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TOEFL Preparation: Reading & Listening - Online

School/Trainer: University of Illinois at Chicago School of Continuing Studies
Chicago, United States

This course focuses on learning the test-taking strategies necessary for succeeding on the Reading and Listening sections of the TOEFL iBT. Self-paced presentations teach you test strategies, and instructors assign detailed practice exercises, as well as provide individualized weekly feedback and advice. Within the 5-week course, you are able to work at your own pace reviewing presentations, studying vocabulary, and completing practice exercises and tests.

In this course, you will:
•Build test-taking strategies for the TOEFL iBT test.
•Learn specific techniques for answering each of the question types on the Reading and Listening sections of the test.
•Study vocabulary and take vocabulary quizzes online.
•Complete practice exercises and take numerous practice tests.
•Receive individualized instructor advice and guidance.

By the end of the course, you will be able to:
•Identify types of questions that you are struggling with and apply strategies to answer these questions correctly.
•Improve your academic vocabulary.
•Be a more effective and efficient test-taker.

TOEFL Exam Prep - Online

School/Trainer: Texas Southern University
Houston, United States

This TOEFL Exam Prep Course is packed with everything you need to succeed on the TOEFL test. We show you exactly what to expect on the test, tell you precisely how the test is scored and give you hundreds of authentic test questions to study for practice. You will receive a textbook, a CD-ROM, and access to 3 full-length authentic TOEFL practice tests online.

Prerequisite(s): None

TOEFL Test Preparation Module 1
About the TOEFL iBT
•Getting Started
•How to Use the Textbook &, CD-ROM
•All About the TOEFL iBT
•TOEFL iBT Reading Section
•TOEFL iBT Listening Section
•TOEFL iBT Speaking Section
•TOEFL iBT Writing Section
•About Test Scores
•General Skill Building Tips
•Test Preparation Tips
•Questions Frequently Asked by Students

TOEFL Test Preparation Module 2
Reading Section
•Reading Passages
•Reading Questions
•Basic Information and Inferencing Questions
•Reading to Learn Questions
•Strategies for Preparing the Reading Section
•Reading Practice Sets

TOEFL Test Preparation Module 3
Listening Section
•Listening Materials
•Listening Questions
•Basic Comprehension Questions
•Pragmatic Understanding Questions
•Connecting Information Questions
•Strategies for Preparing for the Listening Section
•L... [Read More]

TOEFL , IELTS , SAT Test Preparation - Online

School/Trainer: Professional Tutor
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Professional Teacher with more than 10 years experience teaching TOEFL, IELTS, SAT, GRE, GMAT, BULATS, TOEIC, Professional and Business English, and other ESL courses. Making it easy for you to get your desired score. Whatever your english language requirement, for academic, travel or business we have a course for you.

TOEFL - Online

School/Trainer: TOEFL Learning School
monte de caparica, portugam

Learn how to pass the TOEFL with ease.. All portions of the test will be covered... Do it on your own pace, at your own time, at a price that you can afford.. Feel free to contact at

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