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Elementary Chinese (Mandarin) - Online

School/Trainer: Rio Salado College
Tempe, United States

Introduction to the basic grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary of the Mandarin Chinese language. Includes the study of Chinese culture, practice of listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. Prerequisites: None.

Spoken Mandarin Chinese - Online

School/Trainer: Centennial College School of Continuing Education
Toronto, Canada

As a beginner of Mandarin Chinese, you will learn to pronounce and recognize
Chinese sounds and, by the end of the course, be able to introduce yourself and
conduct basic conversations. You will also be introduced to elements of Chinese
culture that are essential for successful communication. This course uses the
Roman alphabet (Pinyin) to teach Mandarin Chinese.

Chinese - Online

School/Trainer: Open Training and Education Network
Strathfield, Australia

This is a Chinese WSI Plus short course for beginners. This course replaces course 4167 Language for Business Travel �Chinese This WSI Plus short course will be of benefit to people who want to travel to China either for business or pleasure and who need the absolute basics of the language

Chinese - Online

School/Trainer: ChinaTong
Dalian, China

ChinaTong always focus on our customer’s needs and provide the most effective Chinese language education service with 1-on-1 internet classes. We offer enjoyable Chinese language learning experience with well-trained our teachers at affordable price.

Dalian and Beijing office, China
Worldwide Chinese language education is conducting in Dalian office, China. All of our native Chinese teachers have received professional training how to teach Chinese as Foreign language. The professional Chinese teachers provide the most efficient Chinese language education service for you.

Elementary Chinese - Online

School/Trainer: eTeacher Chinese
Ramat-Gan, Israel

A practical introduction to Mandarin Chinese
The course focuses on speaking in Mandarin Chinese. Students learn basic sentence structures and grammatical rules, and acquire a vocabulary of 400 words used in basic conversation. Course texts are written in Pinyin, the widely-used transliteration system for Chinese characters. This allows students to focus on improving their communication skills, both speaking and comprehension. The class meets once a week and students are required to complete the homework assignments sent by the teacher after each lesson.

Chinese - Advanced - Online

School/Trainer: eTeacher Chinese
Ramat-Gan, Israel

During the course, students are presented with newspaper and TV clippings and articles from the Chinese media. The selected pieces are designed to help students explore some of the major social issues facing Chinese society. Each topic is followed by a live discussion in Chinese. Students continue to practice the use of new vocabulary and sentence structure.
Homework assignments are given every week, as well as a list of new words learnt in class. The class meets once a week and students are required to complete homework assignments sent by the teacher after each lesson.

Chinese - Online

School/Trainer: University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee School of Continuing Education
Milwaukee, United States

Develop language skills in a Chinese-speaking environment. Learn to listen and speak in Mandarin, and read and write in Pinyin.
Required textbook: "Integrated Chinese, Level 1, Part 1, Simplified Characters."

Mandarin is offered up to level VI and several elective courses. It is one of the six languages of the United Nations.

Chinese - Online

School/Trainer: Integrated Language Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
New Delhi, India

•Real-time audio and video allows students to clearly see, hear and communicate in real time with their instructors and fellow students, as though in a real classroom. Discussions, debates, lectures are all at your fingertips, either in group format or one-on-one.
•Class archives enable students to review lessons in their entirety, including all voice, chat and written content. These are invaluable for revision or if you missed a class.
•Electronic whiteboards, polls, quizzes and surveys are stimulating interactive tools that allow instructors to demonstrate concepts and conduct instant evaluations.
•The wide variety of presentation formats include PowerPoint, Word, Excel, images, movie clips, Flash, PDF and many more.

Intensive Chinese - Online

School/Trainer: Thunderbird School of Global Management
Glendale, United States

This is an introductory course for beginning learners of Modern Standard Chinese. No prior knowledge is required. Students study language fundamentals such as pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar. The emphases are: a) establishing a solid foundation in pronunciation; b) building vocabulary and sentence patterns in communicative contexts; c) introducing the Chinese writing system. In addition, cultural and social information that goes along with language use is also included. The majority of class time aims to develop oral and aural skills.

Lessons address common topics such as greeting and farewell, introducing oneself and other people, talking about oneself and family, talking about hobbies and school life/work place, telling time and dates, extending invitations and making appointments and conducting simple telephone conversations.

The student’s level of success is assessed through written exams and performance scenarios in which they speak the language.

Chinese Massage Therapy - Online

School/Trainer: American Institute of Alternative Medicine
Columbus, United States

The Chinese Massage Therapy Program of the American Institute of Alternative Medicine is a 1052-hour curriculum designed to thoroughly prepare students for an entry-level career in therapeutic massage as a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT). The State Medical Board of Ohio governs the scope of practice and licensing components of the program.

Chinese Massage Therapy is form of massage whose techniques focus on the energetics of the body or meridians. Chinese Massage Therapy utilizes soft tissue manipulation techniques, acupressure points and structural realignment methods to treat a wide variety of musculoskeletal or internal organ disorders.

The greatest benefits of the Chinese Massage Therapy program are the development of assessment skills, learning TCM philosophy and western allopathic massage. This is the perfect program for the dedicated student who wishes to treat the whole client. Credits from this course may later be applied to the acupuncture program.

Students seeking entry into the Chinese Massage Therapy program must have previous educational credits of at least an associate degree and /or 60 credits or 90 credits at the baccalaureate level.

Chinese Massage Therapy and Acupuncture are two components of Traditional Chinese Medicine. They have the same foundation, both using Traditional Chinese Medicine theories as their therapeuti... [Read More]

Elementary Modern Chinese - Online

School/Trainer: UCLA Extension
Los Angeles, United States

A continuation of XL 2, this course covers first-year college-level Chinese. Instruction introduces the fundamentals of standard Chinese (Mandarin), including pronunciation, grammar, and Chinese characters, emphasizing the four basic language skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing; incorporates both traditional and simplified characters.

Chinese Seasonal Approach to Health - Online

School/Trainer: JER Online
Dawsonville, United States

Designed for the beginning herbalist, this course will explain the Chinese Five Seasons, their corresponding organs, food suggestions and exercises for health maintenance.

As you learn more about alternative health you will realize that there is more to good health than just taking herbs, vitamins, eating good food and exercising. There is a plan in nature that we must learn to follow - The Chinese call that plan the "Seasonal Approach to Health Maintenance". In this course you will examine the Chinese Five Seasons, their corresponding organs, food suggestions and exercises for health maintenance.

We will also study about the special concerns for men and women 40+ years of age. In this section you will learn which herbs and supplements work best for different hormonal/glandular deficiencies.

This course will help you to understand the basic principles of Seasonal Health Maintenance and how to choose which herbs you should use. I will also offer you links to items on the web that will add to your knowledge of Alternative Health options. Feel free to copy and print any of the charts used in this class for your personal use.

Chinese - Online

School/Trainer: University of Alabama College of Continuing Studies
Tuscaloosa, United States

Students seeking high school credit only must complete the high school enrollment application. This application must be submitted to the Academic Outreach office along with tuition payment. Address and fax number is on the application form.

Tuition for each course is $400.00 and is due at time of registration. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure payment of tuition when due. No application will be processed for enrollment until the tuition has been covered.

Anyone interested in taking this course for non-credit enrichment purposes should also complete the high school application form. Check the appropriate box on the application form indicating that this course is for enrichment only. The cost is $400.00.

The completion time for all high school courses is one year from the date of enrollment. Time extensions are not permitted.

Once an application and tuition payment has been received, the application will be processed for enrollment. Each student is required to give a valid email address. An email will be sent to the email address within 48 hours of receipt of the application. This email will contain instructions on how to access the course materials. You should email your Instructor immediately upon receipt of the email and let her know that you are ready to begin.

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