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Motion 5 - Online

School/Trainer: GeniusDV
Orlando, United States

•Managing Motion elements
•Workings with layers and objects
•Motion Effect Templates
•Motion Particles and Parameter Behaviors
•Advanced Motion Particle Design
•Using Blend Modes
•Audio and Markers

?D Camera
•Text Effects and Behaviors: Learn how to crate and build a kinetic text effect. You will also learn how to edit text on a motion path. We will teach you how to track and animate your text elements.
•Motion Coordinate System and Dynamic Guides
•After Effects - Compatible Plugins
•Java Script vs. Parameter Behaviors
•Rigs: Learn how to connect multiple control parameters to a master control, which which allows multiple parameters to be controlled universally by a master control.
•Advanced Keying: Learn how the advanced keying controls work within Motion 5.0.

iPhone Repair - Online

School/Trainer: CIE Bookstore
Cleveland, United States

This course will prepare students with no iPhone repair experience for careers in the rapidly-growing cell phone repair field. Learn to fix iPhones and other iDevices and start your own business.

It comes with 10 lessons, course textbook, study guide, a 17 piece tool kit, instructor support, certificate of completion upon completion and online exams.

Learn to replace LCD screens, touch screens, charge ports, headset jacks, speakers, treat liquid damage, replace crystal chips, unlock phones, and how to recover data from a broken device.

iLife 11 - Online

School/Trainer: University of Missouri Division of Information Technology
Columbia, United States

The Apple iLife tutorial is a training solution for all parts of the iLife &,#146,11 suite of software. You can learn not only the software but how to create slideshows, photo books, enhanced podcasts, soundtracks, and movies.

The iLife &,#146,11 suite includes:
•Garage Band

Apple Certified Technical Coordinator 10.8 Bootcamp - Online

School/Trainer: ProTech Professional Technical Services, Inc.
Columbia, Columbus, Kansas City, Oklahoma City, Omaha, Pittsburgh, Sacramento, San Francisco, Tulsa, United States

The Apple Certified Technical Coordinator (ACTC) 10.8 Boot Camp is a combined delivery of the
Mountain Lion 101 and Mountain Lion 201 courses and associated certification exams. This hands-on course provides an in-depth exploration of functionality and troubleshooting in OS X and the best methods for effectively supporting users of OS X systems. This course also gives technical coordinators and entry-level system administrators the skills, tools, and knowledge to implement and maintain a network that uses OS X Server. Students learn how to install and configure OS X Server to provide network-based services, such as file sharing, authentication, and printing. Tools for efficiently managing and deploying OS X and software updates are also covered.

5 Days/Lecture &, Lab

This course is a compressed delivery of 2 courses, and should be attended only by those who are already familiar with the concepts and comfortable working at a quick pace. ACTC Bootcamp is designed for help desk specialists, technical coordinators, service technicians, and entry-level system administrators who implement and maintain networks using OS X Server or support Mac users, technical support personnel in businesses that use Mac computers for general productivity or creative design, and technical coordinators or power users who manage netwo... [Read More]

Java SE 6.0: Java Applets - Online

School/Trainer: Skillsoft
Nashua, United States

To demonstrate how to build applets and place them on web pages

Target Audience
Programmers with an understanding of procedural programming concepts who want to learn Java and object-oriented programming; programmers proficient in another object-oriented programming language who want to move to Java; programmers experienced in the Java language who want to make the upgrade to Java SE 6.

Knowledge of programming principles and experience in procedural programming or scripting languages, such as Visual Basic, C, or JavaScript; understanding of object-oriented languages, such as C++ or C#, is an advantage.

Expected Duration (hours)

Lesson Objectives

Java Programming with Java SE 6.0: Java Applets
identify the code required to create and initialize an applet for a given scenario.
embed an applet in a web page using the APPLET tag, customize an applet in a web page using the PARAM tag, and convert applet tags using the HTML converter tool.
understand the sandbox security model, its features, and the restrictions it imposes on the operations an applet can perform, as well as what a signed applet is and the role of trust levels.
specify the code required to play sound files and display images, documents, and status information in a given applet.
specify the code required to support applet persistenc... [Read More]

Apple Final Cut Pro X - Online

School/Trainer: e-Careers Limited
Stansted Mountfitchet, United Kingdom

Discover the numerous ways Final Cut Studio’s flexible tools offer a wide range of solutions and configurations to enhance your productivity. Start by examining the pros and cons of both compressed (software only) and uncompressed (third party hardware enhanced) workflows. Presenter, Yan Shvalb, draws on his deep knowledge of non-linear editing, compositing, and high-end 3D animation software to help you yield high quality results in less time.

Topics include :

Examine the pros and cons of both compressed (software only) and uncompressed (third party hardware enhanced) workflows.
Discover how to optimize a workflow that meets your needs.
Learn how to use Final Cut Pro 5, DVD Studio Pro 4, Motion 2, Soundtrack Pro, and Compressor 2 effectively and professionally.
Understand how to set up a managed cluster using Qmaster to perform distributed services through Compressor; plus the ins and outs of using QuickTime and Automator.

Apple Logic Pro - Online

School/Trainer: e-Careers Limited
Stansted Mountfitchet, United Kingdom

With this latest release, Apple has made some dramatic changes to Logic, their flagship audio editing and music production application. In addition to a comprehensive suite of professional tools that provides musicians with everything they need to create in the studio, on the stage, and for the screen, Logic Pro 8, features an intuitive new streamlined interface that makes it easier to write, record, edit, and mix musicall with the sound quality and rock-solid timing you have come to expect from Logic. Join Patrick Copeland, veteran audio engineer, as he gives you a comprehensive look at each aspect of this powerful software program. The HA! QuickSTART Overview gives you the needed edge to be up and running quickly. With its acclaimed power and flexibility for writing, recording, and producing music, it is easy to see why many audio professionals make Logic their weapon of choice in the studio.

Topics include :

HA! QuickSTART Overview
New User Interface
Personalizing Logic
Professional Templates for Common Projects
Multi-take Recording
Audio Effects
Revolutionary Quick Swipe Comping
Using Apple Loops
Importing/Exporting Files
Surround Sound, Loops & Library
Video Projects & Settings
MIDI and Logic

Billings Pro Partner Certification - Online

School/Trainer: Witz Apple Certified Training Center
Toronto, Vancouver, Canada

The Billings Pro Partner Certification Program is an online training program that provides interactive leader-led instruction on Billings Pro. This 1.5 hour session is divided up into 12 learning modules and is designed to lead students through a logical process for understanding all aspects of the operational functionality as well as configurable options of Billings Pro. This program is a prerequisite to becoming a Billings Pro Partner. Each session can be reviewed as many times as a student would like for up to one year from registration allowing for continued retention of materials as well a review resource.

Motion - Online

School/Trainer: Tech 2000, Inc.
Herndon, United States

Covers interface fundamentals, particles, blend modes, layer organization, and fundamental multi-layer editing.

Logic Pro - Online

School/Trainer: Tech 2000, Inc.
Herndon, United States

Takes students through Logic Pro’s powerful advanced features, covering everything from production to editing and mixing.

Soundtrack Pro - Online

School/Trainer: Tech 2000, Inc.
Herndon, United States

Covers editing audio files, repairing field recordings, performing multi-track arranging, and other creative sound design techniques.

Shake - Online

School/Trainer: Tech 2000, Inc.
Herndon, United States

Introduces students to the primary feature set and interface of Shake, the only compositing software with a complete toolset for both single artists and visual effects facilities.

Motion Graphics and Effects in Final Cut Studio - Online

School/Trainer: Tech 2000, Inc.
Herndon, United States

Provides real world effects techniques, including filters, layering, composite modes and animating video, graphics and titles. The practical approach to motion graphics focuses on the features of Final Cut Studio that editors and designers need to use in their daily work.

Final Cut Server - Online

School/Trainer: Tech 2000, Inc.
Herndon, United States

Introduces end users to Apple’s powerful new media asset management and workflow automation software. This course is intended for end users who will not be required to administer Final Cut Server. System Administrators should attend the Administering Final Cut Server course.

Final Cut Pro - Online

School/Trainer: Tech 2000, Inc.
Herndon, United States

Delivers hard-to-find advanced editing and finishing techniques, including creating transitions and effects, editing multi-camera projects, working with nested sequences, and color correcting.

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