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In-flight English - Online

School/Trainer: Aviation English Asia Ltd.
Hong Kong, China

In-flight English is now available as an online course. The course content is exactly the same as the classroom based version and gives you high quality interaction with a Native English Teacher / Flight Attendant from any computer with an internet connection.

ICAO Aviation English - Online

School/Trainer: Aviation English Asia Ltd.
Hong Kong, China

The ICAO Aviation English Online course is designed as the ultimate resource to help you quickly and easily gain proficiency in English to meet the requirements of an aviation career. It has recently been rebuilt on new technology to allow for interactive practice. When we designed the ICAO Aviation English Online course we decided that it had to be BETTER than a classroom based course, or deliver insight and feedback that can&,#146,t be done in a classroom.

Unique features

◾You can learn from personal tutorials introduced and recorded by instructors.
◾Watch engaging pre-recorded videos showing language used in context, clips from movies or interactive introduction to grammar points etc...
◾Listen to native speakers and then record, comparing your voice to the voice graph. They can then re-record to improve stress, intonation and accent.
◾ICAO Aviation English Online is the only online system with a voice graph that measures both stress AND tone.
◾Greatly accelerate fluency with simulation activity. Record your voice/video in real time, simulating a real aviation interaction.
◾Review your performance and re-record if you wish.
◾Advanced LMS (Learning Management System)
◾User forums and social networking functions
◾High interest aviation subject matter
◾Thousands of hours of authentic aviati... [Read More]

Pilot Interview Preparation - Online

School/Trainer: Aviation English Asia Ltd.
Hong Kong, China

Course benefits

You can start learning online immediately with 6 months of 24/7 access to the course.

You can keep your study private without needing to ask your boss for time off work.

You don&,#146,t need to travel to attend a course and there are no extra costs.

You can learn from cutting edge e-learning technology - no downloadable ebooks or PDF manuals.

You can watch an interesting series of videos that you will enjoy watching and listening to.

You can learn from an airline pilot manager with more than 27 years of experience in the aviation industry.

You can learn how to create a resume and cover letter easily and get it to the top of the pile of suitable candidates.

You can get a free critique of your CV.

You can learn the secrets of pilot selection and recruitment processes, interview skills and techniques.

You can learn to present yourself in the best possible way and make a great lasting impression.

You can learn how to evaluate yourself and start preparing in a logical structure for your airline pilot interview.

You get access to all the tools required and prepare for the pilot interview questions.

Quality Management Systems for Aviation and Transportation Safety - Online

School/Trainer: Lewis University
Albuquerque, Chicago, Oak Brook, Romeoville, United States

A Safety Management System (SMS) is a dynamic management system based on Quality Management System (QMS) principles in a structure scaled appropriately to the operational risk, and applied in a safety culture environment in aviation and transportation. Safety management must be a cardinal priority for every transportation organization, including private enterprise and regulatory agencies. This course will cover not only concepts of SMS, but also the history of quality management, and present critical QMS concepts such as quality tools, strategic planning, deployment, statistical performance measurement, leadership/management, and documentation.

Aviation & Transportation - Online

School/Trainer: Lewis University
Albuquerque, Chicago, Oak Brook, Romeoville, United States

The Master of Science in Aviation and Transportation is designed to offer a multi-faceted approach in preparing graduates for careers in higher education, industry, professional management, government, and other agencies associated with aviation and transportation. This program will study the current transportation industry and that industry’s regulation from a variety of perspectives. Students will develop an appreciation of human factors and the importance of research in decision-making and will develop skills in communication, human resource management, strategic planning for transportation projects, and quality management systems for aviation and transportation safety. This program incorporates the moral and ethical dimensions of decision-making and interpersonal relations in all coursework.

Through coursework, research and industry partnerships, you will earn a comprehensive education and ethical understanding for business and personal success. In fact, recent graduates have gone on to terrific careers at the FAA, Chicago Department of Aviation, Department of Homeland Security, Atlantic Southeast Airlines, AirLiance and American Eagle Airlines as well as in roles as educators.

Program Features: ?-week courses all offered online
•Complete your degree in 2 years while working full time
? 15 students per class for personalized att... [Read More]

Aviation Management - Online

School/Trainer: LeTourneau University
Dallas, Houston, Longview, United States

LeTourneau University’s BBA/BBM in Aviation Management was developed by a panel of industry experts. This program allows you to complete your degree from a nationally recognized aviation program while also building on any previous aviation experience.

In addition to aviation-specific management courses, the BBA/BBM in Aviation Management provides a well-rounded approach to administrative responsibilities such as accounting, marketing, finance, business law, and business research.

Our faculty has a wide variety of industry backgrounds including airline, corporate, general, and mission aviation. You will not be disappointed in the quality of our classes or in the personal touch of our faculty.

In 2009, the National Intercollegiate Flying Association (NIFA) awarded LETU the coveted Loening Trophy for the outstanding aviation program in the nation. In 2010, our NIFA team won the American Airlines Safety Award at the national competition.

Although there is no national competition for aviation maintenance, LETU students contend in the annual state competition, the PAMA (Professional Aviation Maintenance Association) Olympics. In 2011, our students placed first, second, and third individually and also won the top team award, scoring first place overall.

Air Traffic Controllers - Online

School/Trainer: RMIT Training
Melbourne, Australia

Beyond Level 4 - ATC is an innovative online e-learning package that develops high level language skills for air traffic controllers. With extensive experience developing and delivering language materials for the aviation industry, RMIT recognises the need to provide e-learning materials that allow for flexible study options, minimising the impact on work/training schedules.

Aviation Management - Online

School/Trainer: GradSchool
Newcastle, Australia

The Master of Aviation Management provides flexible delivery for distance learning in the areas of aviation human factors and management. It has been developed in response to a recognised need in the aviation industry. The program combines topics from aviation human factors and management and can be adapted to accommodate specific areas of interest of students from diverse backgrounds. Applications are encouraged from all areas of the industry, especially flight crew, cabin crew, maintenance crew, ground crew, administration, military and government authorities.

Career Opportunities

The understanding and insight you gain in this program will benefit you as it has done many others, including commercial and military pilots, air traffic controllers and maintenance engineers. As well as assisting you to pursue your chosen career route, you&,#146,ll find this qualification eases the transition between specialties, for example in moving from the military to government or consultation activities, or moving between commercial aviation organisations.

Aviation Training and Instruction - Online

School/Trainer: GradSchool
Newcastle, Australia

This course provides students with a solid grounding in the principles and methods of instruction, assessment and course development and evaluation as specifically applied in aviation environments. It provides a forum for discussion of relevant issues in aviation training applications.

Objectives At the end of the course students will be able to:
1. Demonstrate sound knowledge of theories and principles of training and instruction in applied aviation settings
2. Demonstrate sound instructional technique
3. Demonstrate a sound knowledge of course development and evaluation for the aviation industry.
4. Demonstrate the ability to collect and collate information and prepare an appropriate discussion paper
5. Identify and locate information relevant to the topic areas
6. Participate in electronic communication
7. Demonstrate ability to communicate ideas in written form
8. Demonstrate ability to manage time effectively to complete tasks
Content This course develops an understanding of the underpinning theoretical knowledge required for effective aviation training and instruction in a contemporary context. This includes development of communication skills, guided discussion, questioning techniques and exploration of the instructors various roles, as one-on-one tutor, model for skill development, session facilitator, as... [Read More]

Aviation Safety Management Systems - Online

School/Trainer: GradSchool
Newcastle, Australia

The course is intended to improve knowledge of Aviation Safety Management Systems. The course is aimed to encourage students to develop competency in establishing and maintaining safety management systems in real operations, in accordance with appropriate regulations and advisory publications.

Objectives At the end of the course students will be able to:
1. Demonstrate sound knowledge of safety management systems in applied settings
2. Demonstrate the ability to collect and collate information and prepare an appropriate discussion paper
3. Identify and locate information relevant to the topic areas
4. Participate effectively in electronic communication
5. Demonstrate ability to communicate ideas in written form
6. Demonstrate ability to manage time effectively to complete tasks
Content The course integrates advanced knowledge of safety management systems with appreciation of human factors, in accordance with CASA Advisory Circular 119-165 Safety Management Training.

Human Factors in Aviation - Online

School/Trainer: GradSchool
Newcastle, Australia

Introduce students to aspects of methodology in research and students are expected to complete a detailed study and critique of a number of recent, applied papers in the aviation human factors domain.

Objectives On successful completion of the course students will be able to:
1. Demonstrate a sound knowledge of advanced human factors concepts.
2. Develop an understanding of research methodology in aviation human factors.
3. Develop an ability to critically review an aviation industry position paper.
4. Develop an ability to critically review a theory paper in the aviation domain.
5. Develop an ability to critically review research papers in the field.
6. Research and develop a topic area in human factors in the aviation domain.
7. Identify and locate information relevant to topic areas.
8. Participate in electronic communication.
9. Demonstrate ability to communicate ideas in written form.
10. Demonstrate ability to manage time effectively to complete tasks.
Content This course allows for the further development of students&,#146, skills and knowledge in the area of advanced human factors. Specific content includes: critical review of human factors topics, understanding of methodological approaches in aviation human factors and the development of additional knowledge in a specific topic area of human... [Read More]

Aviation Maintenance Technology Part 65 - Online

School/Trainer: Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
Daytona Beach, United States

Do you love the intricate workings of today’s aircraft? Do you love the idea of having a career that will really take you places? Earning the Airframe and Powerplant (A&P) Certificate will put you on the path to a fulfilling career in aviation maintenance ?but you’ll need the right experience and knowledge to make it through the testing process.

If you have already satisfied the experience requirements established by the FAA to qualify for license testing, then the Certificate in Aviation Maintenance Technology from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University ?Worldwide can help you power up your skills for the written, oral, and practical examination.

Aviation Safety - Online

School/Trainer: Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
Daytona Beach, United States

From the crew on the ground to the passengers, pilots, and attendants in the air, the entire aviation industry is consumed by safety issues. Today, the field faces a greater array of safety problems, solutions, and concerns than ever before. And those with the greatest knowledge are earning the greatest rewards.

With a Certificate in Aviation Safety from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University ?Worldwide, you can develop and demonstrate an advanced understanding of these topics and take your career to a whole new level.

This engaging curriculum encompasses the most critical areas of aviation safety, including:
Ground Safety Procedures
Flight Safety Procedures
Safety Management Systems

With its thorough study of safety theories and concepts, the Certificate in Aviation Safety program provides a valuable learning experience and an esteemed credential to:
Individuals trying to enter the aviation safety field
Safety personnel who wish to advance to higher levels of responsibility
Flight operation and management personnel who wish to enhance their safety knowledge

Corporate Aviation Management - Online

School/Trainer: Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
Daytona Beach, United States

The Corporate Aviation Management Certificate Program (CAMC) is an approved National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) Professional Development Program (PDP) for corporate aviation professionals. These Embry-Riddle courses count toward the continued education requirements for and annual review of the NBAA’s Corporate Aviation Manager certification. Designed for busy professionals, the CAMC Program is offered via the internet for maximum flexibility. The program has won the University Continuing Education Association’s Telecommunications Award in the category of Noncredit Program Excellence.

Many managers began their career doing one thing, such as flying or maintaining aircraft. Now, they are doing something very different: They’re running an entire department. Some corporate flight departments are staffed and managed by people who may have been promoted into a management position without the skills or training needed to manage effectively.

In today’s competitive corporate aviation environment, those who succeed must be able to effectively manage their departments consistently with accepted business practices and corporate policies.

The CAMC program contains 23 courses that are divided into the following five modules:
Business Management
Corporate Aircraft Operations
Human Resource Management
Corpor... [Read More]

MBA in Aviation - Online

School/Trainer: Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
Daytona Beach, Prescott, United States

Future leaders and decision-makers in the field of aviation need more than experience to rise to the top. Education is key. A Master of Business Administration in Aviation is an important component for those who aspire to a bright future in aviation management.

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University ?Worldwide’s Master of Business Administration in Aviation will give you the strong foundation you need to succeed in today’s aviation environment. Designed to emphasize the application of modern management concepts, methods, and tools within an aviation context, the graduate of the MBAA program has all of the opportunities an MBA student enjoys with the added bonus of a competitive edge in a specialized field.

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