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Accelerated Elementary Latin - Online

School/Trainer: SDSU College of Extended Studies
San Diego, United States

Intensive introduction to Latin, emphasizing basic grammar, vocabulary, and syntax. Preparation for Classics 303L. Not open to students who have completed four years of high school Latin unless the fourth course was completed five or more years ago.

Conducting Business in Latin America - Online

School/Trainer: JER Online
Dawsonville, United States

Welcome to Conducting Business in Latin America! As business interaction between the United States and Latin America continues to increase, so does the demand and opportunity for individuals who understand this unique region and can successfully conduct business there. Latin America is an evolving economic area that offers great prospects for many U.S. based businesses. This region contains a wealth of natural resources, available labor, and consumer demand for both U.S. products and services.
This course provides students with the foundation and insight they will need to successfully conduct business in the region and market themselves to U.S. businesses looking to grow into this fertile expanse. How successful business agreements and partnerships are accomplished in Latin America is knowledge not commonly found among U.S. businesses. Conducting Business in Latin America will supply students with the valuable know-how needed to expand and accelerate their careers into this new economic frontier.

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