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Public Relations for the Fashion Industry - Online

School/Trainer: Event Management Training
London, United Kingdom

Fashion Public Relations is an exhilarating, fast-paced field, where those who master the skills of promoting fashion to the public succeed. Fashion PR specialists understand media trends and create strong brands for their clients. They work with fashion editors, celebrities and models, and innovation and creativity are ingredients of their day to day job.

This Practical Online Diploma Course in Public Relations for the Fashion Industry features Real Life Fashion Briefs, Case Studies and Practical Assignments which focus specifically on the Public Relations for the Fashion Industry.

Additional modules on Online Public Relations and Event Management are included in this Fast Paced Practical Public Relations Course. The Transferable Skills gained on this Course can be used worldwide. This Public Relations Course is industry certified and is recognised in 140 countries around the world. It is the Course to advance your Career in the Fashion PR area.

Fashion Entrepreneurship - Online

School/Trainer: The New School
New York City, United States

Students aspiring to become entrepreneurs in
the fashion industry examine the skills needed
to conceive, finance, open, and operate a successful
fashion business. Through collaborative
research and hands-on practice, students
learn the elements of opening a business and
navigating the complexities of working with a
team. Students learn to create business models
and structure legal business organizations, and
they explore the details of financing and insurance.

Fashion CAD - Online

School/Trainer: The New School
New York City, United States

Learn CAD for fashion using Adobe
Illustrator and Photoshop. Become familiar
with the features and tools that are most
commonly employed in the fashion and
textile design industry. Use Illustrator
to create flat sketches and logos, render
graphics, and color and apply prints. Learn
basic Photoshop scanning and coloring
techniques. Integrate and apply these skills to
create production sketches, print repeats, and
design storyboards suitable for presentation.
Prerequisite: Mac Basics, Illustrator Basics,
Design Sketching I, or equivalent experience.
Online students must have Adobe CS or
higher. (2 credits) Limited to 16.

Fashion Marketing - Online

School/Trainer: The New School
New York City, United States

The Fashion Marketing online program offers students the opportunity to earn their degree at Parsons&,#146, renowned fashion school from anywhere. The Fashion Marketing curriculum is the same online or on campus, and the program provides the training and education in marketing, merchandising, and retailing needed enter the fashion industry.

Parsons&,#146, online program reflects today&,#146,s global fashion market, connecting faculty and students all over the world—from New York and California to Seoul, Sydney, and beyond. Classes are asynchronous, so you can fit them into your unique schedule.

As an online student, you&,#146,ll have the opportunity to do self-developed internships with guidance from the AAS program and Career Services. Because Parsons is part of The New School, you will have access to a variety of university resources including event podcasts, videos, and The Adam and Sophie Gimbel Design Library, which houses fashion journals designer images, trend forecasting services, and an extensive online database.

Fashion Merchandising - Online

School/Trainer: The New School
New York City, United States

Study the fundamentals of merchandising: market research, planning and control, product development, promotion, and presentation. Analyze case studies outlining strategies used by manufacturers and retailers. Study the impact of consumer behavior, its relationship to forecasting, and the importance of global merchandising.

Fashion Business - Online

School/Trainer: The New School
New York City, United States

Fashion business courses teach basic business practices in the context of fashion and design. They prepare students to work in a variety of fields in the fashion industry, including marketing, retailing, and merchandising. This certificate can be completed online or through a combination of online and on-campus courses.

Fashion Business Online Certificate Requirements
&,gt, Consumer Behavior
&,gt, Fashion Merchandising
&,gt, The Medium of Fashion
&,gt, Fashion History: 19th to 21st Century
&,gt, Retail Buying
&,gt, Marketing in a Global Environment
&,gt, plus
&,gt, Two (2) fashion elective courses


School/Trainer: LaSalle College
Montreal, Canada

Targeted skills: Apportioning merchandise.
Maintaining appropriate stock levels.
Planning and supervising stocktaking.
Identifying the cause of discrepancies between physical inventory and the accounts book
Ensuring loss control.

Fashion Marketing - Online

School/Trainer: LaSalle College
Montreal, Canada

The Fashion Marketing—Buyer’s Profile program is geared towards teaching you an exciting profession where you can expose your talent, and even influence future fashion collections!

As a buyer, you will select and purchase clothing as well as accessories for a boutique’s specific clientele. Your intuition and sense of aesthetic will be useful to analyze and predict fashion trends.

Prepare yourself for the exciting, competitive and multi-faceted world of fashion!

Fashion Marketing - Online

School/Trainer: eCampusAlberta
Calgary, Canada

This is a dynamic career choice for someone who enjoys fashion and working with people in a diverse and demanding industry. This eight-month Fashion Marketing certificate program is offered online and at two campus locations, Olds and Calgary. The program provides both in-class theory and hands-on training from experienced instructors. Our graduates work in stores and fashion organizations in Canada and worldwide.

Olds College&,#146,s Fashion Marketing certificate is offered online through eCampusAlberta.

Fashion Design and Illustration - Online

School/Trainer: Interactive Design Institute
Edinburgh, United Kingdom

This course leads to a City &, Guilds level 2 Award. For students who are considering studying fashion design courses and fashion illustration courses, our online course is a flexible and affordable option.

Fashion design courses online enable students to develop fashion design and illustration skills through the use of a broad range of media and techniques delivered via a personal online studio. Students achieve fashion designer qualifications as they learn to design on the figure for fashion, undertake research and explore fashion illustration techniques through a series of practical activities.

&,#8364,IDI’s Fashion design and Illustration course is a practical, project based programme of study which is made up of three stages: Looking and Recording, Development and finally, Outcome. Students work to a given set of briefs and are encouraged to develop conceptual, analytical and problem solving skills. Briefs become increasingly more demanding as the course progresses.

The Fashion Design Illustration course introduces drawing, illustration and mark making techniques. Students go on to develop these skills before undertaking three projects which include creating a portfolio of designs for children, both male and female, creating a portfolio of fashion designs for women for an autumn/winter collection to include daywear, ca... [Read More]

Cad Design for the Fashion Industry - Online

School/Trainer: NYIM Training, LLC
New York City, United States

Lesson 1
Introduction to the Adobe Photoshop Workspace 1
Tool Box 6
Opening a new document 8
Enhance Prints/Textiles using Adjustments 8
Using Replace Color and Hue Saturation
Dodging, Burning and Erasing
Re-coloring simple Prints/Textiles
Layer Styles
Type Tool

Lesson 2: Recolor
Scanning Fabrics
Re-coloring simple Prints/Textiles
Re-coloring watercolor Prints/Textiles
Adding or subtracting color- how to create monochromatic color-ways
Tricks to adding color - Color Replacement Tool/ Variations

Lesson 3: Revamp
Color separation
Removing elements from Prints/Textiles
Adding elements to Prints/Textiles
Making Prints/Textiles into full repeat
Applying Patterns to shapes
Creating a Presentation Board

Fashion Design - Online

School/Trainer: Brentwood Open Learning College
Cardiff, United Kingdom

If you wish to enter into the fashion world for a rewarding career, this course is ideal for you to equip you with all the creative skills required to work in the industry.

On this course you will learn the art of sewing, fabric selection, garment construction, fabric handling techniques, applying knowledge of fabric, coordinating colour and texture, monitoring quality and fit, and fashion sketching, marketing techniques and retail fashion production. Relevant practical exercises and projects are introduced throughout the course aimed at applying the theory and skills learnt. This course prepares you for the real world of the design professional: we teach you how to start and run your own fashion design business profitably.

Course Benefits

Full Tutor Support
Self paced, no fixed schedules
Available to students any where in the world
Interest Free Fee Instalments

Fashion Retailing - Online

School/Trainer: Professional Career Development Institute
Norcross, United States

Our Fashion Retailing school covers the following:
Fashion Merchandising
What is Fashion?
Consumer Behavior
Store Organization and Management
Merchandising Pricing
Advertising and Promotion
Store Layout and Visual Merchandising
Fashion Direction and Research
The Marketplace
Personal Shopping

Fashion Retailing - Online

School/Trainer: Ashworth College
Norcross, United States

The Fashion Retailing Course is comprised of 17 comprehensive lessons. They are easy to follow, yet challenging and stimulating at the same time. Each lesson begins with a subject matter preview and objectives, an introductory note from your instructor and a vocabulary builder of new words and terms.

Next comes the reading assignment. Practice exercises help you check and review what you’ve learned. At the end of the lesson is an open-book exam, which you may take online.

Diploma In Fashion Designing - Online

School/Trainer: Aonlinetraining
Mumbai, India

Online Fashion Designing Course is a must for all Fashion designing enthusiasts who are serious in making Fashion Designing their prime career. The aim of the course is to make you a Qualified Fashion Designer.

We offer online courses in Fashion Designing, using CorelDraw & Photoshop.

Fashion Designing has 3 aspects
a) Designing
b) Stitching
c) Merchandising

Our course concentrates on "Designing", creating Fashion illustrations (keeping all the technical details intact).

We teach you Fashion Designing using CorelDraw & Photoshop softwares.

We teach you step-by-step how to create Fashion Illustrations, and every chapter is complimented with an exercise, which the student has to complete and emails us for evaluation.

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