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ASP.NET 4.0 AJAX and jQuery using Visual Studio 2010 - Online

School/Trainer: Intertech, Inc.
Eagan, United States

AJAX has brought a rich inactive content to web pages and web applications. The newest version of Visual Studio, Visual Studio 2010 brings many tools for creating AJAX web applications. This course covers some of the basics for using AJAX, dealing with server aide and client AJAX controls. Creating content rich AJAX applications will show how to use the Updatepanel controls, page methods and other items. The AJAX Control Toolkit section will explain the controls, extenders, and script manager. The next part of the course explores the jQuery Library, which Microsoft has fully embraced as its client-side JavaScript library. You&,#146,ll learn about the library and how to put it to use, including how to write effective selectors to create matched sets of elements. Then you&,#146,ll learn how to bring a page alive with jQuery, using features like changing page content, animating elements on the page, and using the jQuery UI Library for even more effects. One of the original motivations for jQuery was to support AJAX, and the library includes rich support for asynchronous calls to the server. You&,#146,ll also learn how to make use of various other jQuery extensions and see how to build your own plugin.

DOM Scripting, Ajax and User Interfaces Using Ext JS 4 - Online

School/Trainer: Intertech, Inc.
Eagan, United States

The DOM Scripting, Ajax and User Interfaces Using Ext JS 4 training course teaches attendees to use the Ext JS?library to simplify many client-side scripting and user interface development challenges. Attendees will learn how to perform Document Object Model (DOM) manipulations that dynamically change the content and appearance of their Web pages, how to make Ajax requests to retrieve and incorporate new content from a server, create user interface elements, create interactive forms, and work with some of the advanced Ext JS 4 features such as drag and drop.

Learning Objectives

Understand the components of the Ext JS platform
Use Ext JS to build rich user interfaces that integrate incoming XML and JSON data
Achieve separation of concerns by implanting the Model-View-Controller design pattern
Present data using Ext JS grids and charts
Extend JS classes to add additional functionality
Manipulate the DOM (document object model) using Ext JS
Build applications with the Sencha SDK tool


All students should have JavaScript experience. If attendees do not have thorough knowledge of JavaScript, please let us know and we will precede this course with a one-day JavaScript primer.

AJAX for Java - Online

School/Trainer: Intertech, Inc.
Eagan, United States

This class will introduce you to the suite of technologies that are used to create an Ajax web application. This is not, however, simply a catalog of Ajax libraries and tools: all topics covered are grounded in &,quot,Real World&,quot, usage. Learning in this class is designed to go above and beyond the &,quot,what&,quot, and &,quot,how&,quot, of Ajax. After completing this course, you will be well versed in the critical answers to &,quot,why&,quot, and &,quot,when&,quot,, as they relate to the technical foundations of building dynamic web applications.

The material covers Ajax foundations including HTTP, asynchronous communication, advanced JavaScript, the DOM API, events, and JSON, as well as higher level topics in debugging, security, and frameworks (jQuery).

Lab work focuses on creating the dynamic portions of a Web site, including JSPs, Servlets, and JavaScript.

After completing this course students will:
Understand the relationship between the different protocols that comprise &,quot,Ajax&,quot,
Create asynchronous requests through the use of the XMLHttpRequest object
Learn best practices in &,quot,cross browser&,quot, coding
Solve problems quickly through the use of error consoles, HTTP inspectors, and JavaScript debuggers
Develop proficiency with the DOM A... [Read More]

WPF ASP .NET 4.0 Silverlight ADO .NET WCF AJAX LINQ - Online

School/Trainer: Career Compilers
hyderabad, india

Career Compilers believes in catering to the entire IT industry. We at Career Compilers Institute has a dedicated panel of faculty members which help the students in enhancing the skills.

This institute has a superb infrastructure with all the contemporary facilities enabling the students with an apt learning environment. Apart from providing excellent education, the institute also offers dedicated corporate recruitment assistance and training.

?Corporate Training
?Talent Transformation
?Education services
?100% Practical Training
?Industry Standards Training
?100% Placement Assistance
?Flexible Timings
?Corporate trainer
?Live/Real Time Project

JQuery and AJAX for Responsive Web Sites - Online

School/Trainer: UW Professional & Continuing Education
Bellevue, Seattle, United States

Harness the power of the popular jQuery library and user community to build cross-browser-compatible, responsive, event-driven user interfaces to improve the user experience. Add widgets and features quickly to forms, menus, and images. Transfer and display data using AJAX and JSON. Build jQuery plugins. Learn when and how to combine jQuery and PHP. Discover jQuery for mobile devices.

Topics include:
Accessing the latest version of jQuery
Selecting and manipulating DOM elements
HTML forms
Visual effects
jQuery plugin development


Successful completion of the Web Technology Solutions certificate program or equivalent (working knowledge of PHP and MySQL, experience hand coding standards-compliant HTML, CSS and JavaScript, solid understanding of client-server technology, familiarity with uploading files to web server with SFTP, familiarity with working with the terminal, Linux commands, and editors, and familiarity with working with the terminal for MySQL).

DOM Scripting and Ajax Development using jQuery - Online

School/Trainer: ProTech Professional Technical Services, Inc.
Columbia, Columbus, Kansas City, Oklahoma City, Omaha, Pittsburgh, Sacramento, San Francisco, Tulsa, United States

jQuery has taken over the web development world. More and more developers are recognizing that JavaScript is a capable and robust programming language that can be used to do amazing things to any web page, transforming it from a boring, static group of pages into a fulfilling and dynamic web experience!

The only problem is that JavaScript isn&,#146,t easy to work with. Enter jQuery. jQuery simplifies all client-side scripting tasks. jQuery makes JavaScript accessible to the masses and does it in a way that retains its power. jQuery has become the basis for hundreds of plug-ins and user-interface widgets that make web pages come alive!

This very practical and hands-on course teaches jQuery to web developers and designers, especially those who have seen JavaScript and understand the basics of how it works. Major focus is given to learning real-world applications and how it interacts with other tools to create useful, feature-rich, compelling web sites.

3 days/Lecture &, Lab

Web application programmers who may know JavaScript but want to learn jQuery


Hello, jQuery - an intro to jQuery.
Unobtrusive JavaScript
jQuery fundamentals
Ajax with jQuery - get, post, getJSON, getScript, and so forth.
jQuery Ajax callbacks - because i... [Read More]

Manipulating XML with the XML DOM and Ajax - Online

School/Trainer: Skillsoft
Nashua, United States

Accessing and parsing XML data is an important facet of utilizing it in web applications. Some of the most popular ways of accessing and parsing XML data are through the XML Document Object Model (XML DOM) and through asynchronous JavaScript and XML (Ajax). This course will explore how to use these techniques with XML to realize its data potential.

Target Audience
Individuals who wish to learn how to generate web content using XML, who have experience in using HTML, CSS, and basic JavaScript to develop web content.

Expected Duration (hours)

Lesson Objectives

Manipulating XML with the XML DOM and Ajax
recognize how to load and parse XML
recognize how to use the XML DOM to access data
access XML data using properties and methods of the XML DOM
recognize the features of Ajax
use Ajax with XML

Ajax Applications and Server Communication - Online

School/Trainer: Skillsoft
Nashua, United States

This course explores the technologies that are used to enable Ajax applications to interact with a server’s external data. It will begin by examining the important role that ASP.NET, PHP, Java, and Ajax play in developing Ajax applications, and then explore how Ajax can access and utilize external data sent from a variety of sources. The course will move on to discuss JavaScript Object Notation (JSON), and how frameworks and libraries can add complex degrees of functionality to an application with minimal effort. This course is one of a series providing an introduction to Ajax development.

Target Audience
Developers who are experienced in building Internet applications and who want to become skilled in the use of Ajax to add seamless interactivity to their web applications

A good knowledge of HTML, JavaScript, basic programming concepts, and general Internet development; programming experience would be an advantage

Expected Duration (hours)

Lesson Objectives

Ajax Applications and Server Communication
recognize how Ajax and server-side technologies work together
deploy an Ajax application in ASP.NET
use PHP with an Ajax application
use Java servlets with an Ajax application
distinguish between the formats used for external data feeds
extract XML data from an external feed
extract st... [Read More]

Ajax API Essentials - Online

School/Trainer: Skillsoft
Nashua, United States

This course will explore the various technologies that are employed in Ajax applications. It will begin by examining the important role that XML and CSS play in developing Ajax applications that interact with data sent from the server. Then it will discuss common troubleshooting issues that may arise in Ajax applications. Finally, it will explore how web services and APIs can work together to add complex degrees of functionality to an application with minimal effort. This course is one of a series providing an introduction to Ajax development.

Target Audience
Developers who are experienced in building Internet applications and who want to become skilled in the use of Ajax to add seamless interactivity to their web applications

A good knowledge of HTML, JavaScript, basic programming concepts, and general Internet development; programming experience would be an advantage

Expected Duration (hours)

Lesson Objectives

Ajax API Essentials
use the XMLHttpRequest object to retrieve an XML document from a server
extract element and attribute values from an XML document and add them to a page
use CSS with Ajax to apply a style dynamically
handle errors in JavaScript
use DOM inspectors
use Ajax troubleshooting tools
work with XML in Ajax applications
use Ajax troubleshooting tools
recognize k... [Read More]

ASP.NET Ajax JavaScript and jQuery - Online

School/Trainer: Pluralsight LLC.
Hingham, United States

This course covers the details of working with JavaScript and jQuery in the context of ASP.NET Ajax

ASP.NET Ajax - Online

School/Trainer: Pluralsight LLC.
Hingham, United States

ASP.NET Ajax is a Web development framework for building richer, more interactive Web applications. This new Web development framework from Microsoft provides both client-side and server-side components for closing the gap between web and desktop user interfaces. ASP.NET Ajax’s browser-neutral client script library is easily integrated with existing Web applications (including ASP.NET 1.* and non-.NET sites), improving response times and enhancing UIs with DHTML and Javascript features that in the past would have taken enormous development efforts and extensive client-side knowledge. ASP.NET 2.0 applications can take advantage of ASP.NET Ajax’s server-side features to further enhance their UIs, often through simple markup. This course walks you through the components of ASP.NET Ajax, asks you to build a number of Ajax-enabled applications, and shows how best to leverage the capabilities of Ajax to make your clients’ experiences richer.

Ajax - Online

School/Trainer: e-Careers Limited
Stansted Mountfitchet, United Kingdom

1. History and Revival of AJAX
Duration 1.0 Hour

This course provides a foundation of AJAX fundamentals, including a background and history of browsers and their development.

2. Introducing JavaScript
Duration 1.0 Hour

This course illustrates the basic syntax for writing JavaScript functions, as well as how to create and use JavaScript objects.

3. The XMLHttpRequest Object
Duration 1.0 Hour

This course describes the basic procedures for using the XmlHttpRequest object to make dynamic AJAX calls without having to send the entire Web page back to the server.

4. N-Tier and AJAX
Duration 1.0 Hour

This course describes the architecture and design of N-Tier applications.

5. Rich Internet Applications
Duration 1.0 Hour

This course describes the functionality and benefits of rich Internet applications and explains how AJAX improves the utility and performance of these types of applications.

6. CSS and the DOM
Duration 1.0 Hour

This course teaches how to use Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to control the appearance, behavior, and position of objects on a Web page, and how to use the Document Object Model (DOM) to manipulate those Web page elements in memory.

Ajax - Online

School/Trainer: Rutgers Center for Continuing Professional Development
New Brunswick, United States

1.Ajax Basics
2.Passing Data
3.Ajax Applications
4.XSLT Transformations with JavaScript
5.Ajax/JavaScript Frameworks
6.More Ajax Applications

Javascript And Ajax - Online

School/Trainer: NobleProg Ltd
London, United Kingdom

Module 1. Browser and Document Objects
When to Use JavaScript
The Document Object Model
When a Document Loads
Object References
Node Terminology
Module 2. Scripts and HTML Documents
Where Scripts Go into Documents
JavaScript Statements
When Script Statements Execute
Viewing Script Errors
Module 3. Programming Fundamentals
Expressions and Evaluation
Data Type Conversions
Decisions and Loops
Control Structures
The String Object, Date Object, Array Object
The Regular Expression and RegExp Objects
Control Structures and Exception Handling
Debugging Scripts
Module 4. Document Object Model Essentials
The Object Model Hierarchy
Object Properties, Methods, Event Handlers
Generic HTML Element Objects
Window and Frame Objects
Location and History Objects
The Document and Body Objects
The Form and Related Objects
Button Objects
Text-Related Form Objects
Select, Option and FileUpload Objects
Event Objects
Style Sheet and Style Objects
Module 5. Functions and Custom Objects
Function Object
Function Application Notes
Creating Your Own Objects with Object-Oriented JavaScript
Object-Oriented Concepts
Module 6. Creating Ajax Applications
What Can You Do with Ajax?
JavaScript’,s role
Interacting with Server-... [Read More]

Core Ajax - Online

School/Trainer: SkillForge
Fountain Hills, United States

Core Ajax Fundamentals is an in-depth Ajax training course geared for software developers who need to understand what Ajax is and how to use it with today’s systems and architectures. This comprehensive course provides a balanced mixture of theory and practical labs designed to take students from the fundamentals of AJAX and its underlying technologies through to the use of tools and libraries to ease the development of AJAX applications. Graduates will hit the ground running, applying AJAX to projects at both an architectural as well as a line by line coding level. Students who attend this course will leave this course armed with the required skills to design, implement, and deploy robust, flexible, and safe AJAX-based applications.

Course Objectives:
Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

Understand what Ajax is and how it is used within the context of web applications
Work with the different technologies that are the foundation for Ajax.
Understand and work with the fundamental aspects of Ajax in terms of web applications, security, tools, and frameworks
Design and implement the transport and processing of data using the various options for data interchange and processing.
Understand the wide variety of options, tools, and approaches that can be used in conjunction with the basic Ajax approach
Wor... [Read More]

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