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Greek - Online

School/Trainer: Integrated Language Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
New Delhi, India

•Real-time audio and video allows students to clearly see, hear and communicate in real time with their instructors and fellow students, as though in a real classroom. Discussions, debates, lectures are all at your fingertips, either in group format or one-on-one.
•Class archives enable students to review lessons in their entirety, including all voice, chat and written content. These are invaluable for revision or if you missed a class.
•Electronic whiteboards, polls, quizzes and surveys are stimulating interactive tools that allow instructors to demonstrate concepts and conduct instant evaluations.
•The wide variety of presentation formats include PowerPoint, Word, Excel, images, movie clips, Flash, PDF and many more.

Greek and Roman Mythology - Online

School/Trainer: University of Washington Online Learning
Seattle, United States

Principal myths found in classical Greek and Roman literature, and their influence on later literature, art and films. Influential theories about mythology and ancient literary sources. Students relate this study to mythic elements in the modern world, and their personal lives.

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