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Implementing Citrix Access Gateway 9.0 Enterprise Edition - Online

School/Trainer: Intertech, Inc.
Eagan, United States

This course covers information administrators and other IT professionals need to successfully deploy and manage Access Gateway 9.0 Enterprise Edition and the Access Gateway Plug-ins. Designed to provide real-world experience, hands-on labs allow learners to configure an Access Gateway server and then connect to the server using the Configuration Utility.

Deploying the Citrix Access Gateway
Access Gateway Features
Access Gateway Product Line
Identifying Access Gateway Hardware Platforms
Identifying the Access Gateway Hardware Components
Identifying Network Placement Options
WANScaler Integration
Identifying Deployment Considerations

Performing an Initial Installation and Configuration
Access Gateway Installation
Logging in to the Access Gateway
Setting the Password
Managing Licensing
Enabling Access Gateway Features
Initial Configuration
Understanding Virtual Local Area Networks
Running the Access Gateway Wizard
Saving the Configuration

Performing Basic Administration
Access Gateway Administrative Tools
Introducing the Configuration Utility
Introducing the Command-Line Interface
Introducing FreeBSD
Using Third-Party Tools
Access Gateway Management
Performing an Upgrade
... [Read More]

F5 Networks Configuring BIG-IP APM v12: Access Policy Manager - Online

School/Trainer: Intertech, Inc.
Eagan, United States

Lesson 1: Setting Up the BIG-IP System
Introducing the BIG-IP System
Initially Setting Up the BIG-IP System
Archiving the BIG-IP Configuration
Leveraging F5 Support Resources and Tools

Lesson 2: Web Application Access
Review of BIG-IP LTM
Introduction to the Access Policy
Web Access Application Configuration Overview
Web Application Access Configuration in Detail

Lesson 3: Access Policy
Navigating the Access Policy

Lesson 4: Managing BIG-IP APM
BIG-IP APM Sessions and Access Licenses
Session Variables and sessiondump
Session Cookies
Access Policy General Purpose Agents Lists

Lesson 5: Authentication
Introduction to Access Policy Authentication
Active Directory AAA Server
One-Time Password Local User Database

Lesson 6: Assignment Agents
List of Assignment Agents

Lesson 7: Portal Access
Introduction to Portal Access
Portal Access Configuration Overview
Portal Access Configuration
Portal Access in Action

Lesson 8: Network Access
Concurrent User Licensing
VPN Concepts
Network Access Configuration Overview
Network Access Configuration
Network Access in Action

Lesson 9: Macros and Logon
Access Policy Macros
Co... [Read More]

Microsoft Access 2016 - Online

School/Trainer: Anne Arundel Community College
Annapolis, Arnold, Baltimore, Edgewater, Gambrills, Hanover, Laurel, Severn, United States

Introduction to Microsoft Access 2016 Study the basics of database concepts and structure. Build and customize tables to store data. Explore relational databases and use them to build forms, generate reports and search for data. CEUs issued.

Information Access and Protection of Privacy - Online

School/Trainer: Faculty of Extension, University of Alberta
Edmonton, Canada

A balance between privacy and transparency is a crucial issue in a democracy. Access and privacy legislation seeks to achieve this delicate balance. It is important as well as challenging to clearly understand how access and privacy principles are applied.

The Information Access and Protection of Privacy (IAPP) certificate is an award-winning online program that focuses on the theories, concepts, principles, issues, and best practices involved in the appropriate administration of access and privacy legislation. Complex legislation, practices, and application in the public and private sectors are also explored.

The IAPP program has received the following awards: Information Rights Pioneer Award (2015), Robert C. Clark Award (2013), Grace-Pépin Access to Information Award (2011), and the CAUCE/AÉPUC Program Award of Distinction for Academic Excellence (2004).

Extending Access to GIS Maps and Apps with Portal for ArcGIS - Online

School/Trainer: Esri Training
Broomfield, Charlotte, Danvers, Honolulu, New York City, Sacramento, Saint Paul, San Antonio, Vienna, United States

Create, manage, access, and share geographic content with your on-premises or private cloud infrastructure. Presenters demonstrate how to configure and deploy Portal for ArcGIS to provide a full web GIS behind a firewall. Learn how to offer self-service mapping to everyone in your organization.


Differentiate between Portal for ArcGIS and ArcGIS Online for Organizations.

Implement web GIS using your private cloud or on-premises system.

Configure ArcGIS for Server and Portal for ArcGIS to access a common security system.

Deploy Portal for ArcGIS in a variety of configurations.

Junos Pulse Secure Access - Online

School/Trainer: Institute for Networking & Data Center Technologies
Cary, United States

This four-day course discusses the configuration of the Junos Pulse Secure Access Service in a typical network environment. Key topics include Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) access technologies, basic implementation, and configuration and management options. Through demonstrations and hands-on labs, you will gain experience in configuring, testing, and troubleshooting basic and advanced facets of the Junos Pulse Secure Access Service. This course uses the MAG6611 Junos Pulse Gateway using MAG-SM160 Service Modules. The course also supports the SA Series SSL VPN Virtual Appliance Demonstration and Training Edition (DTE).This course is based on the Junos Pulse Secure Access Service release 7.2R1.

After successfully completing this course, you should be able to deploy the Junos Pulse Secure Access Service and firewall enforcer to support common environments. Specific topics include the following:
•Introduction to the Junos Pulse Secure Access Service: •Typical deployment scenarios.
•Secure Access protocols and operations.

•Junos Pulse Secure Access Service initial configuration.
•Junos Pulse Secure Access Service configuration elements: ?Roles.
•Authentication realms.
•Authentication servers.
•Resource policies.
•Sign-in policies.

•Client access methods: •SAM.
•VPN tunneling... [Read More]

Junos Pulse Access Control - Online

School/Trainer: Institute for Networking & Data Center Technologies
Cary, United States

This three-day course provides detailed coverage of the configuration of the Junos Pulse Access Control Service offered by Juniper Networks. Students will work with the solution elements—the Junos Pulse Access Control Service, the SRX Series Services Gateway as a firewall enforcer, Junos Pulse, and the Odyssey Access Client (OAC)—to configure secured access to network resources. Key topics include Junos Pulse Access Control Service deployment, basic implementation, and element configuration. You will have the opportunity to apply their knowledge in several hands-on labs. This course is based on Junos Pulse Access Control Service Release 4.1R3.

After successfully completing this course, you should be able to deploy the Junos Pulse Access Control Service and firewall enforcer to support common environments. Specific topics include:
•Introduction to the Junos Pulse Access Control Service
•Typical deployment scenarios
•Junos Pulse Access Control Service configuration elements •Roles
•Authentication realms
•Authentication servers
•Resource policies
•Sign-in policies

•Firewall enforcer configuration elements •Infranet policies

•Junos Pulse configuration elements •Connections
•Location Awareness
•Host Checker Integration

•Odyssey Access Client configuration el... [Read More]

AX411 Access Point Installation and Configuration - Online

School/Trainer: Student Shelter In Computers
Lahore, Pakistan

This Web-based training (WBT) is a self-paced course that describes the preinstallation considerations and installation process for the AX411 Access Point. It is designed to provide those who install the hardware during the installation, configuration, and service procedures with detailed demonstrations and technical information

On completing this course, you will be able to:
•Specify preinstallation and configuration considerations for the AX411 Access Point
•Install the AX411 Access Point

Course Contents

Section 1: Introduction
Section 2: Installing the AX411 Access Point
?Safety Information
•Preparing the Site
•Tools and Components Required
•Unpacking the AX411 Access Point
•Installing the AX411 Access Point
•Installing the AX411 Access Point Antennas
•Connecting External Antennas to the AX411 Access Point
•Removing the AX411 Access Point Plastic Cover

Section 3: Connecting the AX411 Access Point
•Connecting the AX411 Access Point to the SRX Series Device
•Providing Power to the AX411 Access Point Using Power over Ethernet
•Providing Power to the AX411 Access Point Using the Power Supply

Section 4: Configuring the AX411 Access Point
•Establishing Communication Between the AX411 Access Point Wireless and the SRX DeviceRead More]

Oracle Access Manager 11g Administration - Online

School/Trainer: Diya Technologies
Hyderabad, India


•Overview of course objectives
•Division of lessons per day
•Overview of lab environment

Introduction to Oracle Access Manager

•Explaining the salient features of Oracle Access Manager
•Explaining the key products that comprise Oracle Access Management suite
•Explaining the functional areas for each of the Oracle Access Management products
•Understanding the Oracle Access Manager overall architecture
•Explaining the Oracle Access Manager runtime architecture
•Understanding Oracle Access Manager request flow diagram
•Identifying key Oracle Access Manager 11g new features
•Mapping Oracle Access Manager 10g and 11g terminologies

Installing and Configuring

•Basic concepts of Oracle WebLogic Server
•Key definitions and terminologies
•Prerequisites for installing Oracle Access Manager
•Installing Oracle WebLogic Server (WLS)
•Configuring seeded database schemas by using Repository Creation Utility
•Installing and configuring Oracle Access Manager
•Performing post-installation validation checks
•Performing an uninstallation

System Configuration: Servers, Data Sources and Agents

•Managing Servers using OAM Administration (Admin) Console... [Read More]

Applied Cryptography and Access Control - Online

School/Trainer: Brandeis University
Waltham, United States

This course covers the concepts, applied mechanisms, and practices of using cryptography and access control techniques in software applications. These techniques address security requirements such as confidentiality, integrity, authentication, authorization, and accountability, and have become the vital part of all business applications and electronic transactions. Concepts explored include common IT security challenges, critical application security exploits, the role of cryptography and its applied mechanisms, access control principles and techniques related to personal identification and strategies for enabling stronger authentication using Public-Key Infrastructure (PKI), smartcards, and biometrics, enterprise identity management concepts, industry standards for enabling identity provisioning, single sign-on, and federation.

At the end of the course, students will be able to:
•Develop examples illustrating substitution and transposition ciphers.
•Develop a conceptual architecture including cryptographic requirements to support secure communication channels ensuring confidentiality, integrity, authentication, and non-repudiation.
•Analyze digital signatures of email messengers currently in use.
•Develop a conceptual architecture including transport-level security requirements to support an Internet portal with confidentiality, integri... [Read More]

Accessing and Sharing Information - Online

School/Trainer: Texas Southern University
Houston, United States

Information technologies are letting companies communicate, share, and provide data access to workers, managers, suppliers, and customers in ways that were unthinkable just a few years ago. Three types of information technologies are used by managers and workers inside organizations to access and share information: executive information systems, intranets, and corporate portals. Information technologies like electronic data interchange, extranets, web services, and the internet let companies easily share data with external groups like suppliers and customers. Companies have also begun using information technologies to capture and share the knowledge of consultants, specialists, and experts with other managers and workers by using decision support systems and expert systems. Business managers are exposed to reams of information every day, some useful and some not, which in turn impacts the actions they take, the behaviors they exhibit, and the decisions they make. This course discusses the main ways that businesses and managers access and share information internally and externally.

By the end of this course the learner will be able to:
•State why managers need to access information
•Describe why managers need to share information
•Summarize internal access and sharing
•Explain external access and sharing
•List ways managers share k... [Read More]

Web Accessibility Design - Online

School/Trainer: Sessions College for Professional Design
Tempe, United States

Web site content, navigation, and color schemes are often challenging for people with disabilities. This course gives students a basic knowledge of how to implement accessibility design practices on the Web. Students develop a broad understanding of current accessibility initiatives and how these guidelines impact Web designers, learning how to apply this knowledge in their work.

In class discussions, students will demonstrate their understanding of accessibility trends that affect Web designers. A final critique will open up student work to examination and commentary. Detailed application of Web standards and coding principles will be essential in this class.

Students learn how to: Identify how users with various disabilities access Web sites and view Web content.
Study and analyze how specific Web accessibility initiatives and legislation impact Web design and Web designers.
Use proper (X)HTML document structure as a starting point for all accessible Web page designs.
Utilize specific code attributes and properties that give users alternatives to graphic and multimedia content.
Use color appropriately so that all Web site content and instructions are clear to users with color deficiencies.
Use Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to control all layout and presentation.
Format layout or data tables appropriately for acc... [Read More]

Advanced Microsoft Access: Database Management - Online

School/Trainer: Rio Salado College
Tempe, United States

Advanced database concepts including database design, primary and secondary key selection and relationships between tables. Queries, sub forms, macros, events, Visual Basic modules and Access Internet features also covered.

Official Course Competencies

1.Review the basics of database concepts: relational vs. flat database, database design techniques, relational database structure, and data retrieval.
2.Identify primary keys, foreign keys, relationships between tables and referential integrity.
3.Explain creating, deleting and adding relationships.
4.Define creating relations and join in queries.
5.Differentiate between select queries and crosstab queries.
6.Demonstrate creating action queries.
7.Explain macros and events.
8.Apply Visual Basic modules.
9.Explain and demonstrate Internet features of Access.

CISSP Access Control 2013 - Online

School/Trainer: Sault College
Sault Ste. Marie, Canada

Access Control is one of 10 domains comprising the Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) Common Body of Knowledge (CBK). In this CISSP certification prep course from LearnKey, expert instructor Michael Solomon teaches you about access control techniques and implementation, identification and authentication processes and commonly employed types of attacks. At the conclusion of this course, you`ll be familiar with the issues and concepts required to pass the CISSP exam.

Access 2010 - Online

School/Trainer: Georgian College
Barrie, Canada

Are you an office worker who needs to design, implement and maintain basic Access databases? Perhaps you are someone who&,#146,s been using Excel to store all of your company lists? If this sounds like you, then this is the course for you. Microsoft has really outdone itself with all of the amazing new features to Access 2010, and this course covers them all. If you are new to databases then LearnKey&,#146,s Access 2010 course is where you want to start. Through interactive video learning, Jason Manibog will take you step—by—step through this course, starting with understanding what a Database is and how data relates to each other. Learn the process of planning and implementing a database effectively and then learn to use the tools provided in Access 2010 to design and maintain a basic database

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