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CPA Review - Auditing and Attestation - Online

School/Trainer: Online Institute of America
Lakeway, United States

Business Environment and Concepts is one of four subject matter categories for the CPA Examination. It consists of the following topics.
•Business Structure
•Information Technology
•Economics and Strategy
•Financial Management
•Risk Management and Capital Budgeting
•Performance Measures
•Cost Measurement
•Planning, Control and Analysis

The components of this course package are.
•Video course for Business Environment &, Concepts
•Wiley CPA Review textbook for BEC
•Downloadable BEC Handout
•Wiley 14.0 Practice Software
•Access to Yaeger CPA Review Instructor Hotline, available from 9am to 11pm ET, 7 days a week excluding holidays

Use of these materials is unlimited, and each video course in the CPA Course library is reworked and refilmed every year, to assure that you are always getting the most up to date preparation.

Subject Matter Expert
This 360training CPA review course is provided through a partnership with Yaeger CPA Review, a 30 year old provider of CPA Preparation home study materials. Each course concept is explained through lecture, and learning is reinforced by working hundreds of multiple choice questions and simulations. With proper preparation and study, you will learn how to PASS the CPA Exam, as 88% of their students do every year.
These... [Read More]

WebSphere Commerce Security and Auditing - Online

School/Trainer: Arrow ECS UK IBM Training
Harrogate, London, Nottingham, Reading, Stockport, Suffolk, United Kingdom


•Provide an overview of Security and Auditing.
•Describe the WebSphere Commerce security model
•Describe how authorization is handled
•List and describe session management
•List and describe security consideration
•Understand PCI security standard


•Course Overview
•Security and Auditing Overview
•WebSphere Commerce Security Model
•WebSphere Commerce Authentication
•Session Management
•Security Considerations
•PCI Security Standard
•Course Wrap up

CISA - Online

School/Trainer: IIT School of Applied Technology
Bedford Park, Chicago, Wheaton, United States

Industry standard practices and standards in the auditing of information technology in an organization are addressed, with a particular emphasis on examination of IT governance, assets, controls, and control techniques. Specific areas covered will include the audit process, IT governance, systems and infrastructure life cycle management, IT service delivery and support, protection of information assets, and business continuity and disaster recovery. Students will examine case studies and complete hands-on exercises.

Upon completion of this course, participants should be able to:
•Demonstrate identification of audit requirements for PCI DSS, COBIT 5.0, ISO 20001/2, ISO 27001/2
•Recognize patterns and best practices among the auditing standards
•Understand auditing best practices and performance requirements from ISACA
•Understand auditing disciplines and practices for payment cards, business, security and service management areas of focus

Course Outline:

The IT Audit Process PCI

The IT Audit Framework PCI, COBIT 5.0, ISACA

IT Governance

Systems and Infrastructure Lifecycle Management

IT Service Delivery and Support

Protection of Information Assets

IT Audit

Auditing - Online

School/Trainer: Ottawa University
Brookfield, Chandler, Jeffersonville, Kansas City, Louisville, Milwaukee, Ottawa, Phoenix, United States

Introduces operating activities of business. Emphasis on using income statements to plan and evaluate the operations of a for-profit entity.

Internal Controls (Auditing) - Online

School/Trainer: Our Lady of the Lake University
San Antonio, United States

This course studies an organization&,#146,s structure, authority and work flows, its human resources assets and management information systems and correlates how these processes or assets can aid the organization in accomplishing specific objectives or strategic plans through direction, monitoring, and measuring. Coursework provides a nexus between internal control principles and the provisions of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act of 1977 and Sarbanes-Oxley. At the organizational level, factors such as reliability of financial reporting, providing timely feedback on the achievement of operational or strategic goals, and compliance with laws and regulations are discussed. At the transactional level, internal control actions taken to achieve specific objectives are addressed.

Auditing - Online

School/Trainer: Loyalist College
Belleville, Canada

This course is an introduction for students who have not had any experience in auditing and covers the auditing concepts and procedures of external auditing. The aim is for students to understand the philosophy and environment of auditing. Topics covered include an overview of auditing with special attention given to the nature and economic purpose of audits, reporting, professional standards and ethics, legal liability, audit objectives, evidence, and documentation, planning and analysis, materiality and risk, and internal control.

IT Auditing - Online

School/Trainer: Regis University
Denver, United States

Combines accounting, regulation and IT security practices to educate students to protect organizational assets through establishment of auditing best practices, current governmental reporting standards, Sarbanes-Oxley requirements and secure management techniques.

Advanced Auditing - Online

School/Trainer: Regis University
Denver, United States

Examines cases of failed audits to assess audit risk, identify relevant assertions, inherent risks, and control risks, formulate audit objectives, and evaluate appropriateness of audit evidence. Examines earnings management incentives and devices, and threats to auditor&,#146,s independence.


School/Trainer: Franklin University
Beavercreek, Columbus, Delaware, Dublin, Westerville, United States

A study of auditing issues from case studies and application of data mining techniques in solving audit issues. Key area of concentration with case studies include client acceptance, understanding client business, audit risk assessment, materiality, fraud considerations, internal control objectives and deficiencies, auditing business processes and related accounts, and professional and ethical responsibilities. Key areas of focus with data mining techniques include application with ACL software tables, filters, and commands, audit planning, test of transactions and test of balances. Students will also explore the use of ACL software for forensic auditing and management reports.

Information Systems Auditing - Online

School/Trainer: Franklin University
Beavercreek, Columbus, Delaware, Dublin, Westerville, United States

Franklin University’s Information Systems Auditing Major combines the knowledge of management information systems (MIS) and accounting to meet marketplace demand. Our Information Systems Auditing (ISA) curriculum refines your understanding of managing audit plan development, analyzing and resolving accounting systems problems, communicating accounting and information systems audit findings, and evaluating information systems security controls.

Along the way, you’ll gain desirable skills in the areas of information technology auditing, financial auditing, systems development, technical communication, and information security management.

Prepare for CISA or CIA certification

The ISA degree curriculum also provides the foundational knowledge you’ll need if you wish to pursue the Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) or Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) designation. These highly desired certifications carry weight in the marketplace as a world-renowned standard of achievement.

Get ahead with an industry-leading, online curriculum

Franklin’s ISA curriculum is based on the prestigious industry standards of the Information Systems and Control Association (ISACA) and the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA). As such, Franklin’s is one of only a handful of programs in the country based upon these crucial guidelines. ... [Read More]


School/Trainer: Franklin University
Beavercreek, Columbus, Delaware, Dublin, Westerville, United States

A study of the planning, evidence gathering, internal control review, sampling, and application of procedures used to audit assets, liabilities, equity and related income statement accounts of a profit-oriented enterprise. Includes an evaluation of the audit profession including professional standards, ethics and liability of CPAs. Also includes a student-prepared audit case for hands-on application of audit procedures. The reporting requirements for compilation and review services and a thorough study of the types of audit opinions will also be studied. In addition, an audit research paper is required.

Diploma of Quality Auditing - Online

School/Trainer: Open Universities Australia
Melbourne, Australia

The Diploma of Quality Auditing develops skills and understanding in meeting the principles of quality assurance and compliance requirements within the relevant registration and regulatory standards of an organisation.

The course fosters skills in the ability to participate in a quality audit and also provides the knowledge and understanding of how to initiate a quality audit. The course also develops confidence to lead a quality audit and implement specific methodological skills in how to report audit findings.

Online submission - Formal identification may be required in some instances to validate assessment, eg. in a Skype interview, video or photographic ID.
Career Outcomes

Pathways/Articulation and pathways/Career pathways

TAFE courses can be credited towards your OUA degree

The BSB51607 Diploma of Quality Auditing will be granted eight (8) subjects exemption from the Bachelor of Business from Swinburne University of Technology (negotiation underway). Students may also articulate their qualifications to other allied fields such as human resources and management.

Auditing - Online

School/Trainer: Skillsoft
Nashua, United States

The audit function has become very important over the years. Various stakeholders are applying greater pressure on companies to increase transparency and strengthen corporate governance initiatives. Auditing is used as a tool to evaluate the quality of an organization’s output, including the people, systems, and procedures, as well as financial statements. Today’s auditors are multifaceted individuals who have a broad experience and understanding of how different business components operate and interact with one another. This course helps you understand what auditing entails. It includes a description of the objectives and benefits of auditing to various parties, as well as the different types of audits that can be conducted by internal or external auditors. It describes the four phases of the general process for auditing, which are planning, gathering evidence, evaluating evidence, and issuing a report. And it outlines some general auditing standards to indicate what’s required from the auditors in terms of skills and attitudes, as well as in terms of standards to meet at different stages of the auditing process.

Target Audience
Managers, departmental leaders, prospective auditors, and all individuals interested in or involved in the auditing function in their organization, and those looking for an introduction to the audit function

Expecte... [Read More]

Oracle 11i: Roles, Delegated Administration, Registration, and Auditing - Online

School/Trainer: Skillsoft
Nashua, United States

To create roles, set up Delegated Administration, create registration processes for roles, run audit reports, monitor users, and enable the AuditTrail feature

Target Audience
Technical consultants; functional implementers; system analysts and any individual who is responsible for implementing and managing the 11i E-Business Suite

Familiarity with the Oracle 11i E-Business Suite to a level commensurate with the SkillSoft 11i E-Business Suite: Essentials for Implementers learning path

Expected Duration (hours)

Lesson Objectives

Oracle 11i: Roles, Delegated Administration, Registration, and Auditing
recognize the advantages associated with using roles as a method of user management and access control.
create a role, given a scenario.
complete the tasks for creating a role, given a scenario.
recognize the characteristics of Delegated Administration and identify some of the permissions that can be delegated to local administrators.
implement Delegated Administration, given a scenario.
create a registration process for a role, given a scenario.
perform the preliminary steps for setting up Delegated Administration and create a registration process for a role, given a scenario.
run Sign-On Audit reports and monitor users, given a scenario.
enable the AuditTrail feature, given a scenario.<... [Read More]

Oracle Database 11g: Database Auditing - Online

School/Trainer: Skillsoft
Nashua, United States

Monitoring or auditing should be an integral part of your security procedures. Oracle Database 11g includes auditing tools for database, user, and fine-grained auditing. This course explores how to implement basic database auditing, privileged user auditing, DML and DDL auditing, and how to send audit records to the operating system files. Implementing fine-grained auditing (FGA), maintaining FGA policies, implementing an FGA audit event handler, and reading FGA audit events from the FGA audit trail are also covered.

Target Audience
Database administrators, security administrators, security compliance auditors, security compliance professionals

The learner is assumed to have working experience with Oracle Database 11g or have taken the Oracle Database 11g: Administration I and Oracle Database 11g: Administration Workshop II courses. The Oracle Database 11g: Implementing Database Vault and Oracle 10g: Implementing Audit Vault courses are also recommended.

Expected Duration (hours)

Lesson Objectives

Oracle Database 11g: Database Auditing
recognize how to implement basic database auditing
recognize how to implement auditing of users and objects
recognize how FGA is implemented
alter the DEFAULT profile
perform auditing of privileged users
implement fine-grained auditing

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