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Purchasing and Cost Controls - Online

School/Trainer: Anne Arundel Community College
Annapolis, Arnold, Baltimore, Edgewater, Gambrills, Hanover, Laurel, Severn, United States

Learn principles of food and beverage purchasing and cost controls as applied to food-service operations. Study the procurement and control of food, beverage, equipment, small wares, furniture, fixtures, and textiles, as well as current systems of food and labor cost controls. Discuss budgets for food service operations, and menu analysis, pricing and planning.

Hotel Front Office Procedures - Online

School/Trainer: Anne Arundel Community College
Annapolis, Arnold, Baltimore, Edgewater, Gambrills, Hanover, Laurel, Severn, United States

Study front office management and total hotel organization as it relates to the front office. Methods of revenue management are applied in areas of price structure, occupancy patterns and income. Also covered are front office computer applications used in the hotel industry.

Restaurant & Hospitality Management - Online

School/Trainer: UA College of Continuing Studies
Tuscaloosa, United States

The online Master of Science in Human Environmental Sciences with an area of study in Restaurant &, Hospitality Management may be the perfect choice for you!

The RHM program at UA is a long-established program with alumni in a variety of hospitality management positions throughout the United States. By taking the online version of the program, you will be able to earn your degree from The University of Alabama from wherever you are, while being taught by the same accomplished faculty members who teach on-campus courses. This degree program prepares you for leadership in fields such as:
•Meeting, convention and event planners
•Food service management
•Hotel, tourism and travel industries
•Higher education

Developing a Safe Food Business - Online

School/Trainer: Colorado State University OnlinePlus
Fort Collins, United States

Planning to start a cottage food business in your home kitchen, rent a commercial kitchen to produce your product, or begin a small-scale food manufacturing facility? It&,#146,s an exciting time to be a food entrepreneur, but there are also many regulations and requirements to navigate. Even if you&,#146,re thinking something more local, such as selling homemade foods at a farmers&,#146, market or maybe a holiday fair, this safe food handling certificate is a must for you!

Covering two topics a week for eight weeks, you will learn about many of the necessary food safety practices and regulations needed to start your food company, including:
◾Sound manufacturing practices and sanitation
◾Food safety guidelines
◾Storing and transporting foods
◾Ingredients and final products
◾Business planning, marketing, and budgeting
◾Documentation and recordkeeping

We&,#146,ll also share practical examples, useful tips, and resources to help you with your business endeavors. By the time you&,#146,ve completed this food safety course, you will have developed the start of your company&,#146,s standard operating procedures, created a food label, begun your business plan, and much more!

Designed for anyone selling foods created in their home directly to the consumer, this food s... [Read More]

Managing Quality Service in Hospitality - Online

School/Trainer: Texas Southern University
Houston, United States

Managing Quality Service in Hospitality teaches the concept of treating customers as guests and creating a &,quot,WOW&,quot, experience for them. Many other courses in this subject area skip over guest-focused service strategy in hospitality or service. This course fully covers the topic of managing hospitality organizations by using real life experience from companies like Walt Disney Company, Marriott, Ritz-Carlton, Darden Restaurants, Southwest Airlines and many others.

Each module includes at suggested hospitality activities for students, in which students are encouraged to visit local organizations to talk with guests, employees and managers to obtain a variety of perspectives on the guest experience. Other activities will have students going to the internet to visit established sites for hospitality organizations.

Real and hypothetical hotels, restaurants, and other business types found in the hospitality industry are included as case studies giving the opportunity for reflection on hospitality concepts and principles. The &,quot,Ethics in Business&,quot, segments encourage students to analyze ethical issues associated with each topic.

Prerequisite(s): None

Hospitality Sales - Online

School/Trainer: Texas Southern University
Houston, United States

Drawing from the insights of leading sales executives, Hospitality Sales covers the changing hospitality sales profession, including the three emerging selling roles and when to use them. Transactional selling, consultative selling, and alliance selling are unique approaches that salespeople use depending on situational factors. This course explores customer motives and how sales professionals can tailor their approach to the buyer’s perception of value. This Hospitality Sales course will help you understand the new world of buyer-seller relationships and succeed in each sales situation.

Prerequisite(s): None

Hospitality Sales Module 1
Understanding Hospitality Sales
•Foundations of Success
•A Vital Role in Our Economy
•Traits of Successful Salespersons
•Rewards of a Hospitality Sales Career
•Getting Started in Your Sales Career
•Hospitality Industry Buyers and Sellers
•What It Take to Be a Success
•Creating Mutually Beneficial Value Exchange
•The Rise of Micromarketing
•Selling, Exchange &, Value
•How is it Related to Value Exchange
•Quality Customer Satisfaction Models

Hospitality Sales Module 2
Buyer-Seller Relationships
•Changing Perceived Value
•Emergence of the New Buyer
•Three Types of Value Buyers
•How Buyers Make Buying Decisions
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Hospitality & Travel Marketing - Online

School/Trainer: Texas Southern University
Houston, United States

This Hospitality &, Travel Marketing course has a Global orientation, and whole-industry coverage of hospitality and tourism. A focus on destination marketing and others parts of tourism, along with case examples from around the world, address the need for global experience in the industry. The content draws upon practical experience in the hospitality and travel marketing industry, as well as experience from around the globe including the USA, Canada, Europe, Asia, and Australia. Hospitality and Travel Marketing reflects all of the latest trends in the field, including Internet marketing and e-commerce, loyalty marketing, brand extension marketing, and destination branding.

Prerequisite(s): None

Hospitality &, Travel Marketing Module 1
Introduction to Marketing
•Definition of Marketing
•Evolutionary Eras of Marketing
•Developing a Marketing Orientation
•Core Principles of Marketing
•Marketing Hospitality &, Travel Services
•What is Service Marketing?
•Why is Service Marketing Different?
•Different Marketing Approaches for Hospitality &, Travel
•The Hospitality &, Travel Marketing System
•The Systems Approach
•Relationship of the System to Strategic &, Tactical Marketing

Hospitality &, Travel Marketing Module 2
Planning: Research and Analysis
•Cu... [Read More]

Food Service Purchasing - Online

School/Trainer: Texas Southern University
Houston, United States

Food Service Purchasing Module 1
Procurement: Dynamics of Food Service Purchasing
•The Goals of Selection &, Procurement
•Establishing Purchasing Options &, Contracts
•Buyer ?Seller Relations
•Market &, Distribution Systems
•U.S. Code, Federal Agencies, &, Food Laws
•Availability &, Consistency
•Practicality &, Suitability
•Healthful Considerations
•Ethical &, Ecological Considerations
•Social, Economic, &, Cultural Influences
•Ethics &, Food in Modern Society
•Advancements in Food Science &, Technology

Food Service Purchasing Module 2
Purchasing Management
•The Advantages of food Preservation
•The Need for measuring
•Commercial Packaging Options
•The Ingredient Process
•Planning the Menu &, Recipe Development
•Identifying Product Needs
•Product Evaluation &, Selection
•The Storeroom as Service Provider
•Organization of Staffing
•Organization of Facilities
•Refrigerated Storage
•Storeroom Layouts
•Storeroom Sanitation

Food Service Purchasing Module 3
Cost Control Measures
•The Receiving Process
•The Storing Process
•The Issuing Process
•Cost Control Measures
•The Importance of Control Systems
•The Importance of Quality Standards
•Evaluat... [Read More]

Hospitality Human Resources Management - Online

School/Trainer: Houston Community College
Houston, United States

A study of the principles and procedures of managing people in the hospitality workplace.

Hospitality Human Resource Management - Online

School/Trainer: Drexel University
Philadelphia, United States

This course will study the human resource function from a strategic and developmental standpoint within a variety of hospitality and tourism contexts.

Hospitality Management Information Systems - Online

School/Trainer: Drexel University
Philadelphia, United States

Covers the use of technology and computer information systems in the hospitality industry. The course emphasizes high level strategic planning for leveraging technology and information systems to gain competitive advantages and improve a business¿s position in the marketplace. Includes structured decision making in the acquisition and implementation of technology including feasibility analysis and financial forecasting.

Hospitality Management - Online

School/Trainer: Drexel University
Philadelphia, United States

The Master of Science in Hospitality Management is an online graduate program which provides a solid education in management, travel and tourism and allows students to choose concentrations in global tourism or gaming and casino management.

The two-year program is built on a foundation of creative and collaborative thinking, with an emphasis on leadership and managing human capital. The aim is to produce knowledgeable leaders with the management skills to motivate others to success. Core coursework introduces the current principles of hospitality management and tourism.

Hospitality Sales and Marketing - Online

School/Trainer: Bristol University
Anaheim, United States

This course is designed to provide students with a solid background in hospitality sales and marketing. The textbook’s main focus is on practical sales techniques for selling to targeted markets.

Hospitality Operations - Online

School/Trainer: Bristol University
Anaheim, United States

The hospitality industry has experienced vast growth and ranks as the world’s largest revenue industry and largest employer. A career in this exciting industry is within your reach in a short period of time and can be accomplished with the desire and commitment to take the necessary steps to complete the Hospitality Operations program. The goal of Bristol University’s program is prepare adults for successful careers in Hospitality Operations at an affordable cost in the shortest amount of time.

Today, the hospitality industry is more than just hotel and restaurant business enterprises. It includes a wide variety of companies including bed-and-breakfast operations, large chain restaurants, casinos, entertainment venues, amusement centers, senior living communities, airlines, cruise lines, sports stadia, club management, conference/convention planning, and much more. Your entry into this field could lead to jobs in hospitality management, catering, accounting, law, information technology, or other areas of hospitality operations.

Bristol University is delivering education while interacting with industry leaders to ensure that the fast-paced and ever-changing opportunities of the hospitality industry are being filled by trained workers who can help their organizations meet the demands of the 21st century.

This program is delivered both in... [Read More]

Hospitality Facility Management - Online

School/Trainer: Sault College
Sault Ste. Marie, Canada

Learn the key components involved in the design and management of hospitality facilities. Acquire knowledge of the following: the nature of hospitality facilities, maintenance needs, the primary facility systems, lodging and food service design and renovation. Today’s growing hospitality industry requires managers who understand the basic elements of facility design and renovation. This course provides the required knowledge to become a successful manager in the field of hospitality.

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