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Mutual Fund - Online

School/Trainer: Online Institute of America
Lakeway, United States

Mutual funds are important investment instruments that have been essential to both individual and corporate investors for well over a century. Beginning with a brief overview of basic investment principles and the evolution of mutual funds, this course addresses the fundamentals of mutual funds, how they are categorized, their roles and functions, and their investment characteristics. Compliance and regulatory issues are also examined.

Understand the history of mutual funds.
Know the basic definition and workings of mutual funds.
Recognize the various financial entities that work with mutual funds.
Identify the impact and provisions of the Investment Companies Act of 1940, and its impact on mutual funds.
Recognize different types of mutual funds.
Identify the advantages and disadvantages of investing in mutual funds.
Recognize compliance and regulatory elements governing mutual fund sales and programs.

•Lesson 1: Mutual Funds
•Lesson 2: Mutual Funds in the Investment Companies Act of 1940
•Lesson 3: Types of Mutual Funds
•Lesson 4: Pros &, Cons of Mutual Funds.

Sage MIP Fund Accounting - Online

School/Trainer: Sage University
Irvine, United States

These professional based certificates focus on improving your professional skills through training and assessment testing. Become a specialist or expert in your field by increasing your knowledge, and demonstrate a commitment to achieving excellence and excelling in your organization. Upon completion of a track, you will receive an official Customer Professional or Specialist Certificate from Sage.

Professional based certificates are also a great way for managers of an organization to help employees achieve their next level of knowledge and build into their employees training and performance plans.

Sage MIP Professional Tracks
To become a Sage MIP Fund Accounting Professional, you must attend all the classroom or RealTime certification training courses in a specific profession-based track and pass the associated certification assessment. This type of certification is multi-module and covers more material than a Specialist certification.

Senior Accountant
Financial Manager
Budget Analyst

Sage MIP Specialist tracks
To become a Sage MIP Fund Accounting Specialist, you must attend a classroom or RealTime certification course and pass the associated certification assessment. This type of certification is module or task specific.

Accounts Payable Specialist
Accounts Receivable Specialist
Payroll Specialist... [Read More]

Fund Accounting and GASB 34 - Online

School/Trainer: California State University, East Bay Continuing Education
Hayward, United States

The California State University, East Bay Certificate in Fund Accounting and GASB 34 is designed for those who work in government or nonprofit sector accounting positions and also recommended to those in the private sector who require more substantial familiarity with government and nonprofit accounting practices. The program’s online-only format lets busy professionals listen to lectures at their convenience. A high-speed Internet connection is strongly recommended.

Those who take advantage of the Fund Accounting and GASB 34 certificate program will learn from two seasoned instructors, one of whom is the finance director of the city of Piedmont and the other a 30-year fund accounting software veteran.

Program Objectives
To provide government and nonprofit sector accounting professionals the skills and confidence to meet their day-to-day challenges.
To provide government and nonprofit sector accounting professionals the foundation and abilities that will help them advance in their field.
To provide private sector accounting professionals the necessary grounding in government and nonprofit accounting concepts, increasing their productivity and broadening their range of future employment options.
Who Should Attend
Professionals in nonprofit or government accounting positions seeking to upgrade their knowledge.
Accounting profess... [Read More]

Certified Fund Specialist - Online

School/Trainer: 360institute
Austin, United States

The Certified Fund Specialist® (CFS®) designation is now celebrating its 21st year in existence. More than 11,000 members of the financial services community have already completed the program. CFS® is fully accredited and is the oldest designation in the mutual fund industry.
You can begin your path to becoming a Certified Fund Specialist® when you enroll in an IBF program today. Your competitors offer mutual funds as a simple and effective way to invest. Yet few advisors and brokers really understand how funds interact with other parts of the portfolio or how this investment vehicle should be analyzed. As a certified funds specialist, you’ll learn criteria such as alpha, beta, correlation coefficient, first-auto correlation, R-squared, and standard deviation that should be incorporated in the selection process. With mutual funds training, a certified fund specialist is able to evaluate and compare financial measurements and benchmarks when constructing a portfolio.
Modern portfolio theory (MPT) is a key part of the program; its components are broken down and detailed in terms the advisor can easily understand and convey to a client. Armed with MPT and other selection criteria learned as part of the mutual fund education, a suitable and efficient portfolio using closed-end, exchange-traded, and open-end funds can be derived. Practitioners and academics con... [Read More]

Chartered Mutual Fund Counselor - Online

School/Trainer: College for Financial Planning
Greenwood Village, United States

Six-week course with two 2-hour online lectures per week. During the live lecture, you will be able to raise your hand, ask questions, and participate in classroom discussions. All lectures are recorded and are available up to four weeks after your last day of classes. Includes enrollment fees, tuition, and materials covering the following topics:

Introduction to Mutual Funds
Open- & Closed-End Funds: Types & Characteristics
Other Packaged Investment Products
Risk/Return: Part I
Risk/Return: Part II
Asset Allocation
Selecting a Mutual Fund for a Client
Retirement Planning
Ethics, Integrity & Professional Conduct
These printed study materials are enhanced with online support materials, which include text and MP3 audio files covering the topics as well as supplemental study questions.

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