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The Occupational English Test (OET) - Online

School/Trainer: Oetmaterial.com.au
Melbourne, Australia

OET (The Occupational English Test) is an English Proficiency Test specialising in particularly medical professional sector like Nursing, Doctors, Dentists, Pharmacist, Physiotherapist.

Oetmaterial provides online material and practice papers for Nurses, Doctors, Dentists, Pharmacists, Physiotherapists.

To help you get higher score in the OET exam we provide step by step preparation guide that includes practice tests of reading, writing, speaking and listening test.

It also provides FREE Tips to score ’,B’, grade in OET exam.

Business English - Online

School/Trainer: College of Extended Learning - UNB
Fredericton, Canada

Bridges for Business© is a thirteen-week writing course with ten weekly writing assignments and three fifty-minute live discussion sessions via SkypeTM.

Each weekly lesson is based on a current business article selected from Atlantic Business Magazine OnlineTM. You read the article, then answer the questions and send them to your ELP instructor. The specialized ELP two-stage correction approach gives you guidance in finding your errors and practice in developing your written communication skills.

Executive English - Online

School/Trainer: College of Extended Learning - UNB
Fredericton, Canada

UNB English Language Programme&,#146,s Executive Online Learning© Series is designed to help you continue your practice in hearing, speaking, writing, and reading English. Based upon ELP&,#146,s unique methodology (exclusive to the Fredericton campus), the courses focus on helping you identify and develop areas in your English that you would like to improve.

In-flight English - Online

School/Trainer: Aviation English Asia Ltd.
Hong Kong, China

In-flight English is now available as an online course. The course content is exactly the same as the classroom based version and gives you high quality interaction with a Native English Teacher / Flight Attendant from any computer with an internet connection.

ICAO Aviation English - Online

School/Trainer: Aviation English Asia Ltd.
Hong Kong, China

The ICAO Aviation English Online course is designed as the ultimate resource to help you quickly and easily gain proficiency in English to meet the requirements of an aviation career. It has recently been rebuilt on new technology to allow for interactive practice. When we designed the ICAO Aviation English Online course we decided that it had to be BETTER than a classroom based course, or deliver insight and feedback that can&,#146,t be done in a classroom.

Unique features

◾You can learn from personal tutorials introduced and recorded by instructors.
◾Watch engaging pre-recorded videos showing language used in context, clips from movies or interactive introduction to grammar points etc...
◾Listen to native speakers and then record, comparing your voice to the voice graph. They can then re-record to improve stress, intonation and accent.
◾ICAO Aviation English Online is the only online system with a voice graph that measures both stress AND tone.
◾Greatly accelerate fluency with simulation activity. Record your voice/video in real time, simulating a real aviation interaction.
◾Review your performance and re-record if you wish.
◾Advanced LMS (Learning Management System)
◾User forums and social networking functions
◾High interest aviation subject matter
◾Thousands of hours of authentic aviati... [Read More]

Pilot Interview Preparation - Online

School/Trainer: Aviation English Asia Ltd.
Hong Kong, China

Course benefits

You can start learning online immediately with 6 months of 24/7 access to the course.

You can keep your study private without needing to ask your boss for time off work.

You don&,#146,t need to travel to attend a course and there are no extra costs.

You can learn from cutting edge e-learning technology - no downloadable ebooks or PDF manuals.

You can watch an interesting series of videos that you will enjoy watching and listening to.

You can learn from an airline pilot manager with more than 27 years of experience in the aviation industry.

You can learn how to create a resume and cover letter easily and get it to the top of the pile of suitable candidates.

You can get a free critique of your CV.

You can learn the secrets of pilot selection and recruitment processes, interview skills and techniques.

You can learn to present yourself in the best possible way and make a great lasting impression.

You can learn how to evaluate yourself and start preparing in a logical structure for your airline pilot interview.

You get access to all the tools required and prepare for the pilot interview questions.

Advanced TEFL - Online

School/Trainer: Notting Hill College
Manchester, United Kingdom

The 130-Hour Advanced TEFL Certificate provides a comprehensive introduction to the theories &, methodologies of Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL). It thoroughly prepares you to successfully teach different age groups in different teaching settings. The course covers an extended syllabus, considerably longer than the industry standard of 100 hours. The training focuses on lesson planning &, practical teaching skills which equip novice teachers and inspire the experienced. This course is ideal for those who desire flexiblilty to gain a TEFL professional qualification.

General English - Online

School/Trainer: Academy of Learning College - Manitoba
Dauphin, Selkirk, Steinbach, Winnipeg, Canada

The General English course covers the six standard English levels, from Low Beginner to High Advanced as well as two extensive vocabulary courses. The Low Beginner level is suitable for beginner learners and includes extra support for everything from handwriting to pronunciation. The next two levels are task-based and interactive, giving students opportunities to learn and use new language in real-life situations. The higher three levels follow a skills-based approach. Language learning moves from vocabulary and task-based approaches that focus on fluency development to one more clearly focused on accuracy and complexity. The overall General English package contains over 250 online learning hours.

TESOL - Online

School/Trainer: Mercy College Manhattan Campus
New York City, United States

Teaching English to people who don’t speak it is a critical skill. With a Master of Science Degree in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) you’ll become knowledgeable with the philosophical basis for acquiring a second language. And gain hands-on strategies for determining and developing language proficiencies.

Requirements for the program: 12 credits of college-level course work in a language other than English, six credits in literacy, and a 30-credit undergraduate major or its equivalent in one of the liberal arts or sciences.

The Master of Science in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages program leads to either an initial or professional NYS teaching certificate. The 36-credit program requires completion of core course requirements and additional content- specific courses.

Students seeking an initial certificate in the TESOL program must complete the School of Education comprehensive examination prior to graduation. Students pursuing additional certificates will be required to complete additional student teaching and field experiences. Professional certification requires an initial certificate and three years of teaching experience.

English - Online

School/Trainer: Ottawa University
Brookfield, Chandler, Jeffersonville, Kansas City, Louisville, Milwaukee, Ottawa, Phoenix, United States

As a student of our online English degree program, you’ll explore the profound power of language, learn to appreciate the ways in which creative writing can capture the essence of the human condition and identify the techniques and impacts of successful writers. Then you’ll bring it all together to develop your own expressive abilities and voice through written word.

Bachelor of Arts in English classes promote understanding, analysis and evaluation of a wide range of authors, characters, themes, plots and styles in world literature and include the following: ## Advanced Expository Writing
## Contemporary Literature
## Creative Writing
## Environmental Literature
## Literary Criticism
## Literature of Personal Discovery
## Multicultural Literature
## Peace Literature
## Protest Literature
## The English Language

Careers for English Majors
With this creative degree program, you will become a better writer and communicator, which are valuable skills in a wealth of career fields. In fact, communication and writing skills are critical foundations for careers in law, journalism, publishing, advertising, editing, education, government and more!

Additionally, employment of salaried writers and editors is expected to increase as demand grows for web-based publications. Technical writing, blogg... [Read More]

English - Online

School/Trainer: Arizona State University - Tempe Campus
Tempe, United States

The MA in English encompasses five distinct tracks. Literature students develop and hone skills in oral presentation, writing and critical thinking while exploring social, historical and cultural contexts.

In the broad-based and global linguistics program, students study theory and application focusing on phonology, syntax, sociolinguistics, historical linguistics and second language acquisition.

The rhetoric and composition program offers a wide array of courses encompassing the history, theory and practice of rhetoric and pedagogy of writing.

Comparative literature students interpret cultural productions in English and at least one other language, and they explore approaches ranging from textual criticism, critical theory and translation to cultural studies and the social sciences.

Students in the English education program develop a deep understanding of the language arts by learning how to access, analyze and apply theoretical frames and best practices for teaching grades seven through 12.

The master&,#146,s in English prepares students to be teachers, scholars, writers and editors and to work in a variety of professions, including government, advertising, fundraising and public relations.

ESL - Online

School/Trainer: The University of Texas at Arlington
Arlington, United States

The English as a Second Language (ESL) certification prepares candidates to teach children from all cultural and language backgrounds (speakers of Spanish, Vietnamese, etc.), and is required for those teachers working with students in grades PK-12 whose first language is not English. (No foreign language background is required for the ESL certificate.) The ESL endorsement may be added to any valid Texas teacher certificate. Students are required to take four required courses in any sequence, complete a practicum in an ESL classroom or one year of successful teaching experience in an ESL or Bilingual Education program approved by the Texas Education Agency, and pass the ESL TExES. (The four courses may be applied toward a master’s degree and to the Reading Specialist Certificate.)

English Composition - Online

School/Trainer: Court Reporting Institute
Dallas, St. Louis, United States

This course is designed to meet the writing needs of a wide variety of students in the following ways: 1) Prepares students who will continue in college to write acceptable college-level expository essays, 2) provides career students with a strong base for technical and business writing, 3) familiarizes all students with the kinds of writing skills that will be valuable in their everyday experience, and 4) provides students with
some awareness of the way language functions and
affects their lives. To help reach these goals, the course
will focus on the elements of clear writing, well-organized
expository essays, the necessary critical thinking that must
always precede expository writing, analytical reading, and, when
necessary, a review of the principles of grammar.

ESOL - Online

School/Trainer: Richland College
Dallas, United States

ESOL Online provides access to learning materials around the clock and from around the world. This program is designed for the busy student who enjoys using computers to learn.

•easy-to-follow multi-media lessons with streamed video and audio,
•interactive exercises which provide immediate feedback,
•dedicated instructors who provide students with individual attention, and,
•opportunities to meet in cyberspace with instructors and other students.

All instructors are experienced in teaching ESOL and specially trained to teach online.

Advanced ESOL Courses Offered

Students in Level 4 Reading evaluate authors?credibility, identify bias, analyze the strength of arguments, and critically review literary works in preparation for college-level coursework. Readings are selected from a variety of disciplines and include fiction and non-fiction from historical and contemporary sources. Successful completion of this course satisfies the TSI requirement in reading.

This advanced writing course prepares students for college research and essay writing. Students identify topics of interest, conduct research, and develop a research-based persuasive/argumentative essay. The capstone project provides the context for learning essential skills such as paraphrasing and summ... [Read More]

TESOL - Online

School/Trainer: Cornerstone University
Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, Lansing, Zeeland, United States

Our Master of Arts in TESOL program, presented in a blended program, teaches practical strategies for instructing across a language barrier along with theoretical knowledge that helps you understand language development. And, like all Cornerstone programs, the curriculum keeps Christ at the center, for a training program that supports your professional goals and your personal values.

TESOL Program Goals

The TESOL program is designed to produce graduates who can:
Understand the structure of languages, their development within social contexts, and theories relating to second language acquisition
Make connections between current TESOL environments and historical efforts to teach across language barriers
Successfully integrate traditional and technologically-enhanced instructional techniques into an overall TESOL educational strategy
Develop a research proposal and an action research project, relevant to the field of TESOL

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