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Export/Import - Online

School/Trainer: IIT School of Applied Technology
Bedford Park, Chicago, Wheaton, United States

Internationalization of industry requires special expertise and knowledge, which must be taken into consideration throughout all interactions with overseas companies either as customers or suppliers. Topics covered include custom clearance, bonded shipping, international shipping options, import financing and letters of credit, customer regulations, insurance, import duties and trade restrictions, exchange rates, and dealing with different cultures.


School/Trainer: LaSalle College
Montreal, Canada

Targeted skills: Finding possible products to develop.
Evaluating the feasibility of the exclusive strategy.
Defining the concept of the strategy.
Proposing the concept of the strategy.
Approving samples.

Customs and Logistics - Online

School/Trainer: Bow Valley College
Airdrie, Banff, Calgary, Canmore, High River, Lethbridge, Medicine Hat, Okotoks, Red Deer, Canada

Customs and Logistics is a rapidly expanding field due to the ever increasing movement of goods across borders and the increased security measures being implemented. Challenging new career opportunities are being created as a result. This certificate fast-tracks the learner by teaching the essential skills and knowledge needed to work in this area. The instructor, Ron Bennett, has worked and taught in customs and logistics for over 20 years. His experience and knowledge working as a customs officer and college instructor will greatly benefit those who are serious about making a career in this dynamic and exciting field.

This certificate prepares graduates for positions with customs brokerages and private businesses in logistics and freight forwarding. Customs and logistics appeal to individuals who enjoy working in teams and are interested in international affairs, politics, news, and geography. People who work in this field require above-average communication skills, a basic understanding of math, a good knowledge of Microsoft Windows and Office, and strong customer service skills.

Import Procedure - Online

School/Trainer: ABTS Logistics Ltd.
London, United Kingdom

This chapter describes the role of the tariff book.

Understanding the EU Tariff book

Classifying your Imports

Import Export - Online

School/Trainer: City College of San Francisco Continuing Education
San Francisco, United States

In these unusual times self-employment may no longer be an option, but a necessity. For those who want a career self-employed in import or export (or both) goods or services and need a step-by-step hands-on class, we offer this nine week seminar delivered over the internet. This seminar is appropriate for people with zero business background, as well as established businesses looking for a new trade. Now in its tenth year, the course is highly rated for content, delivery and personalization. Learn how to develop your product or sevice, find the best suppliers, best customers, work with banks, currency issues, insurance companies, government agencies and other trade entities. You will be taken through licensing and pemits, setting yourself up for properly conducting trade worldwide at the small business level as well as such topics as intellectual property. The entire course may be taken at your own pace, with plenty of one-on-one email contact with the instructor. After the formal nine weeks course, your may join a listserv of ex-students, wo access to the instructor and peers never ends

Medical Device Export/Import - Online

School/Trainer: American Society for Quality
Milwaukee, United States

This 2-day virtual course discusses and explains standards, regulations and guidance that medical device manufacturers in the US need to be aware of and comply with when exporting medical devices to the European Union (EU). The course includes FDA regulations that US medical device manufacturers must meet to market their products in the US and the specific standards and regulations set by the EU for device import.

Certificate IV in International Trade - Online

School/Trainer: Gordon Institute of TAFE
Geelong, Australia

Certificate IV in International Trade will equip you with relevant and comprehensive skills and knowledge to successfully enter the international trade and marketing sector and related industries. Certificate IV in International Trade covers generic business knowledge and skills, specific international knowledge of cross-culture, marketing and business activities for both service and product trading and management skills. The course is available online

Customs Administration - Online

School/Trainer: Confederation College - Centre for Continuing Education
Thunder Bay, Canada

An introductory course in the application of legislation and regulations governing Canada Border Services Agency and the Import/Export community utilize in the Importation and Exportation of goods.

Creating Success in the International Marketplace - Online

School/Trainer: University of Southern California
Los Angeles, United States

Despite the ease with which we embrace such concepts as a flat world, in reality to successfully do business overseas entails a much more complex set of challenges.

In this seminar you will be provided with the tools needed to think strategically and critically about how to do business in the international marketplace. We will focus on the procedures and processes involved in international sales transaction and marketing from the perspectives of exporters, importers and various intermediaries.

Emphasis is given to an in-depth analysis of the practical aspects of international business.

This course will involve lecture, case analyses and student-led case discussions.

Program Outline
Beneath The Patina of Globalization
What do you need to know about trade agreements and trade organizations?
Examining the various trade blocs NAFTA, EU, Mercosur - China, India and Russia

How is it Done?
Export, Licensing, Contract Manufacturing, Joint Venture and Direct Investment

Participants: Export/Import
Agents, Freight Forwarders, Distributors- Are we all trading companies?

Letter of Credit, Counter Trade, Counter Purchase, Buyback, Offset

The Cultural Problem- Avoiding the pitfalls
Wal- Mart in Germany, Disney in France

Import/Export Procedures and Documentation - Online

School/Trainer: AMA - American Management Association
Arlington, Atlanta, Boston, Denver, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Las Vegas, New York, San Francisco, United States

Use effective import/export procedures to get your products to and from customers and suppliers on time and hassle-free—and protect your company’s investment!
The opportunities for importing and exporting have never been greater, but the details involved in these operations have never been more complex!

Using these import/export procedures, you’ll be equipped to deal successfully with banks, freight forwarders, customs brokers, and foreign customers. Find out how to use the necessary documents to obtain the greatest cost benefit for your company and timely execution of your orders.

How You Will Benefit
Discover the latest import/export procedures and guidelines
Get freight forwarders and bankers to work together to solve your logistics problems
Maximize the services of general and bonded warehouses
Prevent excessive duties by using foreign trade zones
Avoid the pitfalls of improper documentation
What You Will Cover
Documenting your shipment
Executing smooth import transactions
Complying with NAFTA and other origin requirements, trademark and copyright regulations
Observing industry standards
Avoiding customs penalties
Getting help from freight forwarders and customs brokers
Establishing mutually beneficial relationships
Getting paid and make payments using letters of credit and documentary collect... [Read More]





School/Trainer: Inter-Dec College
Montreal, Canada

The targeted skills are:
?Finding possible products to develop.
?Evaluating the feasibility of the exclusive strategy.
?Defining the concept of the strategy.
?Proposing the concept of the strategy.
?Approving samples.

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