site Structure
Pass Data to Another Web Page Through a Link
Create the Default Page
Retrieve Information Passed to a Web Page Through a Link

Lesson 3: Building Forms
Create a ColdFusion Form
Add Client Side Validation to a Form
Create a ColdFusion Page to Collect Results
Create a Form That Processes Itself
Enhance a ColdFusion Form Using Flash Elements

Lesson 4: Enhancing the Functionality of Your Site
Subscribe to a Web Service
Add a Custom Tag from the Adobe Exchange
Create Slide Presentations
Add Feeds
Generate PDF Output

Lesson 5: Deploying Your Site
Debug Your Site
Test Your Work as a Complete System
Transfer Files to a Web Server

Appendix A: Features in ColdFusion 7 and ColdFusion 8

Appendix B: Choose a ColdFusion Web Host

Appendix C: Application Deployment Services

Appendix D: Event Gateways

Appendix E: The Eclipse Plug-In Debugger

Appendix F: Generate FlashPaper Output

Appendix G: Monit... [Read More]

Introduction to Adobe After Effects - Online

School/Trainer: Intertech, Inc.
Eagan, United States

After Effects is the standard in the TV and film industries for motion graphics and compositions. To see After Effects in action all you have to do is watch TV or go to the movies. AE is used in practically every major production. This class is aimed at videographers, graphic artists and animators with very little or no experience using Adobe After Effects. Get into motion graphics - come learn what After Effects can do!

Understanding Motion Graphics
RGB color model
Frame size
Pixel Aspect Ratio
Alpha Channels
Frame Rate
Time Code
Interpreting Footage

Getting to Know the Workflow
How After Effects Works
The Project Panel
The Timeline Panel
The Monitor Panel
The Info Panel
Other Panels
Customizing the workspace

Importing Files and Creating Compositions
Importing Video Clips
Importing Stills
Importing a Sequence of Stills (Interpreting)
Importing Multilayered Photoshop and Illustrator Files
Creating a composition and arranging layers
Changing parameters globally
Previewing your work

Creating a Basic Animation
Using animation presets
Understanding Position and Anchor Point
Animating Position
Using the Keyframe Navigators (J and K)
Animating Scale, Rotation a... [Read More]

Intermediate Adobe After Effects - Online

School/Trainer: Intertech, Inc.
Eagan, United States

Understanding Parenting
Simple Pickwhipping
Parenting to a null
Using Parenting for positioning
Using Parenting in Special Effects

Compound Effects
Understanding Compound Effects
Gradient Wipe
Displacement Map
Creating Water

Introduction to Expressions
Simple Pickwhipping
Using expressions to animate to the rhythm of music
Adjusting the expression direction
Adjusting the expression parameters
Adjusting the rate of change
Adjusting the final value
Creating a loop using expressions
The wiggle expression

Understanding tracking
Using the tracker
Stabilizing your video
Tracking and object
Tips for better tracking
Difficult tracking

Understanding Keying
Shooting Techniques for easier Keying
Using Garbage Mattes for easier Keying
Using Keylight
Refining the Matte

Using the Roto Brush Tool
Using the Roto Brush Tool
About Rotoscoping
Creating a segmentation boundary
Fine-tuning the matte
Creating a transition from the full clip to the foreground

Compositing Techniques
Understanding Layer Blending Modes and how to change those using shortcuts
Using Tra... [Read More]

Advanced Adobe After Effects - Online

School/Trainer: Intertech, Inc.
Eagan, United States

Understanding Particles
Particle Playground
Particle World
Radio Waves
Using Particles for compound control layers

Understanding 3D in After Effects
Adding Lights
Animating lights
Working with Shadows
Working with a Null Object
Working with Text in 3D
Nesting a 3D Composition
Creating a composite in 3D
Adding a camera
Animating the camera
Auto Orient

Photoshop and After Effects
Using Vanishing Point
Using 3D objects
Editing stills for 3D
Adding dimension to stills

Paint Effects
Using paint with the Gradient Wipe

Overview of the most commonly used effects in After Effects
Q and A

Adobe Acrobat 9 - Online

School/Trainer: Intertech, Inc.
Eagan, United States

1. Introduction to Adobe Acrobat
Adobe PDF on the web
Getting started with Adobe Acrobat window
Viewing PDF presentations in Full Screen mode
Designing document Publishing on the World Wide Web
Designing documents for online viewing
Using Organizer

2. Getting to Know the Work Area
Opening a PDF file in the work area
Working with Acrobat task buttons
Working with the navigation pane

3. Creating Adobe PDF Files
Using the Create PDF command
Converting &, Combining different types of files
Using Print command to create Adobe PDF files
Reducing file size
About compression and resampling
Dragging and dropping files
Creating adobe PDF from the context menu (Windows)
Creating Adobe PDF from clipboard images

4. Creating Adobe PDF from Microsoft Office Files (Windows)
About PDFMaker
About Acrobat Connect
Converting Microsoft Word files to Adobe PDF
Converting and emailing PowerPoint presentations
Converting Excel documents and starting a review
Converting and attaching files in Microsoft Outlook
Converting web pages from Internet Explorer
Exporting tables from PDF files
Converting and attaching files
Converting web pages from Internet Explorer

5. Combining Files in PDF Pac... [Read More]

Adobe Flash CS5 Professional - Online

School/Trainer: GTC Economic Development and Corporate Training
Greenville, Simpsonville, Taylors, United States

Chapter 1: FLASH BASICS •Setting Up a New Document &, Workspace
•Drawing with the Pencil &, Pen Tools
•Selecting &, Reshaping Curves
•Setting Stroke Properties
•Creating Fill Shapes
•Working with the Free Transform Tool
•How Objects Interact &, Using Object Drawing Mode
Chapter 2: SETTING UP A FLASH SCENE •Drawing in Merge Mode
•Using Layers
•Color Mixing
•Using Gradients
•Importing Bitmaps
•Using the Deco Brush &, Convert to Symbol
•Importing Vector Objects
Chapter 3: ANIMATION BASICS •Setting Up the Nighttime City Scene
•Frames &, Keyframes
•Using Motion Tweens
•Using Multi-Keyframe Tweens
•Adding Text &, Creating a Logo
•Animating the Text &, Logo Using Motion Presets
•Animating the Alpha Property
•Publishing Your Finished Animation
Chapter 4: MOTION TWEENS •Setting Up the Scene for a Golf Animation
•Motion Tweening along a Path
•Editing a Motion Tween Path
•Masking Layers
•Using the Deco Tool to Create a Fill Pattern
•Creating a Custom Motion Preset
•Adding Rotation to the Motion Tween
•Adding a Drop Shadow to the Animation
•Adding Sound Effects
Chapter 5: MOVIE CLIP ANIMATION &, 3D •Introducing the 3D Tools
•Animating Scale &, Rotation along a... [Read More]

Adobe Illustrator CS5 - Online

School/Trainer: GTC Economic Development and Corporate Training
Greenville, Simpsonville, Taylors, United States

Total Training for Adobe Illustrator CS5 Essentials will teach you all you need to know to get up to speed quickly and easily with this powerful vector design tool. Join award-wining designer Steve Holmes as he shows you how to wield the sheer power of this incredible design and artwork program. Learn real-world techniques and solid processes for creating stunning artwork and layouts for print and digital media, utilizing the biggest and best tools Illustrator has to offer.


Adobe InDesign CS6 - Online

School/Trainer: Anne Arundel Community College
Annapolis, Arnold, Baltimore, Edgewater, Gambrills, Hanover, Laurel, Severn, United States

Introduction to Adobe InDesign CS6 Learn how to use Adobe InDesign CS6, the industry-standard desktop publishing software program to design professional-quality letterheads, brochures, e-books and more. CEUs awarded.

Adobe Premiere CC - Online

School/Trainer: GeniusDV
Orlando, United States

Interface Overview: Learn the interface from the broad overview level down to those obscure but useful controls that are hiding in plain sight.
•Organizing: Master the skills for getting your project set up correctly. Adobe Bridge will be a useful tool in this process.
•Ingesting Video Content: Bring video into Premiere from anywhere: a camera, a tape, a smart phone, a tablet, media cards, or archive sources.
•Editing: Learn how to build and refine a project using Premiere&,#146,s editing tools.

Titles: Learn how to create and animate titles. This includes learning how to extrude titles into 3D space. Learning about lighting effects for titles.
•Audio Editing: Refine and mix audio content within Premiere. Learn how to use Adobe Audition to go even deeper into Audio editing.
•Using Effects: Discover how to make adjustments to your video and audio to enhance the appearance. Some of the effects you&,#146,ll learn to use are easy to spot on-screen, like blurs, glows, and lens flares. Others are more subtle, like removing video noise and changing the background of a green screen shot.
•Basic Animation: Learn to control attributes over time. For example, you might make a video clip move around the screen then shrink into the corner, or drop the level of the music as a narrator begins to speak.
•Color Correction: Fix s... [Read More]

Adobe Illustrator for Apparel Design - Online

School/Trainer: Colorado State University OnlinePlus
Fort Collins, United States

Apparel design using Adobe Illustrator to generate drawings for garment technical sketching, fashion illustration, and graphic logos.

Software and Hardware Requirements: The minimal computer equipment the student uses must meet Continuing Education standards, plus these criteria:

?Pentium 100 Mhz or PowerPC MAC or equivalent performance
?Equipped with the following software programs: MS Word 97 or higher, MS PowerPoint 97 or higher, Adobe Illustrator 8.0 or higher, Adobe PhotoShop 7.0, and Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Adobe Photoshop for Textile Design - Online

School/Trainer: Colorado State University OnlinePlus
Fort Collins, United States

Textile design using Adobe Photoshop to generate drawings for surface and structural textile design.

Adobe InDesign - Online

School/Trainer: The New School
New York City, United States

Learn how to use InDesign, the industry-standard
page layout program, to bring together
type and images in multiple-page documents.
Create an advertisement, an editorial spread, a
brochure, and an interactive PDF. The course
introduces the fundamentals of design for
e-publication. Prerequisite: Online students
must have InDesign CS or higher (Mac or
Windows platform). (2 credits) Limited to 16.

Adobe Flash - Online

School/Trainer: Sessions College for Professional Design
Tempe, United States

Adobe Flash is the interaction designer’s trusted tool for Web design. In this second-year course, students learn the fundamentals of Flash and how to create animated graphics and characters, banner ads, interactive photo and video galleries, and basic Web sites. The course will focus on both technical knowledge and the essentials of using Flash as a designer.

Class discussions will focus students on developing an understanding of how professionals approach Flash projects. Critiques will build a critical awareness of the dos and don&,#146,ts in Flash design. Students will be expected to detail their creative methods in presenting their project work.

Students learn how to: Create graphics in the Flash environment using drawing tools, and modify objects with fills and strokes, gradients, transformations, groups, and other tools.
Use layers and symbols to organize and reuse Flash graphics, and create and edit symbol instances to produce complex artwork.
Use frames, keyframes, and the Flash timeline to control when graphics appear on the stage.
Apply motion tweens to animate changes in the appearance and location of objects.
Create complex animation with text, in 3D space, or using nested animation, shape tweens, and masks.
Use shape tweens refined with shape hints and combined mask layers to create an animated logo.
... [Read More]

Dreamweaver - Online

School/Trainer: Sessions College for Professional Design
Tempe, United States

Students learn how to: Develop and submit for feedback six Web pages or sites demonstrating specific Dreamweaver technologies.
Navigate the Dreamweaver interface and access the full range of tools, panels, and commands.
Publish a Web page to a Web server using Dreamweaver FTP and accurate link paths.
Format text, links, and page backgrounds consistently and creatively using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).
Use CSS as an efficient and flexible method of page layout design.
Present text and image data effectively using tables.
Use basic Web design guidelines to create attractive Web layouts and color schemes.
Add Flash, HTML5 video, and other multimedia to Web pages.
Create working navigation bars using hyperlinks, CSS3, and jQuery.
Develop fluid grid layouts that effectively respond to user device and browser size.
Troubleshoot and repair broken links and other basic Web site flaws.

InDesign - Online

School/Trainer: Sessions College for Professional Design
Tempe, United States

LESSON 1 Kickstarting Document Design

The term &,quot,publishing&,quot, is no longer reserved for printed matter. The scope of publishing has transcended the printed page and now spills over to digital media. In this lesson you&,#146,ll get your first introduction to InDesign and learn how the basics of a workflow that integrates both print and digital publishing. You&,#146,ll begin with a comprehensive tour of InDesign&,#146,s workspace, and learn how to prepare your first document and load it with text and graphics. In the exercise, you&,#146,ll create the structure for a two-fold brochure.

LESSON 2 Polishing the Document Design

Pages are fun, but without style, they&,#146,re pretty bland. In Lecture Two you&,#146,ll learn how to enhance your documents (and your workflow) with character, paragraph, and object styles. You&,#146,ll also explore the basic principles of text formatting and learn how to use the Swatches panel to create color schemes. The exercise takes you back to the brochure you started in Exercise One to refine and complete it.

LESSON 3 Managing Page Elements

Once you get beyond the basics, you&,#146,ll discover that InDesign is brimming with esoteric tools, commands, and features. How do you make sense of them all? This lesson tackles the many complex panels and too... [Read More]

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