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Healthcare Fraud and Abuse - Online

School/Trainer: Online Institute of America
Lakeway, United States

According to the Government Accounting Office, healthcare fraud and abuse account for three to ten percent of all healthcare costs �well over $100 billion annually. Whatever the cost, fraud and abuse waste badly needed resources and seriously undermine our healthcare system.
The healthcare industry is subject to many different laws that concern fraud �including the False Claims Act, the Stark Law, the Anti �Kickback Statute, HIPAA and the Prescription Drug Marketing Act. On top of this legislative infrastructure, government agencies and trade organizations have created a patchwork of guidelines and codes. Together, these laws, guidelines and codes present a significant compliance challenge.
Program Summary
This program is intended to help healthcare professionals and employees navigate the regulatory maze and raise awareness about fraud and abuse so that misconduct can be detected and prevented. The topics covered include -.
â—¦Fraud and abuse overview
â—¦Possible penalties
â—¦Company policies
â—¦Gifts, business courtesies, meals and receptions
â—¦Free goods and services
â—¦Discounts and rebates
â—¦Price reporting
â—¦Administrative fees to group purchasing organizations (GPOs)
â—¦Purchasing Goods and Services
â—¦Educational Grants
â—¦Support of Scientific Research
â—¦General Sponsorship and... [Read More]

BBP for Healthcare - Online

School/Trainer: Online Institute of America
Lakeway, United States

Exposure to blood and other potentially infectious materials occurs on a daily basis for many healthcare workers. Information provided in this course helps minimize serious health risks to healthcare workers who may be exposed to these materials. Upon completion of this course, learners will be able to describe bloodborne pathogens and how they are transmitted, control exposure to bloodborne pathogens, and apply appropriate procedures in the event of an exposure incident.

At the conclusion of this course, you will be able to:
- Describe the Bloodborne pathogens and how they are transmitted
- Apply appropriate procedures in the event of an exposure incident

Health Care Management - Online

School/Trainer: Minnesota School of Business & Globe University
Blaine, Minneapolis, Richfield, Rochester, Woodbury, United States

Health care providers, insurers, policymakers and public agencies need skilled managers to protect their interests in a dynamic environment. The Bachelor of Science (BS) in Health Care Management program at Minnesota School of Business &, Globe University prepare graduates for careers in hospitals, policy organizations, government agencies and insurance companies.

Highlights of the health care management degree

The health care management bachelor’s degree program covers a broad range of topics, including ethics, organizational behavior, public health, U.S. health systems, ambulatory and long-term care, hospital administration, and health politics and policy.
•This four-year degree program can be completed in 36 months* of full-time study.
•Focus your studies in one of these areas: health care administration/HR, accounting and finance, IT, marketing and sales, or management and leadership.
•Instructors are professionals working in the health care field.
•Small class sizes ensure individual attention.
•Take classes day or evening on campus or 24/7 online.

Healthcare Informatics - Online

School/Trainer: Ferris State University
Big Rapids, United States

This course offers a basis for evaluating the needs of a healthcare system in regard to information system strategic planning and use for quality improvement. Students will study current issues involving privacy, security and social media. This online course will include 10 hours of synchronous web-based instruction. Prerequisite: Graduate student. Typically offered Fall, Spring, Summer.

Healthcare Quality Management - Online

School/Trainer: Ferris State University
Big Rapids, United States

This course provides a context for designing, evaluating and analyzing the performance of healthcare organizations. Students will explore the impact of various factors related to healthcare quality and safety, economics, legal aspects, and patient demand. This online course will include 10 hours of synchronous web-based instruction. Prerequisite: Graduate student. Typically offered Fall, Spring, Summer.

Healthcare Strategic Planning - Online

School/Trainer: Ferris State University
Big Rapids, United States

This course provides a framework for strategic management in healthcare organizations. Students will learn the use of the analytic tools and concepts for strategic planning and the value of continuous strategic decision-making. This online course will include 10 hours of synchronous web-based instruction. Prerequisite: Graduate student. Typically offered Fall, Spring, Summer.

Healthcare Finance Application - Online

School/Trainer: Ferris State University
Big Rapids, United States

This course provides a foundation of the basic principles of accounting and healthcare. This online course will include 10 hours of synchronous web-based instruction. Prerequisite: Graduate student. Typically offered Fall, Spring, Summer

Leadership in Healthcare - Online

School/Trainer: Ferris State University
Big Rapids, United States

This course explores leadership theories, models, competencies, and practice. The role of the leader in understanding organizational governance, group dynamics, and team performance measurement, will be studied through the lens of healthcare leaders focused on evidence-based decision-making.Students will develop relationship building and collaboration and communication skills, and study the ways in which leaders impact and influence an organization. This online course will include 12 hours of synchronous web-based instruction.

Healthcare Administration - Online

School/Trainer: Ferris State University
Big Rapids, United States

As the health care industry continues to grow and expand, the demand for skilled health care managers and executives also increases. Employment is expected to grow faster than average with the fastest growth in home health agencies, residential care facilities and practitioners&,#146, offices and clinics. The Master of Healthcare Administration (MHA) degree is designed to meet the needs of today’s healthcare leadership and beyond. In the expanding, ever-changing healthcare delivery system, extensive expertise and understanding of healthcare industry business is essential, especially for those in leadership roles. This program prepares graduates with the necessary skill and knowledge to lead the healthcare organizations through the use of evidence-based decision making in the areas of economics, financial management, organizational behavior and human resource management, strategic planning, and marketing, with a keen focus on quality improvement, resource efficiency, and interprofessional collaboration.

A fully online program, the MHA degree may be completed in 2 years full-time, or up to a maximum of 5 years part-time. Each course includes 8-10 hours of synchronous learning, in which students are required to participate in collaborative web-based sessions. To engage students in real-world healthcare leadership experiences, the program re... [Read More]

Public Relations for the Healthcare Sector - Online

School/Trainer: Event Management Training
London, United Kingdom

As the healthcare industry is constantly evolving, healthcare Public Relations is needed more than ever. Organisations need to have a voice and a presence in the marketplace �and this is where public relations steps in. PR is an investment in the brand and the visibility of a healthcare organization seeking growth and recognition. Healthcare PR professionals�role is to create solid messaging strategies that position organisations as thought leaders while generating demand.

This Practical Online Diploma Course in Public Relations for the Healthcare Industry features Real Life Healthcare Briefs, Case Studies and Practical Assignments which focus specifically on the Public Relations for the Healthcare Sector.

Additional modules on Online Public Relations and Event Management are included in this Fast Paced Practical Public Relations Course. The Transferable Skills gained on this Course can be used worldwide. This Public Relations Course is industry certified and is recognised in 140 countries around the world. It is the Course to advance your Career in the Healthcare PR area.

Post Graduate diploma in Healthcare Management - Online

School/Trainer: Global Institute of Health Science India
Ahmedabad, India

The objective of this program is to expose students to modern healthcare management techniques, including quality, application, and implementation. This program primarily focuses on healthcare industry and its various departments in health care and public health organizations. Individuals who complete the Healthcare management certificate program will have a solid knowledge of healthcare management and a solid exposure to the latest healthcare technologies.

Lean Healthcare - Online

School/Trainer: USC Continuing Education
Los Angeles, United States

Most Lean and Six Sigma certification programs in healthcare focus only on a few basic tools, but in this course, we will cover more advanced techniques that are highly effective in making real improvements in operations and quality. These advanced methods have been in use for many years by managers both within and outside of the healthcare industry.

This course will teach you six different methods for solving problems and making decisions. You will receive templates, instructions, and sufficient healthcare-related practice examples to give you the hands-on experience you need to apply your knowledge.

Healthcare Management - Online

School/Trainer: North Park University
Chicago, United States

Healthcare organizations present managers with some of the most complex challenges in any industry. The certificate in healthcare management will give you the necessary tools to meet those challenges, exploring current issues, trends, and crises facing the industry, and providing a framework for effective management practice across key healthcare areas.

In the certificate program, you will study the financial concepts and strategies unique to healthcare, as well as the best practices related to assessment of organizational performance. Upon completion of the certificate, you’ll be prepared to effectively manage change and identify new opportunities, develop strategies and techniques for achieving fiscal accountability, and create a marketing plan for your healthcare organization.

Through a course schedule that can be completed through both face-to-face and online classes, you can complete your certificate in as little as 12 months. The program’s flexibility and affordability will allow you to earn this valuable credential as you advance your career, and all certificate courses can also be applied toward a degree, such as a master of management or master of nonprofit administration.

You’ll learn from respected professional faculty, including current hospital administrators, who are dedicated to helping you achieve your academic and pro... [Read More]

Healthcare Systems Leadership MSN - Online

School/Trainer: Lewis University
Albuquerque, Chicago, Oak Brook, Romeoville, United States

Healthcare Systems Leadership (also available online)
Lead the administration of nursing and patient care services, improving the delivery of healthcare and nursing at large. You will develop skills in finance, economics, human resources and organizational management and be prepared to help transform nursing providers for the better with courses such as: •Organizational Theory in Healthcare Organizations
•Human Resource Management in Healthcare
•The Business of Healthcare

Health Services Administration - Online

School/Trainer: National Louis University
Chicago, Elgin, Lisle, Milwaukee, Skokie, Tampa, Wheeling, United States

The Master of Science in Health Services Administration (MHA) program prepares health professionals for advancement in administrative careers in healthcare organizations. This master&,#146,s degree gives professionals the comprehensive planning, organizational, and regulation-responsive toolkit to manage within one of the nation’s fastest growing and most complex economic sectors.

NLU&,#146,s MHA degree program offers a practical, applications-oriented curriculum that builds leadership skills and knowledge that managers can implement in real time in their working environments. Students&,#146, own professional environments and challenges provide case study contexts for class learning in addition to course materials that expose students to developing human resources trends and forces operating in organizations today.

Meeting in one intensive session per week online, or on-campus, over approximately 18 months, the program is tailored to meet the needs of busy adults juggling personal and professional commitments. Fellowship with classmate-colleagues is also promoted. Master of Health Services Administration students generally stay with one group of classmates through the whole program, building a professional network and a deep understanding of comparative organizational environments from peers.

NLU&,#146,s MHA degree program... [Read More]

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