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Elementary Arabic - Online

School/Trainer: Rio Salado College
Tempe, United States

Introduction to the basic alphabet, grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary of the Arabic language. Listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. Prerequisites: None.

Quranic & Spoken Arabic Language - Online

School/Trainer: Acme International
Karachi, Pakistan

This course helps you learn Arabic language very easily with no Grammar complication. Our methodology is unique and easy to follow. Our slogan is ",LEARN ARABIC THE WAY YOU LEARNED YOUR NATIVE LANGUAGE",. We offer 12, 24, 48 hours course and more.

Arabic - Online

School/Trainer: Aldiwan Center
Cairo, Egypt

Aldiwan Center Arabic Online Distance Education Learning
Responding to the overwhelming requests from students over the world, Aldiwan Center has established a new Aldiwan Center Arabic Online Distance Education Learning department for online learning / distance education using one of the leading voice-video conferencing interactive software: Skype! and MSN

Arabic - Online

School/Trainer: Integrated Language Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
New Delhi, India

•Real-time audio and video allows students to clearly see, hear and communicate in real time with their instructors and fellow students, as though in a real classroom. Discussions, debates, lectures are all at your fingertips, either in group format or one-on-one.
•Class archives enable students to review lessons in their entirety, including all voice, chat and written content. These are invaluable for revision or if you missed a class.
•Electronic whiteboards, polls, quizzes and surveys are stimulating interactive tools that allow instructors to demonstrate concepts and conduct instant evaluations.
•The wide variety of presentation formats include PowerPoint, Word, Excel, images, movie clips, Flash, PDF and many more.

Arabic Conversation - Online

School/Trainer: Lughatudaad
riyadh, saudi arabia

Lughatudaad Online offers an Online Arabic Language Course for everyone. Offering private and group classes. Focusing on developing students to speak, not just study the Arabic Language. Classes are held via skype and vyew and payments are accepted via western union and paypal. Students pay a low fee of $6.66 per hour. We offer 9 levels of Arabic Conversation classes, each level is 5 weeks long,(2 hrs per day/ 3 days per week/5weeks).
Our teachers are experienced native speakers of the arabic language. Private classes are available. For more information please see us at:



This course is for those students who want to learn spoken Arabic. It has been specially designed for students who wish to acquire a certain amount of proficiency in spoken Arabic in a short span of time. The course is aimed at imparting basic communicative skills in spoken Arabic. This course is intended to serve the need of those whose aim is to speak Arabic fluently and confidently in a short time. This course will provide the learners with basic and working knowledge of the Arabic language and enable them to understand and communicate Arabic in an excellent manner.

Business Arabic Language - Online

School/Trainer: Private Tuition
New Delhi, India

We offer Arabic language learning courses, tuition and class room facility for start-up and advanced learners. You can learn basic Arabic if you are planning to travel any Arab country or have business transaction with Arab countries.

Ahmad Suhaib
+91 99 5852 8949
+91 11 3267 9384

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