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CPR & 1st Aid - Online

School/Trainer: IEC Chesapeake
Dulles, Laurel, United States

Online CPR , and online CPR/AED are ideal for those who are receiving CPR training or CPR/AED training for the first time, or those who are seeking CPR recertification or CPR/AED recertification. The online CPR course and online CPR/AED course include video and literature that is nationally accepted. ONLINE 1st Aid—Online First Aid, is ideal for those who are receiving First Aid training for the first time, or those who are seeking First Aid recertification.

Post Graduate diploma in First Aid or Emergency Care - Online

School/Trainer: Global Institute of Health Science India
Ahmedabad, India

The GIHS First Aid / Emergency Care Certification in first aid course covers a wide range of topics to enable participants to confidently manage emergency situations, providing care for the ill or injured until medical aid arrives. It is suitable to both people in workplaces and members of the public who want training in first aid. It will provide with the skills to manage emergency first aid situations, including managing the unconscious casualty, performing CPR, controlling bleeding and managing other life threatening situations. It provides the skills to recognize and then manage a casualty who is unconscious and is not breathing. CPR is a life saving technique which can sustain life until an ambulance arrives.

First-Aid Refresher - Online

School/Trainer: Texas Southern University
Houston, United States

Many accidents and injuries can occur in the workplace. Having a workplace first-aid program minimizes these risks by giving the injured or sick person some basic treatment until professional emergency medical service personnel can arrive. This course IS NOT designed to be a primary or introductory lesson on first-aid and emergency response, rather it is intended to provide refresher training to workers who have already attended an initial first-aid training program.

At the conclusion of this course, learners will be able to:

•State the importance of a first-aid program
•List ways to be prepared for emergency first-aid
•Explain how to assess the injury scene
•Describe how to respond to life-threatening emergencies
•Describe how to respond to non-life-threatening emergencies

First Aid - Online

School/Trainer: Houston Community College
Houston, United States

Completion of course leads toward First Aid and Community CPR Certification. This course teaches the standard First Aid and CPR skills a person needs to act as the first link in the emergency medical services system.

First Aid / CPR - Online

School/Trainer: Rio Salado College
Tempe, United States

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and first aid for the adult, child and infant patients includes Automated External Defibrillator(AED), rescue breathing, obstructed airway, and other first aid procedures. Designed to train citizen responders in skills and procedures required during emergency situation. Prerequisites: None.

First Aid & CPR - Online

School/Trainer: North Island College
Campbell River, Courtenay, Port Alberni, Port Hardy, Ucluelet, Canada

If you require a first aid course that meets WorkSafeBC (WSBC) requirements, refer to the Health and Safety Regulations (Part 3) available at the WorkSafeBC website to determine first aid requirements pertinent to your workplace. All WSBC courses offered at NIC are listed as Occupational First Aid (OFA) courses. Many of the first aid course prerequisite/corequisite(s) listed for NIC trades, technical, and tourism programs are listed as OFA courses.

If the course you require does not need to meet WSBC specifications, then a first aid and/or cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) course may be appropriate. Check with your employer to determine their expectations. For example, if you work in the day care field, the Day Care Licensing Board should be able to advise you. First aid courses offered through NIC are listed as FAC courses and CPR courses are listed as HRT courses. Many of the first aid course prerequisite/corequisite(s) listed for NIC health and human services programs and marine training are listed as FAC courses.

General Interest
If you are looking for a course to take for your own general interest and knowledge, a basic first aid course with CPR such as Standard First Aid (FAC 021), Emergency First Aid (FAC 020), or even a Childcare First Aid (FAC 010) may be appropriate. Should you feel these courses cover more than you are looking... [Read More]

First Aid - Online

School/Trainer: Virtual College Ltd
Ilkley, United Kingdom

This First Aid training course has been created by the Virtual College, in partnership with First Response Training, to give learners the underpinning knowledge of how to act in the event of an incident requiring first aid assistance.

The overall aim of this module is to provide an overview of what you need to know to act safely and effectively in the event of an incident requiring first aid assistance.

On completion of this module learners will:

Know what to do if you are first on the scene of an incident
Be able to assess the situation as a potential danger zone
Understand what is meant by AVPU
Know the key processes to follow and what to do for each one: Danger, Response, Shout, Airway, breathing
Understand the importance of the recovery position and how to apply it

The learning material is underpinned by the use of video scenarios and learners are encouraged to consider how you would apply these in their own situations.

The module comes with an online assessment and certificate on achieving a satisfactory pass mark.

Having completed the learning and assessment, learners will get the opportunity to take the &,quot,primary survey challenge&,quot, - you are first on the scene of an accident where someone is injured, pit your wits against the 3 minute clock ... [Read More]

First Aid - Online

School/Trainer: Open Training and Education Network
Strathfield, Australia

This WSI PLUS program has been created to offer separately the unit ‘HLTFA311A Apply First Aid? This unit may be of interest to people needing a WorkCover approved first aid certificate.
Students will receive:
?A Transcript of Results and a WorkCover First Aid Certificate.
Students will achieve competency in the national unit ‘HLTFA311A - Apply first aid?intro

Medical Emergency Response in Industrial Environments - Online

School/Trainer: Compliance Solutions
Denver, United States

This course provides medical emergency response team (MERT) personnel with detailed information on how to respond to medical emergencies in the workplace. The course is designed to provide the learner with key information on the initial medical response skills necessary to evaluate and stabilize the patient prior to arrival of local EMS. Most often, this will only cover the first 15 minutes of the medical emergency, with EMS then arriving to take over patient management and transport. However, the first 15 minutes can be critical.


School/Trainer: Alberta BC Safety
Edmonton, Canada

Not for individual registration at this time - groups only. Please contact us to book your group today.

The first of its kind in Alberta, this blended online learning Standard First Aid course was approved by the Government of Alberta in February 2012. The course covers the information needed to respond to a medical emergency either on the job or at home. Full certification is achieved once the learner has successfully completed both the online and in-class portions of the training.

Heartsaver First Aid - Online

School/Trainer: Training USA
Tuscaloosa, United States

The Heartsaver First Aid Online Part 1 has been updated to reflect new science in the 2010 American Heart Association Guidelines for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and Emergency Cardiovascular Care, including the 2010 Guidelines for First Aid.

This Web-based, self-directed program uses case-based scenarios and interactive lessons to teach students first aid knowledge.

· First aid basics
· Medical emergencies (includes adult choking)
· Injury emergencies
· Environmental emergencies

safety, first aid, fire fighting - Online

School/Trainer: Emirates institute of E&T
peshawar, pakistan

we are offerinf safety,first aid,fire fighting first time in pakistan with international certification

Wilderness First Aid - Online

School/Trainer: Parks and Recreation Management, Northern Arizona University
Flagstaff, United States

The Wilderness First Aid (WFA) course is designed to train people to cope with basic wilderness hazards and medical emergencies and is ideal for the outdoor enthusiast who wants a more wilderness specific approach to first aid.

CPR and First Aid - Online

School/Trainer: 24x7 Medical Service
DELHI, India

This course provides essential training for anyone seeking to learn proper CPR and first-aid techniques for choking. Provides background information about heart and lung function, anatomy and function, coronary artery disease, and risk factors for heart attack. The class will also cover how to recognize heart attacks, stroke, and foreign-body airway obstruction.

Employees in corporate environments, hotel staff and management, Emergency Response Team members, employees in dangerous or hazardous work environments including construction, manufacturing, law enforcement, confined space environments, technology, biotechnology/pharmaceutical environments, Lifeguards at the swimming pools, sports trainers, physical fitness instructors.

First Aid - Online

School/Trainer: ExpertRating Solutions
New York City, United States

The ExpertRating Online CPR and Online First Aid Courses are well researched online First aid training courses developed for people who would like to learn about leveling First Aid and master the science of First Aid. The Online First Aid Course and First Aid Training enables you to learn how to handle a first aid kit and serves as a complete First Aid guide. The Online First Aid Courseware has been designed so that it is easily understood by beginners and persons new to First Aid apart from seasoned First Aid Trainers.

ExpertRating is an ISO 9001-2008 certified company offering online certification and training services to individuals and companies in over 160 countries. Over 2,700,000 people in 160 countries have benefited from ExpertRating Online Certifications.

Not only have you chosen a First Aid Certification Program that is well recognized, but you have also made an important and wise decision to enter the healthcare industry as a First Aid provider. With the ever increasing number of accidents, the role of First Aid providers becomes all the more important. Certified First Aid health care professionals are one of the highest paid and most sought after health care professionals today.

Trends indicate that opportunities in health care will be best for those who have earned advanced First Aid training and certification. The Online First Aid... [Read More]

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